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The city was boundless, and it was the first city ever built in the Devil World.

It was the largest city and the only one of its kind.

It was also the final bastion of the Devil World.

Eternal Devil City!

Of course, some people felt that the Eternal Devil City was the Devil Worlds frontline, not the final hope.

Eternal Devil City had existed since the start of time, and it was even older than the earliest Archdevil Lord.

As for the person who had built the city, everyone had differing opinions.

Some people said that successive generations of Archdevil Lords had built the city, but others believed that a mysterious existence had created it.

The walls of Eternal Devil City alone stretched for billions of miles.

It was a great wall that separated the Devil World into two.

After passing the Eternal Devil City, they would arrive at the Eternal Devil Lands core zone.

The core zone of the Eternal Devil Lands was also the kingdom of the devil beasts.

There were infinite amounts of devil beasts living there.

Some said that without the Eternal Devil City to fend off the devil beasts, the Devil World would already have been overrun by these Devil Beasts.

The Devil World might have changed hands from the devil cultivators to devil beasts and evolved into a super Great World.

Even though it was a little exaggerated, they had to admit that the kingdom of devil beasts in the Eternal Devil Lands core zone was a horrifying existence.

Legends had it that even existences surpassing the Emperor Realm wouldnt be able to return alive if they entered the kingdom of demonic beasts.

“We shall enter the city.” Huang Xiaolong declared after a short moment of hesitation.

The four odd beasts followed behind Huang Xiaolong.

Gao Changran and Wang Fanning followed them.

When they approached the city, the feeling of majesty finally struck them.

They were smaller than sand when they stood before the gates of Eternal Devil City.

Huang Xiaolong could see that countless black dots were moving about in Eternal Devil City.

They were obviously the experts who had come from the various superpowers in the Devil World.

They were packed so closely together, and they looked like little lines of crawling ants.

Huang Xiaolong had expected many people to have made their way to the Eternal Devil Lands after the news of the birth of the Devil Steles had started to spread.

Even so, he felt that he had underestimated the number after looking at the clusters of black dots walking around the city.

Even though Eternal Devil City looked like it was right before them, Huang Xiaolong and the others had to fly for another thirty minutes before arriving at the gates.

They approached the south gate, but there were so many people that even a drop of water could not enter the city.

All the experts surged into the city, and the south gate was like a gap in a broken dam.

It looked like countless groups of people could charge through the gates at any moment.

Everyone gathered around and tried to shove their way into the city.

A fight was unavoidable.

Seeing as people were starting to fight, Huang Xiaolong ignored them and flew towards the gate.

Just as they were about to enter the city, a loud voice boomed in their ears.

“Get lost!” The voice was as loud as a thunderclap, and some weaker disciples dropped from the sky due to the soundwave.

Everyone turned to look at the source of the voice and discovered that there was a group of disciples riding massive lightning beasts as they charged towards the gate.

“Its the people from the Lightning Beast Valley!”

“Its the Lightning Beast Valleys young master, Zhang Heshan!”

The Lightning Beast Valley was the second-ranked superpower in the Frigid North City.

It ranked ninth in the Devil World, and it was founded by the Violent Lightning Archdevil Ancestor.

The Violent Lightning Archdevil Ancestor ranked eight among the twelve Archdevil Ancestors.

Instead of turning his head, Huang Xiaolong ignored them all as he flew towards the city.

Since everyone was making way for the Lightning Beast Valleys members to pass, Huang Xiaolongs action was extremely eye-catching.

“Who is this kid Is he crazy”

“Hey, isnt that Gao Changran of the Six Nether Gate Thats Wang Fanning beside him!”

“Gao Changran! Didnt he kill Wu Jingnan”

“Is there some sort of misunderstanding Gao Changran wont dare to touch Wu Jingnan even if he goes crazy.”

When Zhang Heshan saw people in his path, he couldnt help but feel surprised.

“Young master” One of the ancestors turned to look at Zhang Heshan.

A cold sneer formed on his lips, and a bloodthirsty smile appeared on his face.

“Charge our way through!”

It was just a tiny Six Nether Gate.

He felt that there was no need to stop for them.

After receiving a reply from Zheng Heshan, the Lightning Beast Valleys members no longer cared about the repercussions.

They urged the beasts forward and charged towards Huang Xiaolong and the others.

The Lightning Beasts were born with innate strength, and their bones were extremely tough.

Cultivators who hadnt reached the Emperor Realm would be seriously injured if they took the charge head-on.

As the Lightning Beast Valleys members were charging towards them, Gao Changrans face changed.

“Preposterous!” As soon as the words left his lips, he made a move along with Wang Fanning.

The combined strength of the two of them surged towards the members of the Lightning Beast Valley.

After considering Zhang Heshans reputation, Gao Changran and Wang Fanning held back.

They only made a move to stop their advance.

However, when the Lightning Beast Valleys ancestors saw that Gao Changran had dared to stop them, they released their tyrannical energy with full force.

Even though Gao Changran and Wang Fanning werent considered weaklings, the Lightning Beast Valleys ancestors werent pushovers.

Gao Changran and Wang Fanning didnt take the upper hand in the exchange as their attacks were blasted away by the dragon-like energy formed by the Lightning Beast Valleys ancestors.

Of course, the Lightning Beast Valleys ancestors didnt hold back, and their attack continued to fly towards Huang Xiaolong.

Zhang Heshan broke out into laughter when he saw what had happened.

“Haha! Gao Changran, a mere Eighth Order Emperor like you dares to block my path… Why dont you bring your men and get out of my sight!”

Gao Changran and Wang Fannings face fell when they saw the attack flying towards them.

Before they could react, one of the beasts behind Huang Xiaolong turned around and sent a casual slap flying towards the Lightning Beast Valleys members.

Remains of energy from the Lightning Beast Valleys ancestors attack dissipated in an instant, and they were sent flying through the air by the beasts casual slap.

They eventually landed on one of the mountain peaks far away from the south gate.

When the massive Lightning Beast was slammed into the mountain peak, sounds of cracks filled the air.

The peak was blasted into pieces in the next moment.

Everyone from the Lightning Beast Valley was buried in the rubble, and the falling rocks crushed them.

Everyone stared at Huang Xiaolongs group in shock.

They didnt know what to think when they saw the Lightning Beast Valleys members miserable fate.

When they finally snapped back to attention, Huang Xiaolongs group had already entered the city.

All of them felt their hearts shaking when they looked at the few people before them who were crazy enough to provoke the Lightning Beast Valley.

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