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The moment Huang Xiaolong saw Chen Nan, the various doubts in Huang Xiaolongs mind connected.

No wonder the Silver Fox Commerce was unable to find out who Fang Chu was and his whereabouts.

No wonder Chen Nans avatar, Fang Chu, could reach the lower realm because Chen Nan was the Lightning Clan Patriarch Lei Kaiyuans personal disciple.

Funny that he had suspected the Fortune Emperor Palaces Fang Minyu to be Fang Chus main body in the past.

By this point, Chen Nans face had lost all color.

When Chen Nan had learned that the Fortune Emperor Palaces king of supreme godhead disciple was called Huang Xiaolong, he had sent people to investigate Huang Xiaolongs origins.

After the investigation, he was certain that this Huang Xiaolong was the same Huang Xiaolong from the lower realm.

Chen Nan had thought of killing Huang Xiaolong.

Still, at that time, Huang Xiaolong was already the Fortune Emperor Palaces king of supreme godhead disciple and the Fortune Emperor Palaces Chief of Hall Masters Zhao Leis personal disciple.

Hence he had not had the opportunity to take action.

Realizing that he wouldnt be able to kill Huang Xiaolong, Chen Nan had poured everything he had into his cultivation.

All of it was for breaking through to Emperor Realm by even one day faster, so he would have enough strength for self-protection.

News of Huang Xiaolong had continuously reached his ears in recent years.

Huang Xiaolongs shockingly rapid growth had increased his apprehension.

Especially after the Battle of the Heavenly Courts results had come out.

He had literally lost his sleep, living every day on highly-strung nerves.

Chen Nan had lived in anxiety every day, worrying when Huang Xiaolong would suddenly appear in front of him.

But now, Huang Xiaolong, the nightmare that had been entangling him for several hundred years, had finally appeared in front him.

Suddenly, Chen Nan stopped backing away.

He looked firmly at Huang Xiaolong.

He threw his head back and laughed.

There was a sense of relief, a taste of self-depreciation, and loneliness in his laughter.

“Huang Xiaolong, I know Im going to die today.

I have a request before that,” Chen Nan stopped laughing abruptly and said.

Others watched the exchange with confusion.

Lei Kaiyuan and the Peaceful Sea Emperor were even more confused than the others.

Although they did not know what the heck had happened between Huang Xiaolong andFang Chu, it was obvious that the grudge between them was not small.

“Speak.” Huang Xiaolong agreed casually.

“I am your enemy, and it has nothing to do with the Luring Lightning Clan.

I hope you can spare the Luring Lightning Clan.” The corners of Chen Nans mouth curved up in a melancholic smile as he continued

Huang Xiaolong briefly pondered the request and agreed crisply, “I promise you.”

Chen Nan looked at Huang Xiaolong.

After determining Huang Xiaolong was not lying, he bowed deeply at Huang Xiaolong and said, “Thank you.”

Then, Chen Nan turned around and knelt before Lei Kaiyuan and performed three loud kowtows.

“Chen Nan, you…” Lei Kaiyuan gently pulled Chen Nan up from the floor.

Chen Nan rose to his feet, then said, “Master, thank you for your teachings and care for all these years.

I wont be able to stay by your side anymore in the future.”

He stopped briefly before continuing, “Master, dont think of avenging me.

He is the Nether King, the King of Grandmists personal disciple.”


Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air as Chen Nan confirmed that Huang Xiaolong was the Nether King.

The Peaceful Sea Emperor Palaces Hall Master, who had reprimanded Huang Xiaolong earlier, was quivering from head to toe from fear!

Peaceful Sea Emperor, Lei Kaiyuan, Wu Yichun, Cui Yiting, Wu Zetian, and the others looked at Huang Xiaolong with wide-eyed expressions.

Time froze then and there.

Chen Nan smiled again as he looked at Huang Xiaolong and said, “I didnt expect that I would die at the hands of His Majesty, the Nether King.

Huang Xiaolong, dying at your hands would be my honor, wouldnt it…”

“Make your move.

I hope you can grant me a quick death!” Chen Nan barely finished his words when Huang Xiaolong had already tapped forward with his finger.

The force from his finger pierced a hole through Chen Nans forehead in a split second.

Everyone present saw a purple-colored flame spreading from the center of Chen Nans forehead, and it rapidly incinerated the rest of him.

In the end, Chen Nan turned into scattering, burning ash, and disappeared from the world.

There was a sense of melancholy in Huang Xiaolongs heart, looking at this great enemy of the past disappearing in front of his eyes.

‘Fang Chu no longer existed in this world.

Huang Xiaolong had never thought that he would findFang Chu in such circumstances.

AfterFang Chus death, Huang Xiaolongs attention fell on the Lighting Clans Patriarch, Lei Kaiyuan.

Of course, he had not forgotten why he had come here looking for the Lightning Clan.


An hour later, a sea of experts knelt as they sent Huang Xiaolong off from the Lightning Clans headquarters.

Upon learning Huang Xiaolongs identity and the purpose of his visit, the Lightning Clans Patriarch Lei Kaiyuan did not hesitate to impart the formation method that built a tunnel to the lower realm to Huang Xiaolong.

In the end, Huang Xiaolong did not make things difficult for the Lightning Clan.

Before leaving, he even gave Patriarch Lei Kaiyuan one million low-grade chaos spirit stones, considering it as a reward for imparting the formations method.

One million low-grade chaos spirit stones were nothing to Huang Xiaolong, but to Lei Kaiyuan and the Lightning Clan, it was an exorbitant wealth.

Although Lei Kaiyuan did not dare to give birth to any thoughts of revenge after Huang Xiaolong killed Chen Nan, it was inevitable that he felt vengeful.

However, looking at the one million low-grade chaos spirit stones, the little bit of hatred in his heart vanished completely.

Instead, Lei Kaiyuan thanked Huang Xiaolong repeatedly when Huang Xiaolong was leaving.

On the other hand, Huang Xiaolong was frowning after leaving the Lightning Clans headquarters.

He had received the formation method for building a space tunnel to the lower realm.

However, according to Lei Kaiyuan, only cultivators below the Heavenly Monarch Realm could pass through the tunnel safely to the lower realm.

It was because the space tunnel formed was extremely fragile.

It could merely withstand carrying a God Realm cultivator, and that was the bestcondition to travel to the lower realm.

Of course, low-level Heavenly God Realm cultivators could pass through the space tunnel, but they faced a greater risk.

Not to mention when low-level Heavenly God Realm cultivators arrived in the lower realm, they could only stay for a half year at the most.

This restriction greatly depressed Huang Xiaolong.

Did that mean that he needed to send down several God Realm disciples But this was not his intention as he wanted to go back personally.

On second thought, Huang Xiaolong summoned the four odd beasts.

Maybe they had a way around it with their knowledge

“Master, I know there is an ancient divine pill called Yin Yang Time Reversal Divine Pill.

After consuming this pill, it will allow the Masters condition to revert several hundred years in time.

However, the materials needed to refine this Yin Yang Time Reversal Divine Pill are hard to find.” The dragon-tailed odd beast spoke.

“Yin Yang Time Reversal Divine Pill!” Huang Xiaolong exclaimed in joy, hearing that.

There was actually this kind of divine pill!

As for the materials needed for refining this Yin Yang Time Reversal Divine Pill, it was not a concern for Huang Xiaolong.

With the Silver Fox Commerce and Netherworld Kings Organisations powers, it wouldnt take long for these materials to be gathered.

As expected, in less than one month, all the required materials were found.

Huang Xiaolong directly threw all the gathered materials into the Pill Blending Tower, and soon, a batch of Yin Yang Time Reversal Divine Pill was ready.

There were more than thirty pellets in this batch, and with each pill, Huang Xiaolong could stay for a day in the lower realm.

He had enough to last him more than a month.

When the Yin Yang Time Reversal Divine Pills were ready, Huang Xiaolong began building the space tunnels formation according to the method Lei Kaiyuan had taught him.

As Huang Xiaolong moved his hands in the air, a series of profound runes condensed before him.

They were glimmering brightly as they slowly linked into a space tunnel.

A long time later, Huang Xiaolong breathed out heavily.

He swallowed a Yin Yang Time Reversal Divine Pill, returning to the time he was a peak late-Tenth Order God Realm.

He disappeared into the space tunnel in a flicker.

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