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Chapter 186: Insolent!

Due to having too much battle qi drained from him and absorbed by the Thousand Beast Cauldron when refining the old man, Huang Xiaolong told Zhao Shu to rest while Yu Ming and Fei Hou dealt with Southern Hill Estate’s matters.

Considering the accommodation matters were resolved, the next step would be moving the Huang Family over from the Luo Tong Kingdom.

At this time, in the main hall of a courtyard on the north section of Yao Manor, Yao Fei was pacing with a gloomy expression, uncertain emotions swirled in the depth of his eyes.

At the side of the great hall stood Yanggang and Pang Yu.

Watching Yao Fei’s expression, neither one of them dared to speak.

It was a long time later before Yanggang managed to muster up some courage, venturing cautiously, “Heartless Young Noble, could it be that Senior Zhang is already… ”

Yao Fei’s body whipped around, his gaze was akin to deadly knives aiming at Yanggang, instantly shutting him up.

“Very well, both of you leave me for now.

Later you still need to be present to receive the rewards.” Yao Fei spoke out softly.

“Yes, Heartless Young Noble!” Yanggang and Pang Yu answered in unison and retreated.

Watching them leave, Yao Fei suddenly clapped once.

In the void above, a black-clothed man shrouded in mysterious black fog emerged.

“Go find out what happened to Zhang Liang, why hasn’t he come back yet” Yao Fei’s voice was low and solemn as he issued the order.

“Yes Young Noble!” The black-clothed man acknowledged respectfully and disappeared in a blur, not the slightest fluctuation in his coming or going.

When the black-clothed man left, Yao Fei sat down, his brows locked in a tight frown as he pondered.

He knew what Yanggang was trying to imply earlier… Huang Xiaolong detected Zhang Liang’s presence”

“No.” Yao Fei shook his head.

He clearly understood Zhang Liang’s strength.

Adding his martial spirit ability that gave him the ability to completely blend with the night’s darkness, not a trace of breath could be detected.

Not even the Xiantian realm expert by Huang Xiaolong’s side could possibly detect Zhang Liang’s presence.

Despite that, several hours passed.

Why hadn’t Zhang Liang returned

Yao Fei sat in the main hall, waiting for the black-clothed man to return with his report.

Soon, the morning light lit up the sky.

Huang Xiaolong swallowed a Fire Dragon Pearl and spent the time adjusting his condition in the ancient battlefield before coming out again.

However, when he came to the great hall of the estate manor, he saw Zhao Shu waiting there for him.

When he heard Zhao Shu requesting to come with him to Duanren Imperial Palace for the prize giving ceremony, Huang Xiaolong felt nonplussed, “You want to come with me to Duanren Imperial Palace”

Zhao Shu nodded, “This Subordinate would feel more assured of Sovereign’s safety this way.

And also, there is an old acquaintance I want to see.”

“Old acquaintance” Huang Xiaolong was baffled; there was actually an old acquaintance of Zhao Shu in the Duanren Imperial Palace

Although Huang Xiaolong was curious about this person’s identity, he did not ask who this person was.

Nodding his agreement, he said: “Okay, we will depart in a while.”

At this time, the first one hundred place geniuses were making their way to the Duanren Imperial Palace from different directions to receive their rewards.

Each person was allowed to bring one personal guard with them into the imperial palace.

Thus, Yu Ming and Fei Hou were left watching over Southern Hill Estate, making the necessary arrangements and preparations to move the Huang Family over to Duanren Imperial City while Huang Xiaolong and Zhao Shu stepped out of the estate, heading in the imperial palace’s direction to accept his winnings.

It did not take long for Huang Xiaolong and Zhao Shu to reach the Duanren Imperial Palace’s main entrance.

Coincidentally, he ran into Cui Li who had arrived at about the same time as him.

Following behind Cui Li was a beautiful older woman.

Though she concentrated and hid her breaths fluctuations, Huang Xiaolong could tell she was a powerful character.

Huang Xiaolong and Cui Li’s gazes met halfway, and in Cui Li’s eyes, there was delight along with a faint trace of hesitation.

Huang Xiaolong merely nodded at her and continued walking onward with Zhao Shu through the imperial palace’s doors.

The guards standing at both sides of the entrance recognized Huang Xiaolong in an instant, therefore no one stopped or questioned Huang Xiaolong’s identity.

Cui Li stood on the same spot with a faint aggrieved expression that mingled with complication.

“He is that Huang Xiaolong” The beautiful woman behind Cui Li asked.

Cui Li nodded, “Yes, Little Aunt, that’s him.”

“Not a bad young man.

Unfortunately, he offended Heartless Young Noble.” The beautiful woman spoke, “This Huang Xiaolong is indeed a rare talent, possessing superb talent twin martial spirits.

But he doesn’t realize the terrifying extent of how far and deep Heartless Young Noble’s influence and power stretches.

The Yao Family’s forces behind Heartless Young Noble surpasses what he could ever imagine.”

The beautiful woman shook her head in pity, “If I were him, I would not offend Heartless Young Noble.”

“Little Aunt, let’s go in.” Cui Li tacitly changed the topic.

“Okay.” She nodded.

Up front, Huang Xiaolong and Zhao Shu were being led in by two imperial palace guards, arriving at a big square within the palace grounds.

This square may look dwarfed compared to the Duanren Square that was right across from Duanren Imperial Palace’s main entrance, but with the capacity to accommodate thirty to forty thousand people it was by no means small in size.

The two imperial palace guards led Huang Xiaolong and Zhao Shu to the front of the square where most of the other geniuses had arrived, including Yanggang, Pang Yu, and Dai Shanni.

When the gathered top one hundred geniuses saw Huang Xiaolong, most subconsciously took a step back, making a path for him as they looked at him with awe, Yanggang and Pang Yu were the same.

Noting Yanggang and Pang Yu’s reaction and expression, Huang Xiaolong remained aloof, stood in place, and waited for the ceremony to begin.

After Huang Xiaolong, Cui Li subsequently arrived and stood in wait not too far from Huang Xiaolong, her pretty eyes gazing at the back of his silhouette.

A short while after Cui Li, a small commotion rustled through the crowd.

“Xie Puti!”

“It’s Xie Puti, he’s here!”

Huang Xiaolong looked over and saw Xie Puti clad in fire-red battle gear, walking over.

Behind him was an elderly person that had the same fire-red battle gear on.

Just as the first time Huang Xiaolong saw Xie Puti at the battle arena in Duanren Square, Xie Puti walked in with a domineering aura, proud and confident as if he had not lost to Huang Xiaolong the day before.

Xie Puti walked towards Huang Xiaolong.

Watching this, Pang Yu and Yanggang were gloating inside, waiting for a good show.

And just when Yanggang and Pang Yu thought Xie Puti was going to fight with Huang Xiaolong, Xie Puti suddenly smiled, “I accept yesterday’s defeat with no equivocation!” He even extended his hand out to Huang Xiaolong.

Everyone was agape at the scene.

Jaws dropped, nearly touching the ground.

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes met Yanggang and Pang Yu’s, and then he extended his own hand out, clasping Xie Puti’s hand in a handshake.

Perhaps this is what they called no concord without discord.

In Huang Xiaolong’s view, both of them were the same kind of people.

Xie Puti exuded dominance, pride, and confidence but deep in Huang Xiaolong’s core, he too was the same—domineering, arrogant, proud, and confident.

And as his strength continued to grow stronger, these qualities would reveal themselves.

Both of them appreciate the same qualities in the other.

At this time, a sonorous clapping sound echoed in the square.

Everyone was jolted out from their daze and looked over.

Duan Wuhen and Cheng Jian were promenading towards them, escorted by a group of imperial palace guards.

Huang Xiaolong and Xie Puti retrieved their hands.

“Greeting His Highness Second Imperial Prince!” Huang Xiaolong and Xie Puti both saluted.

The elderly person behind Xie Puti also followed suit and saluted Duan Wuhen, as did everyone else except for one person—Zhao Shu who was standing behind Huang Xiaolong.

“Insolent!” A general behind Duan Wuhen could not tolerate Zhao Shu’s lack of manners and chastised him for it.


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