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The day of the auction arrived, and the weather was beautiful.

Huang Xiaolong and the rest left the courtyard, and they made their way to the auction venue.

The Eternal Chamber of Commerce was the number one chamber of commerce in the Devil World, and they were the ones holding the auction.

The Eternal Chamber of Commerce was based in the Eternal Devil City, and the Heavenless Devil Legion controlled them.

The Heavenless Devil Legion was made up of the soldiers under the Heavenless Archdevil Lord.

Even though he had disappeared for an extremely long period of time, the Heavenless Devil Legion remained strong.

They guarded the Devil World and protected the Eternal Devil City forever.

The head of the Heavenless Devil Legion was someone who had the same seniority as the Heavenless Archdevil Lord himself.

Ever since the Heavenless Archdevil Lord had subdued him, he had served the Heavenless Devil Legion with utmost loyalty.

He patiently awaited the next coming of the new Archdevil Lord.

It could even be said that the Heavenless Devil Legion shared a lot of similarities to the Netherworld Kings Organization in Hell.

There would only be one person who could command the Heavenless Devil Legion, and it would have to be the person who inherited the position of the new Archdevil Lord.

Even though the twelve Archdevil Ancestors had charged into battle under the leadership of the Heavenless Archdevil Lord and were his strongest generals, they werent able to command the Heavenless Devil Legion as they wished.

No matter how prestigious their reputation was, even someone like the Heavenly Punishment Archdevil Ancestor couldnt move the Legion.

Since the head of the Heavenless Devil Legion was an elder who had followed the Heavenless Archdevil Lord since the beginning, all twelve Archdevil Ancestors respected him with all their heart.

As such, even the ancestors themselves wouldnt dare to act recklessly in Eternal Devil City.

Since the auction had started, teams of Heavenless Devil Troops could be seen everywhere on the streets.

Even the most ordinary soldiers in the Heavenless Devil Legion emitted a shockingly powerful devil aura.

The killing intent leaking out of their bodies was sufficient proof that they had weathered countless battles on the merciless battlefields.

“Its the Chief of the Six Nether Gate, Gao Changran!”

“Is that the mysterious black-haired youth standing beside him”

Almost all of the experts in the top ten superpowers of Frigid North City could recognize Gao Changran as he was the Six Nether Gates Chief.

Since they knew where Gao Changran was, Huang Xiaolong was naturally unable to avoid detection.

Clamor broke out in the crowd almost instantly.

When they saw Huang Xiaolong and Gao Changran, a path formed in the crowd.

Ever since the news of Wu Jingnans death and the situation at the southern gate had spread, the Six Nether Gate had gained a new reputation for themselves.

No one dared to mess with them unless they were tired of living.

Of course, in everyones eyes, the Six Nether Gate would be exterminated, and it was just a matter of time.

Some people speculated that the two Archdevil Ancestors would make their move the moment the auction ended.

Since that was the case, not many people dared to get close to the Six Nether Gate.

They were afraid that they would be dragged into the mess.

Seeing everyones reaction to their appearance, Huang Xiaolong felt no point in bearing grudges.

After an hour, the few of them finally arrived at the venue of the auction.

The venue was more crowded than he had thought.

There were tons of Heavenless Devil Troops surrounding the area.

When Huang Xiaolong, Gao Changran, and the others barely stepped into the plaza and were planning to head over to the Eternal Chamber of Commerce gates, a massive commotion shook the world.

“Its the Stone Ape Archdevil Ancestor! The Devil Ape Cults leader, Zhao Chengyu, is here as well!”

Huang Xiaolong glanced at them from the corner of his eye, and he saw two massive figures covered in devil qi sauntering towards him.

Every single step seemed to thump deep into the hearts of everyone present, and an intense feeling of worship welled up inside them.

The arrival of the Stone Ape Archdevil Ancestor was announced with the terrifying devil qi he emitted from his body.

The bustling plaza became so silent that the sound of a pin drop would be heard.

The only sound left in the plaza was the thuds when he took his next step.

The person following closely behind him was naturally the leader of the Devil Ape Race, Zhao Chengyu.

The aura Zhao Chengyu emitted wasnt something to scoff at, but with the Stone Ape Archdevil Ancestor leading the way, he could only accept the fact of being second.

In fact, even the aura around him seemed to be suppressed.

One of the ancestors from the Devil Ape Race approached them and whispered something into Zhao Chengyus ear.

In the next instant, a sharp light flashed through his eyes, and he flared at Huang Xiaolong.

“Lord Archdevil Ancestor, its the people of the Six Nether Gate.” Zhao Chengyu turned and said to the Stone Ape Archdevil Ancestor.

The Stone Ape Archdevil Ancestor paused for a moment, and he turned around.

His gaze landed on Huang Xiaolong before looking at the four odd beasts behind him.

He completely ignored Gao Changran and Wang Fanning.

Countless points of light started to revolve in his eyes, and everyone felt as though they were unable to hide anything from the Stone Ape Archdevil Ancestor.

All of the people standing in the plaza felt their hearts shaking in terror.

However, the indifferent look on Huang Xiaolongs face didnt fade.

Instead, he met the Stone Ape Archdevil Ancestors gaze with one of his own.

In the next instant, Huang Xiaolong turned around and walked into the Eternal Chamber of Commerce.

When everyone saw how Huang Xiaolong had disrespected the Stone Ape Archdevil Ancestor, rage boiled in their heart.

How dare he move without Lord Archdevil Ancestors command!

“Brat, youre too rude!”

“How dare you refuse to kneel to greet Lord Archdevil Ancestor!”

The ancestors of the Devil Ape Race yelled in rage and sent a palm flying towards Huang Xiaolong.

Since they were both experts at the peak of the late-Ninth Order Emperor Realm, the skies changed color the moment they made their move.

Devil clouds covered the sky.

With the ability to summon countless devil clouds with a single palm, one could easily see how strong they were.

However, one of the beasts behind Huang Xiaolong turned around when they made their move.

It pointed with a single finger.

Even though the people around them couldnt see the power contained in the single finger, a look of extreme fear appeared on the faces of the two ancestors who had made their move.

A hole was blasted through the palm they had sent out, and the beasts attack continued to shoot towards them.

When the attack was about to send the two ancestors flying, a cold harrumph could be heard, and the body of the Stone Ape Archdevil Ancestor swelled up.

The devil qi around him turned into a phantom of a Devil Ape, and the aura he emitted became as boundless as the sea.

The Stone Ape Archdevil Ancestor reached out with his arm, and he opened his palm.

A massive devil blade was formed in mid-air as it slashed towards the beasts attack.

When the power contained in the single finger strike collided with the devil blade, a massive explosion occurred.

The finger sent the blade flying as it continued its trajectory towards the two ancestors who had attacked Huang Xiaolong.

In an instant, the two ancestors drew a beautiful arc in the sky as they were sent flying.

As for the Stone Ape Archdevil Ancestor, he was sent reeling back from the impact.

He took several tens of steps before he managed to stabilize his body.


Everyone looked at the scene before them with an incredulous expression.

Everyone could see that the Stone Ape Archdevil Ancestor had tried to save the lives of the two ancestors, but he had failed to block a single finger from the beast behind the black-haired young man! He had failed to save the two ancestors from suffering serious injuries, and he was placed at a slight disadvantage!

Several experts quivered in fear as they stared at the four beasts behind Huang Xiaolong.

One of the ancestors who had beef with Gao Changran and the Six Nether Gate felt his legs going soft.

As for the Stone Ape Archdevil Ancestor, he felt the blood drain from his face as the devil qi around him rolled about chaotically.

“Lets go in.” Huang Xiaolong said as he continued to walk into the Eternal Chamber of Commerce.

This time, no one dared to stop him.

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