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Tao Yu and the Changzhi Sect Chief stared at each other and saw the look of joy in each others eyes.

The news of Huang Shiyis proposal had long been leaked, and they were extremely pleased with the situation.

Regardless of talent or identity, Huang Shiyi had them all.

As the Violet Phoenix Emperor Palaces top genius and the direct disciple of the Violet Phoenix Emperor Palaces old ancestor, there was nothing more they could wish for.

Not to mention that Tao Yu and Huang Shiyis master had a relationship that transcended life and death.

A marriage between their disciples was sure to strengthen their bond even more.

When Shi Xiaofei heard Huang Shiyis proposal, her body shook, and her face turned pale.

All of a sudden, Huang Shiyi respectfully passed a spatial ring to Tao Yu and said, “Senior Tao Yu, this is the betrothal gift this junior has prepared.”

When Tao Yu broke the restriction on the spatial ring, spiritual energy charged into the sky and stunned everyone in the hall.

“This … How many low-grade chaos spiritual stones are there! Three hundred thousand”

“Those are grandmist spiritual herbs! There are a hundred of them!”

“What about the mid-grade grandmist spiritual pills Wont there be at least several hundred thousand of them!”

Everyone widened their eyes in shock.

Three hundred thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones! A hundred grandmist spiritual herbs! A hundred thousand mid-grade grandmist spiritual pills!

Even first-rate powers would need to sell off the underpants on their body in order to gather such a fortune! The massive pie that fell from the sky caused Tao Yu and the sect leader to experience endless joy in their heart.

“This … Martial nephew Shiyi, this is a little too much…!” Joy flooded Tao Yus heart.

Since he would be Shi Xiaofeis master, he would stand to gain a portion of the treasures he had taken out.

After giving away a portion to the Changzhi Sect, the others would all go to Shi Xiaofei.

Huang Shiyis massive gift was like a bucket of gold that dropped from the sky.

However, Huang Shiyi maintained a cordial expression as he laughed, “This is just the betrothal gift.

How can this compare to the love I have for Young Lady Xiaofei in my heart”

“Great!” Tao Yu yelled in joy, and the sect master of the Changzhi Sect laughed.

Just as Shi Xiaofei wanted to reject the marriage, another voice resounded through the hall.

“Hold it!”

Everyone was stunned at the sudden interruption.

“Young master of the Scarlet Origin Emperor Palace, this is…” Tao Yu chuckled.

It was nothing but a farce as he had long learned of their intentions.

He knew that the young master of the Scarlet Origin Emperor Palace had long since fallen in love with Shi Xiaofei.

“Previously, I fell in love with Young Lady Xiaofei from the moment I laid eyes on her.

Ive dreamed of her every day since then, and I hated the fact that I couldnt be beside her at every moment.

Today, I, Chi Hao, would like to propose to Young Lady Xiaofei.

I would also hope that Senior Tao Yu and the Changzhi Sect Chief would give us your blessing.

I will definitely love her with all my heart.” Chi Hao, the young master of the Scarlet Origin Emperor Palace declared.

Following this, he retrieved a spatial ring of his own and passed it to Tao Yu.

“This is this juniors betrothal gift.”

When Tao Yu opened the spatial ring, a similar scene to the previous one when Huang Shiyi had presented his gift played before everyones eyes.

Everyone was shocked.

Even though Huang Shiyis gift was already immense, Chi Hao had prepared even more! The number of low-grade chaos spirit stones and grandmist spiritual herbs he had prepared was considerably more than Huang Shiyis!

“Four hundred thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones!”

“One hundred and eighty-eight grandmist spiritual herbs!”

“One hundred and eighty thousand mid-grade grandmist spiritual pills!”

It didnt matter if it was Tao Yu or the other experts present.

None of them could hide the look of shock on their faces.

“This…” Tao Yu gasped in surprise.

Regardless of identity or status, Chi Hao didnt lose to Huang Shiyi in the slightest.

Since he was able to become the young master of the Scarlet Origin Emperor Palace, there was no need to doubt his talent.

As long as there were no accidents, he would probably become the next Scarlet Origin Emperor in the future.

There was also the issue of the Scarlet Origin Emperor Palace ranking two ranks above the Violet Phoenix Emperor Palace.

The benefits of entering an alliance with the Scarlet Origin Emperor Palace were unimaginable.

However, they had to consider the issue of the Violet Phoenix Emperor Palace.

Even though Tao Yu was friends with Huang Fangtong and their relationship wouldnt turn sour because of a disciples marriage, there would definitely be some drawbacks….

Huang Shiyi had never expected that Chi Hao would be able to bring out gifts more extravagant than his, and a frown formed on his face.

He turned to Chi Hao and said, “Since that is the case, why dont we carry out a competition to choose the winner The loser will leave Young Lady Xiaofei alone.

What do you think”

Chi Hao laughed and agreed with the proposal.

“Great! Lets do it your way.”

Even though Huang Shiyi was at the early-Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm and had the Ancient Phoenix bloodline, he didnt lack in cultivation and strength.

As such, Chi Hao had no reservations about fighting with him.

However, he knew that Huang Shiyis master had some sort of relationship with Tao Yu.

If they really had to resolve the marriage problem any other way, he might not be able to bring the bride home.

Right before the two of them were about to begin the competition, Shi Xiaofei stood up and cried out.


Everyone was stunned as they turned to stare at her.

When Tao Yu and the other experts turned their gazes over to her, Shi Xiaofei felt her heart tightening.

However, a solemn expression appeared on her face soon after.

“Young Master Huang Shiyi and Young Master Chi Hao are dragons among men.

Xiaofei is merely a commoner and doesnt deserve the two young masters favor.

Please rescind your proposal.

I believe that you will both be able to find better partners.”

As soon as her voice fell, everyone felt a bomb going off in their heads.

No one had expected for her to reject both young masters at once!

Even Tai Yu and the Changzhi Sect Chief were stunned.

One had to know that getting married to someone of Huang Shiyis status was the dream of many young ladies in the world!

That was something that wouldnt come by even if the sky fell! No one had expected Shi Xiaofei to reject both marriage proposals right before them!

“Preposterous!” Tao Yu yelled in anger.

Shi Xiaofei shook her head and said, “Master, I am not messing around! I am already married.”

Everyone widened their eyes in shock.

Huang Shiyi and Chi Haos faces turned ugly in an instant.

“Nonsense!” Tao Yu frowned, and he asked, “Alright! Tell us, who is your husband Which family is he from”

Shi Xiaofei bit her lips, and she spilled everything.

“My husband is Huang Xiaolong.”

“HUANG XIAOLONG!” Every single person in the hall yelled in shock when they heard his name.

When Shi Xiaofei saw their reactions, she couldnt help but feel her heart tremble.

Whats going on! Do they know who Xiaolong is!

“Master, whats going on Do you really know my husband, Huang Xiaolong”

Tao Yu broke out in laughter all of a sudden.

“How can there be someone in the Divine World who doesnt know Huang Xiaolong Xiaofei, your lies have to be more thought out.

There are countless families and powers in the Divine World who cant wait to marry their daughters off to Huang Xiaolong.

Thats merely a wish of theirs.

If Huang Xiaolong were to get married, his wedding ceremony would shake the world! Right now, no one has ever heard of Huang Xiaolong getting married.”

Indeed, no one in the Divine World knew that Huang Xiaolong was married.

Tao Yu and the others felt that she was lying.

Huang Shiyi chuckled, “Young Lady Xiaofei, I knew that our marriage proposal might come as a shock to you.

Isnt that why you made up such a ridiculous story Dont worry.

We wont mistreat you.”

At that very instant, a majestic flying ship was charging straight towards the Datong World, and it was precisely the Netherking Flying Ship.

“Were arriving soon!” Huang Xiaolong stared at the Datong World, and he thought about how he would be able to see Shi Xiaofei soon.

A smile broke out on his face.

It was too bad; his transmission symbol shook when he was still daydreaming.

Bei Xiaomei had sent over another report.

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