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“F*ck!” Huo Liucheng slammed the jade artifact he was holding into the pillar beside him.

The moment the jade artifact slammed into the pillar, it shattered into pieces.

All the spies he had sent out were raised in secret by him.

He had used tens of thousands of years and countless spirit stones in order to raise them into who they were.

In order to force the thirty over spies to learn the Ancient Tortoise Breathing Technique, he had personally brought experts over to the deepest parts of the sea in order to slay some Dragon Tortoises.

He collected all their inner cores before giving them to his spies.

However, all of them were killed in the span of a day!

In the main hall, none of the experts dared to say a word.

“Did that brat and that girl head over to the Thousand Constellation Mountain Range” After taking several tens of breaths, Huo Liucheng turned around and questioned the experts in the hall.

“Yes, Your Highness.” Huo Shuo, one of the ancestors of the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire, replied.

A twisted smile formed on Huo Liuchengs face.

“Very good.

Brat, Im going to make you kneel before me as I tear off every single part of your body.

Ill take my time and make sure you suffer through a living hell.”

“Get ready.

We shall leave for the Thousand Constellation Mountain Range!”

Everyone acknowledged his order with a respectful bow.

“Your Highness…” Huo Shuo had second thoughts all of a sudden.

“The main reason for us coming to the Thousand Constellation Country is to look for the Glaze Devil Stele…”

Huo Liuchengs cold voice resounded through the hall.

“Do I need you to remind me of how to do things”

Huo Shuo lowered his head and apologized.

“I wouldnt dare.”

“A mere Heavenly Monarch dares to injure a general of my Violet Python Empire in public.

He obviously doesnt respect our Empire! As the eldest prince of our Empire, how can I allow him to do as he pleases” Huo Liuchengs voice grew louder and louder, and he seemed to be filled with a sense of righteousness.

“All praise His Highness!”

All of the experts bowed once again.

In a few minutes, Huo Liucheng brought along the group of experts from the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire along with him as he made his way towards the Thousand Constellation Mountain Range.

This time, he brought all the ancestors in the Emperor Realm along with him.

In total, there were sixteen Emperor Realm ancestors from his Empire behind him.

Other than the sixteen of them, there were over two hundred experts in the Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm.

All of them could set up the Violet Python Grand Formation, and their combined strength could kill a First Order Emperor Realm expert.

As he charged towards the Thousand Constellation Mountain Range, he didnt bother hiding the killing intent rolling off his body.

His eyes were cold, and a sneer formed on his face whenever he thought about the pitiful expression Huang Xiaolong would have on his face as soon as he got his hands on him.

No one in the crowd dared to stop them, and they moved unhindered towards the Thousand Constellation Mountain Range.

“Why are so many experts from the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire moving out at once Did something happen!”

“Havent you heard Ive heard that someone dared to beat General Qin Shiyu and one of his subordinates half an inch away from death! The news had been spreading around the city for quite a while now.”

“Who would have the guts to do something like that! Did some high-level Emperor Realm expert make a move on them”


You might not believe me, but the person who did it was merely a Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch! That brat is definitely going to die today.

Looking at Huo Liuchengs attitude right now, that brat is going to die a miserable death.”

Some experts and disciples of various powers couldnt help but follow Huo Liuchengs group to the Thousand Constellation Mountain Range to watch a good show.

When Huo Liucheng and his group were rushing towards the Thousand Constellation Mountain Range, Huang Xiaolong and Lu Xiaoqing had already arrived.

Countless people were surrounding the mountain entrance, and Huang Xiaolongs gaze landed on the massive bridge located somewhere before them.

“Is that the Heavenly Bridge” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Yes, Lord.” Lu Xiaoqing replied.

“The Heavenly Bridge is made from Radiant Fire Crystals.

Its like a bridge formed by rainbows as it hangs in the air, and people gave it another name.

Its also called the Rainbow Bridge.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head.

From a distance, it was true that the bridge was extremely pretty.

It was as though a rainbow that formed after a passing spring rain.

“However, there are countless spatial and gravitational restrictions on the bridge.

No one can fly over it.” Lu Xiaoqing continued.

Huang Xiaolong was stunned for a second, but he soon realized that he should have realized it sooner.

Even though the bridge was ten thousand miles long, all of them were Heavenly Monarchs.

They would take a mere blink of an eye to fly across it.

It was nothing special for them to restrict flying on the bridge.

“Are Emperor Realm experts unable to fly across as well” Huang Xiaolong became a little curious.

“From what Ive heard, that should be the case.

The Heaven Devouring Great Emperor himself set the restrictions, and several experts at the Tenth Order Emperor Realm personally tested it out.

They couldnt fly across, no matter how hard they tried.”

Restrictions set by the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor

Huang Xiaolong found the news extremely shocking.

“Princess Zhao Rou is here!” No one knew who announced Zhao Rous arrival, but the whole area started to bubble with excitement.

Everyone turned to stare at her at the same time.

When Huang Xiaolong turned to look, he could see Zhao Rou flying towards the mountain range with several experts behind her.

She was wearing a scarlet body armor, and it enhanced the valiant air around her.

It was clear that she attracted the attention of everyone present.

Behind her were the experts of the Two-headed Devil Dragon Empire.

All of them were emitting powerful presences, and there were twenty-three of them.

Even though twenty-three Emperor Realm experts couldnt be considered too many, it was a testament to the Two-headed Devil Dragon Empires strength.

As soon as Zhao Rou arrived, the disciples from the younger generation went wild.

Fanatical looks appeared on their faces.

Zhao Rou was indeed the dream girl of all the males in the Kingdom of Devil Beast.

As she approached, she gradually caught sight of Huang Xiaolong and Lu Xiaoqing.

Even though there were a ton of people around, the aura Huang Xiaolong exuded was special.

He stood out among the masses, and he was like a swan in a flock of chickens.

She eventually chose a spot not too far from Huang Xiaolong as she slowly descended.

“Princess, is he the one you were talking about” One of the ancestors looked at Huang Xiaolong and asked.

Zhao Rou nodded.

She had sent people out to investigate Huang Xiaolongs identity in the past few days, and the only thing she could find out was that he had arrived at the Thousand Constellation Empire twenty days ago.

Other than that girl, everyone else around him were Emperor Realm experts.

The strongest expert reported was an early-Eighth Order Emperor.

With that kind of power, she knew that there was no way he could offend the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire.

She was really interested in the reason behind him daring to injure General Qin Shiyu and offending Huo Liucheng.

As everyone stared at Huang Xiaolong, suspicion bloomed in their heart.

Before long, a strong and unstoppable aura charged towards them with no intentions of stopping.

Everyone felt their jaws dropping to the ground.

Those who were staring at Zhao Rou turned to look at the source of the aura.

“Its Huo Liucheng of the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire!”

Many people recognized him the moment they saw his face.

“There are so many experts from the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire!”

One of the ancestors from the Two-headed Devil Dragon Empire, Chen Qin, chuckled, “Theres going to be a good show to watch now…”

Zhao Rou shook her head and refused to comment.

Before long, Huo Liucheng led his group and appeared before everyone.

In an instant, he locked on to Huang Xiaolong and Lu Xiaoqong.

When he saw that Zhao Rou was near, he flew towards them instead.

“Princess Zhao Rou, Senior Chen Qin.” Huo Liucheng greeted them respectfully when he saw them.

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