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“Xiaofei…” Huang Shiyi muttered in his heart.

He was confident that with his position in the Divine World, coupled with his masters relationship with Tao Yu, the Changzhi Sect would be more than happy to accede to his request.

He felt that there was no way for Shi Xiaofei to reject him at all.

As such, other than the congratulatory gifts, he had brought with him an astonishing amount of treasures.

He was ready to use them as his betrothal gifts the moment they agreed to his request.

In his mind, the scene where everyone was stunned silly by his amazing betrothal gifts played out time and time again.

Three days later…

The flying ship from the Violet Phoenix Emperor Palace arrived on the Datong World, and they flew straight towards the Changzhi Sects headquarters.

They arrived in a flash and landed in a plaza specially reserved to receive first-rate powers like them.

“Thats the Violet Phoenix Emperor Palaces flying ship! Ive heard that the strongest genius in the Violet Phoenix Emperor Palace, Huang Shiyi, is here to congratulate old ancestor Tao Yu!”

“Huang Shiyi! Even though hes not an absolute genius like the freaks in the younger generation, he has the Ancient Phoenixs bloodline in his body! He managed to obtain a fortuitous encounter, and he might just turn into an expert no weaker than those supreme geniuses! When he breaks into the Emperor Realm in the future, he is sure to become a powerhouse!”

As the flying ship approached, everyone gasped in shock as they looked at the massive flying ship with envy in their eyes.

Although there was only one day left until the apprenticeship ceremony, there were still powers rushing over to the Changzhi Sect.

“Ive heard that other than the celebratory gifts his master has sent, Huang Shiyi has brought along tons of betrothal gifts.

He will probably propose to Shi Xiaofei during the ceremony itself!”

“No way! Even Huang Shiyi is attracted to Shi Xiaofei! Ive heard that the young master of the Scarlet Origin Emperor Palace plans to do so as well! There are also tons of young masters yearning for Shi Xiaofei! Is she really that charming!”

“Ive met her in the past.

Indeed, her beauty is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Even after seeing so many female disciples from the various superpowers, Ive never met one as amazing as Shi Xiaofei.

Not to mention, she has the Radiant Jade Buddha Physique and the Ceramic Glaze Radiance Godhead.

Its no wonder all of them want her hand in marriage!”

“If thats the case, the ceremony will definitely be lively tomorrow.

Who will be the one to bring the beauty home”

As everyone fervently discussed the matter, Huang Shiyi and the Violet Phoenix Emperor Palaces experts disembarked from their flying ship.

When he heard the discussion going on around him, Huang Shiyi kept a straight face.

He was confident that he would be successful in his proposal!

At this time, the woman whose beauty was capable of toppling a nation sat in the main hall of the Changzhi Sect.

She was precisely Shi Xiaofei, and she had long heard the rumors of the proposals.

A frown appeared on her face as she stared worriedly into the distance.

“Xiaolong… Where are you now” Shi Xiaofei asked herself the same question over and over in her heart.

Ten years ago, she had ascended to the Divine World with the other Huang Family members.

As she was blown away by a hurricane, she had ended up with severe injuries on a desolate mountain peak on the Datong World.

Since then, she had hidden in the mountains to treat her injuries.

She had barely managed to recover several months ago when she had heard that the Changzhi Sect was accepting disciples.

Hence, she had gone over to give it a shot.

She had never thought that Tao Yu, the old ancestor of the Changzhi Sect, would accept her as a direct disciple.

As a first-rate power in the Datong World, Tao Yu was the strongest individual at the peak of the late-Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm.

She felt that it was an honor that Tao Yu was going to accept her as a direct disciple.

It was too bad that she didnt realize the storm she was going to get dragged into.

She had no idea what to do if the young masters of the various Emperor Palaces proposed to her during the ceremony.

The various Emperor Palaces were superpowers in the Divine World.

She knew that there would be no way for her to reject a marriage proposal, considering the sects best interest.

What do I do, what do I do… Even though she had already broken into the Heavenly God Realm several months ago, there was no way for a Heavenly God Realm cultivator to escape the Changzhi Sect.

She sighed and cried in her heart.

Under the bated breaths of everyone who rushed over to attend the ceremony, the night eventually passed.

As the warm rays of sunlight illuminated the lands, the Changzhi Sect broke out into festivities.

“Young lady, the sun is about to rise.

The old ancestor and the sect master have invited you to the main hall.” A maidservant entered the room and bowed to Shi Xiaofei.

Shi Xiaofei snapped back to reality.

She had no choice but to get to her feet to follow the maidservant to the main hall.

Along the way, every single one of the experts exclaimed in shock when they saw Shi Xiaofei walking past them.

“Is she Shi Xiaofei! Her beauty shook my soul…! Its no wonder Huang Shiyi and the other young masters would pine for her.

Speaking of which, the two of them have only met her once in the past!”

Surrounding discussions entered Shi Xiaofeis ears.

She knitted her brows tightly together.

She had thought about it the day before.

Since all of them were lusting over her looks, she would ruin her face if things came down to it.

She was prepared to scar her face in order to get them all to leave.

The only thing she didnt know was that if Huang Xiaolong would avoid her because of her looks if she could reunite with him in the future.

As she pondered over the question, she arrived in the main hall of the Changzhi Sect.

The hall was filled with patriarchs, young masters, and everyone else of importance.

As soon as she entered the hall, Huang Shiyi and the others turned to look at her.

A solemn ceremony soon followed where she became Tao Yus disciple.

After an hour, the ceremony ended, and everyone started to bring out their gifts.

Because of Huang Fangtongs relationship with Tao Yu and the glamorous reputation of the Violet Phoenix Emperor Palace, Huang Shiyi was the first to bring out his gifts.

He passed a jade box over to the Changzhi Sect Chief.

As soon as the box was open, spiritual energy filled the hall.

A blood-red ginseng king appeared before their eyes.

“This … This is Blood Jasper Ginseng! Its about to transform into heavenly ginseng! This is really a priceless treasure!” One of the family patriarchs yelled in shock.

The hall broke into clamor the instant Huang Shiyi showed his gift.

Even Tao Yu and the Changzhi Sect Chief felt moved by the gift.

As a peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch, Tao Yus chance of breaking into the Emperor Realm would increase by a whole lot after refining the Blood Jasper Ginseng.

Even though it was a priceless treasure, it paled in comparison when compared to the Heavenly Blood Jasper Ginseng Huang Xiaolong had swallowed in the Thousand Constellation Mountain Range.

Of course, in the eyes of Tao Yu and the others, the Blood Jasper Ginseng in their hands was already a priceless treasure.

Seeing the stunned looks on the faces of everyone present, a trace of delight appeared in Huang Shiyis heart.

He knew that his chances of success had already increased by a whole lot after taking out the priceless gift.

The young master of the Scarlet Origin Emperor Palace presented his gift next.

It was a Nine-Colored Lingzhi, and it was an extremely rare medicinal herb.

Even if it was not as valuabe as the Blood Jasper Ginseng, it didnt lack by much.

Everyone sighed in admiration.

Eventually, everyone presented their gifts.

Huang Shiyi stood up all of a sudden, and turned to old ancestor Tao Yu.

“Senior Tao Yu, several months ago, Young Lady Shi Xiaofei captured my heart when I met her for the first time.

Ive been thinking about her ever since.

Nothing matters more to me than obtaining her hand in marriage.

Today, I am here to propose to Young Lady Shi Xiaofei.

I, Huang Shiyi, am willing to use my life to protect her! Please grant us your blessings!”

Huang Shiyi spoke sincerely as his confession rang in the minds of everyone in the hall.

The hall turned silent in an instant.

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