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“Are you retarded Who doesnt wish to obtain one ten-thousandth of Huang Xiaolongs talent and luck Do you really think thats possible”

Huang Peng and the others felt a trace of shock flashing through their mind.

Huang Xiaolong!

Those disciples from the Earth Splitting Gang were discussing Huang Xiaolong!

“This… could he be someone with the same name” Guo Xiaofan muttered to himself.

“The Divine World is boundless.

There is definitely someone with the same name as him, right”

Huang Peng, Su Yan, and the others felt the trace of hope in their hearts dissipating.

He was right.

It was definitely someone with the same name.

Huang Xiaolong went to the Devil World!

They knew of the horrors of the Devil World.

Even the head of the Earth Splitting Gang, a Heavenly Monarch Realm expert, wouldnt dare to enter the Devil World.

How could the Huang Xiaolong they knew head over to the Devil World!

“Ive also heard that Huang Xiaolong broke into the Emperor Realm not too long ago.

This is too terrifying! It hasnt even been forty years since the Battle of the Heavenly Court… Wasnt he a Seventh Order Heavenly Monarch during the battle”

“Taking less than forty years to break into the Emperor Realm from the Seventh Order Heavenly Monarch… Its no wonder he managed to beat Di Jing down during the battle!”

“I wonder who his parents are.

They managed to give birth to such a terrifying presence! Didnt he ascend for merely several hundred years! He managed to break into the Emperor Realm from the Highgod Realm in such a short amount of time! Every time I think about this, I feel like smashing my head into the wall and killing myself!”

“Smash your ass! Go smash your head into the ore mountain in front of us if you have the guts!”

The voices of the Heavenly Gods continuously entered the ears of Huang Peng and the others.

When they heard that theHuang Xiaolong the Heavenly Gods were talking about had only ascended for several hundred years, they felt a tremor run through their hearts.

This… Could it be true!

Is the Huang Xiaolong they were talking about the same Huang Xiaolong they knew!

Could their son be the Huang Xiaolong they were talking about!

Huang Peng, Su Yan, Huang Min, and the others felt excitement bubbling in their hearts.

However, it was too much for them to take in all at once.

Emperor Realm!

Didnt they say that Huang Xiaolong had entered the Emperor Realm!

That was the Emperor Realm they were talking about!

In the tens of years that they were in the mines, all of them had heard the news about the Divine World.

They were clear on what a cultivator at the Emperor Realm meant.

They were extremely clear that the Emperor Realm came after the Heavenly Monarch Realm.

An Emperor Realm expert was someone their gang leader wouldnt be able to meet even if he wanted to!

A presence at the Emperor Realm wasnt something Huang Peng could conjure in his mind.

Even though the few of them felt extremely excited that the Huang Xiaolong they were hearing of was the same Huang Xiaolong they knew, they didnt dare to believe their ears.

“With Huang Xiaolongs identity, Im afraid that there will be no woman capable enough to match up to him, right” The Heavenly God Realm disciples continued their discussion.

“Ive heard that Huang Xiaolong is already married.

Isnt there that lady called Li Lu and Yao Chi following him around Oh right, Ive also heard that the Second Lady of the Silver Fox Commerce, Bei Xiaomei, and Fang Xuanxuan of the Fortune Emperor Palace, along with Peng Xiao, are already together with him! No one knows if that is true…”

“The Second Lady of the Silver Fox Commerce and Fang Xuanxuan! Hehe, Huang Xiaolong really has luck with women!”

“Its Bei Xiaomei and Fang Xuanxuan who are lucky.

In the entire Divine World, there are tons of ladies queuing up to glance at Huang Xiaolong.

Even the wife of our leader screams for Huang Xiaolong in her dreams and causes him to spit out mouthfuls of blood in anger!”

“How do you know that! You should not let anyone hear about the news of the leaders wife screaming Huang Xiaolongs name.

Otherwise, your life might be forfeit!”

The laughter from the Heavenly God Realm disciples filled the air, but Huang Peng and the others felt as though they were hit by a lightning bolt.

Li Lu!

Li Lu was Huang Xiaolongs woman!

Even though they had no idea who the Second Lady of the Silver Fox Chamber of Commerce was, they knew Li Lu!

Li Lu!

The instant they said her name, Huang Peng and the others were sure that they were all thinking of the same Huang Xiaolong! The Huang Xiaolong everyone was talking about was their son!

“Xiaolong! We finally found Xiaolong!” Su Yan screamed with joy as she grabbed Huang Pengs hand.

“Huang Peng, we finally found our son!” Her eyes turned bloodshot as tears formed in the corner of her eye.

Huang Peng buzzed with excitement as well.

“Yes, we finally found our son!”

For the past ten years, they had tried to look for Huang Xiaolong despite enduring their harsh circumstances.

The only reason they had held onto their will to live was because they believed that they would be able to find their son!

Right now, they had finally received news of Huang Xiaolong!

Their son, Huang Xiaolong, had broken through to the Emperor Realm! Their son was an Emperor Realm expert!

Huang Peng and Su Yan leaped to their feet and ran towards the Heavenly God Realm disciples.

As for Huang Min and the others, they quickly followed behind the two of them.

“Hold it! What do you think youre doing” One of the Heavenly God Realm disciples looked at the group and snapped in anger.

Facing the might of a Heavenly God, Huang Peng and the rest could only stop dead in their tracks.

“Senior, we have no other intentions.

We want to ask you about the Huang Xiaolong you were talking about.” Huang Pengs voice trembled as he spoke.

All the disciples from the Earth Splitting Gang looked over.

One of them sneered when he heard what Huang Peng said.

“Huang Xiaolong isnt something you slaves can ask about.

Right now, go back to whatever you were doing.

If you speak another word, Ill whip you!” A light flashed in his palm as he stood up and swung the metal whip in his hand.

A look of fear appeared on the faces of Huang Peng and the others.

All of them had experienced the pain of being whipped, and none of them wanted to experience it for a second time.

However, when Huang Peng thought about the possibility of Huang Xiaolong being his son, he gritted his teeth and said, “Huang Xiaolong is my son!”

His voice stunned all the disciples present, and even the Highgods in the mine stared at Huang Peng.

However, the Heavenly God Realm disciples roared with laughter in the next instant.

“What did this slave say! He said that Huang Xiaolong is his son! Did I hear wrong!” One of the Heavenly God Realm disciples grabbed his stomach as he dropped on the ground laughing.

It was no surprise that none of them believed Huang Peng.

After all, it was the same as when a beggar claimed that he was the father of an Emperor! Who would take him seriously

When Huang Peng and the rest saw that no one believed them, their expressions turned ugly.

“Dog slave, are you wasting my time!” One of the Heavenly God Realm disciples stopped laughing and he snapped at Huang Peng.

“If Huang Xiaolong is your son, Heavenly Emperor Di Jun is my dad!” He didnt bother waiting for Huang Pengs explanation before he sent the whip flying at him.

In order to wake Huang Peng up, he didnt hold back.

Huang Peng flew away as a miserable shriek escaped his lips.

Blood sprayed out from his wound.

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