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Chapter 194: Body Dividing Technique

“Looks like I need to use Duan Ren’s connection to enter the inner division.” Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

Duanren Emperor was the founder of Duanren Institute.

As Duanren Institute’s backer, this extent of authority should not pose any problem.

“I wonder if that brat Xie Puti is in the dorm.” Huang Xiaolong pondered as he passed by the new student’s dormitory area.

Thinking of this, he changed direction and headed to his own yard.

Entering the yard they shared, Xie Puti was nowhere to be found.

In the end, Huang Xiaolong could only leave.

However, not far from his yard, Huang Xiaolong ran into Cui Li as he was walking out.

As things so happened, Cui Li was walking together with Zhao Wuji.

All three were surprised as they ran into each other.

Cui Li looked ill at ease while Zhao Wuji took the initiative to walk up to Huang Xiaolong with a charming smile, “I didn’t expect Young Noble Huang to climb up a big tree that is the Xie Family.

I heard Xie Puti invited you to drink Sapidity Wine, costing over a million gold!”

There was no reaction from Huang Xiaolong.

“But, Young Noble Huang’s talent is indeed worthy enough for the Xie Family to spend that high a figure to pull you over.” She broke out in a giggle as her words ended, using one slender hand to pretentiously cover half her mouth.

Peals of laughter sounded as the front of her bosom tremored in surging waves.

Huang Xiaolong swept an indifferent glance at Zhao Wuji, “Is there something you wanted If not, take those big breasts of yours and scram!”

Big breasts!


Zhao Wuji’s delicate laughter froze in the air.

Her body stiffened and the charming smile on her face became warped and ugly.

Huang Xiaolong’s unexpected words also shocked Cui Li, turning to look at him agape.

Never had she imagined such vulgarity to come from Huang Xiaolong’s lips, someone that looked so elegant and refined!

Zhao Wuji’s face flushed crimson as if she was slapped, and there was an unmistakable sharp glint in her eyes.

Her chest heaved up and down, she was obviously very angry.

For as long as she lived, this was the first time someone dared to speak to her in that manner to her face… to take her big breasts and scram!

“Huang Xiaolong, you… !” Zhao Wuji’s eyes were spitting fire.

A pressuring momentum rose, soaring skyward.

Moments before Zhao Wuji was about to lash out, a voice rang out, “Zhao Wuji, you dare to ignore Institute rules, fighting on its grounds”

The three of them looked over and saw Xie Puti walking in their direction in slow, unhurried strides.

Slight hesitation flitted across Zhao Wuji’s face, then she turned around and glared at Huang Xiaolong, “Let’s see if you’re still alive to repeat those words again to me the next time we meet!” Leaving this sentence, Zhao Wuji turned and left.

Cui Li struggled for a moment before she turned around and followed Zhao Wuji, leaving that spot.

There were worried and complicated emotions on Cui Li’s face as she glanced at Huang Xiaolong before disappearing from view.

Xie Puti reached Huang Xiaolong’s side, laughing as he watched Zhao Wuji and Cui Li’s leaving figures.

Showing Huang Xiaolong a thumbs-up, he said, “You’re indeed my good brother一take your big breasts and scram! Classic, too classic!”

“Let’s go, us brothers are going for a few drinks at the Sapidity Wine House!”

Without waiting for a reply from Huang Xiaolong to his invitation, he pulled Huang Xiaolong towards said location.

Arriving at the Sapidity Wine House, Xie Puti ordered the servant to send all the remaining jugs of wine to them just as the last time they were there.

Because he recognized Xie Puti, the restaurant waiter did not hesitate this time around.

He immediately went to take care of Xie Puti’s order, sending the remaining two hundred jugs or so of Sapidity Wine that were left for the day.

Not too long after Xie Puti and Huang Xiaolong started enjoying their wine, Guo Zhi and Guo Fei once again walked into the restaurant.

The Guo Brothers walked into the establishment and the first thing they saw was Xie Puti and Huang Xiaolong.

The brothers were chagrined.

After the last encounter, they did not expect bad luck would have them bump into Xie Puti… so soon.

Xie Puti saw the brothers walking in, he laughed in a very good mood, “Pardon me you two, I have bought the remaining Sapidity Wine for today.”

This callous remark made the Guo Brothers’ expressions turn gloomier.

“Since Brother Xie has reserved all of them, then us brothers shall come again another day.” Guo Zhi squeezed out a forceful smile and replied, then both of them turned to leave without further words.

Outside of the building, Guo Zhi’s solemn voice sounded, “Go back and send someone to investigate who that little punk together with Xie Puti is.”

“I understand, Big brother.”

A few hours later, Huang Xiaolong and Xie Puti left the Sapidity Wine House in separate directions.

Huang Xiaolong made his way back to Southern Hill Estate.

Darkness gradually shaded the dusky amber sky.

As he ambled along a deserted street, an abrupt killing intent burst out and disappeared just as quickly.

Huang Xiaolong’s footsteps halted.

At the same instant, he used the Phantom Shadow ability and his silhouette vanished in a flashed, avoiding the attack within a minuscule gap.

A sharp cold light was seen slashing across the spot where he previously stood.

A man clad in black from head to toe showed himself.

Huang Xiaolong stared at the person coldly, “Yao Fei sent you”

The other person chose silence as his response.

The man’s figure flickered as his palm once again aimed at Huang Xiaolong.

Sword spark’s bloomed in the night, creating a round emblem in the darkness above.

Huang Xiaolong decisively transformed into his Asura Physique.

Killing intent spiraled out like a hurricane as he flapped the ebony Wings of Demon, once again avoiding the other side’s attack.

The Blades of Asura emerged, gripped firmly in Huang Xiaolong’s palms as he slashed out.

“Tempest of Hell!”

The roar of hell reverberated throughout the darkness of night.

Two hellwind vortexes appeared out of thin air, instantaneously overwhelming the black-clad man.

Startled, the man jumped back as fast as he could, his body was shrouded in a swirling black mist as a black bat emerged behind him.

A black bat with six wings and violet eyes.

Huang Xiaolong recognized this martial spirit at first glance, a Violet-pupils Bat.

This was an extremely rare martial spirit with a reputation that rivaled superb talent martial spirits.

According to rumors, in the blanket of the night’s darkness, this kind of Violet-pupils Bat could absorb the moon’s essence without any limitation, temporarily enhancing its battle strength which was comparable to an ordinary superb talent martial spirits’ level.

Not only that, utilizing the cover of night, its owner’s strength increased by a third!

The other side soul transformed the moment he summoned his martial spirit.

After soul transforming, six stout wings sprouted from his back and his aura’s momentum rose at an astonishing rate, stopping at late-Xiantian Second Order.

“Body Dividing Technique!”

Right in front of Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, the man leaped into the air and exploded into six doppelgangers who looked exactly the same as the original.

All six attacked Huang Xiaolong at once, cold metal gleamed and images blurred.

Watching this scene take place, Huang Xiaolong dared not underestimate the enemy.

He summoned his twin martial spirits, the Black and Blue Dragon, and soul transformed.

Jumping up into the air, Huang Xiaolong swung his blades, sending streaks of angry lightning.

The attack, State of Abundant Lightning, spread out and covered the area.

One by one, these doppelgangers exploded and vanished under the lightning attack, leaving only the original body.

But at that moment, the enemy once again displayed his Body Dividing Technique, this time splitting into twelve doppelgangers instead of six!

Twelve people combined into a sword array to attack Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong watched icily as twelve people attacked him with an array.

His right hand moved and struck a palm out.

“God Binding Palm!”

A myriad of golden palms flew out, piercing through the void.

The enemy’s eyes widened in sudden trepidation as the space, airflow and everything else had stopped moving wherever those golden palms passed.

Following that, his twelve avatars were temporarily suspended in midair before quickly vanishing and leaving the original body out in the open.

The God Binding Palm landed on the black-clad man’s chest, inverting his body and flinging it back due to the impact.

Huang Xiaolong landed gently on the street.

He took slow steps as he walked up to the side of the attacker.


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