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The final tabulation came out.

Adding Hillier, An Si, and the others who had left earlier to this calculation, a total of seventeen archbishops and two hundred and thirteen bishops had sought allegiance with Dun Ei.

Elan was infuriated by this result, and her killing intent almost solidified the air around her.

“These traitors!” Terrifying blue flames danced in Elans pupils.

“Your Majesty, please give me the order.

I will deal with them one by one, personally!”

Huang Xiaolong nonchalantly waved his hand while saying, “Now is still not the time for you to act in person.

Wait until I return from the Reverence Moon Academy.

Well flatten the Radiance Divine City once and for all and eliminate Dun Ei.

Its not too late to deal with these traitors after that.”

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong did not put the matter to heart, Elan couldnt help but speak, “Your Majesty, our Radiance Knight Corps strength was originally at par with the Radiance Divine City, but now, with Hillier, An Si, and the others betrayal and joining the Radiance Divine City, our overall strength is now weaker by one-tenth! This has also affected our knights morale!”

Huang Xiaolong listened to Elans anxious andconcerned reminder.

He smiled and said, “How about this, make an announcement, just say our Radiance Knight Corp is currently looking for eighteen people to fill the positions of archbishops.

Anyone who can successfully get the position, and is willing to serve within the corp, will get ten million low-grade chaos spirit stones!”

“W-what! Ten-ten million low-grade chaos spirit stones Each person!!” Elans heart skipped a beat from shock.

Eighteen people, that meant one hundred and eighty million!

She really could not figure out how Huang Xiaolong has so many low-grade chaos spirit stones!

Even if Huang Xiaolong was the Hells Nether King, how the hell did he get his hands on so many low-grade chaos spirit stones

Watching Elans expression, Huang Xiaolong chuckled softly, “I believe a lot of people would come for an interview because of the ten million chaos spirit stones, wouldnt they”

Elan responded with a wry sentence, “That is for certain.”

No doubt people would be swarming to their door once the new got out.

Ten million low-grade chaos spirit stones, ah.

Even for the super church forces pontiffs, this was an exorbitant sum.

“But we will only accept Tenth Order Emperors.

These eighteen archbishops positions can be filled by Tenth Order Emperor Realm and above.” Huang Xiaolong went on, “Additionally, make another announcement.

I will provide each super church force with two hundred million low-grade chaos spirit stones if their pontiffs join Radiance Knight Corp!”

“What, two hundred million!” Elan shrieked sharply.

Her voluptuous bosom shook from excitement, and Huang Xiaolong saw white skin flashing before his eyes.

It wasnt strange that Elan lost her composure to this extent.

Even a Sovereign Realm expert would be hard-pressed to take out two hundred million low-grade chaos spirit stones.

Two hundred million, ah!

Even if the super church forces were to slaughter their entire domesticated herd of hog beasts, they still wouldnt be able to gather two hundred million low-grade chaos spirit stones.

Two hundred million low-grade chaos spirit stones was certainly an amount that could send the super church forces into a frenzy.

It took Elan quite a while to calm down, but she still looked at Huang Xiaolong with doubt, “Your Majesty, is that for real Two hundred million You…” She really wanted to ask if Huang Xiaolong had that many low-grade chaos spirit stones.

This was not something to joke about.

Once the news was released, it couldnt be taken back.

If the Radiance Knight Corp failed to take out the said amount of low-grade chaos spirit stones, wouldnt they become the butt of everyones jokes It would certainly anger the super church forces that had the intention of joining them.

Huang Xiaolong laughed as he asked, “Do you think Im joking”

Huang Xiaolong took out a spatial ring and threw it at Elan.

Elan caught it by reflex.

When she opened the spatial rings restriction, the mountains of low-grade chaos spirit stones left her agape with astonishment.

“There are ten billion low-grade chaos spirit stones inside this spatial ring.”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled, “Use it for now, and look for me if its not enough.”

Elan could only look at Huang Xiaolong with wide-eyed astonishment.

Ten, ten billion! She, she was holding ten billion low-grade chaos spirit stones in her hand!

At this time, Huang Xiaolong took out another spatial ring, and threw it at Elan again, “This ring has one billion low-grade chaos spirit stones.

Its for you.

Elan had commanded the Radiance Knight Corp for hundreds of millions of years.

She had put in a lot of effort and hard work.

Huang Xiaolong naturally would not treat her badly for her loyalty and accomplishments.

Elan grasped the spatial ring with one billion low-grade chaos spirit stones in her hand.

She was filled with such a blissful feeling from head to toe that she got an impulse to \'offer\' herself to Huang Xiaolong in gratitude.

Being stared at by Elan\'s burning gaze, Huang Xiaolong shifted uncomfortably, These two matters will be handed to you.

You can just report the results to me later.

Add another condition to the announcement that we will only accept archbishops and bishops who come within the next four months.

We won\'t accept anyone after that!

Elan was stupefied.

Then, she took a deep breath and nodded, Understood, Your Majesty.

Half an hour later, Elan stepped out from the hall and made the necessary preparations as she released these two astounding pieces of news.

As she had expected, when the announcement spread, it shook the whole Radiance World and other great worlds.

What! They are recruiting eighteen archbishops.

Only Tenth Order Emperor Realm experts and above will be accepted.

And each person would get ten million low-grade chaos spirit stones!

No matter which super church joins them, they would be given two hundred million low-grade chaos spirit stones!

This, this, won\'t be true, right! Has Huang Xiaolong gone insane Maybe we\'ve gone insane, have we!

It seems like we\'re the ones who have gone mad!


The Flat River World surface was one of the bigger world surfaces of Radiance World.

The super church Peaceful Origin Church\'s headquarters was located here.

The Peaceful Origin Church\'s strength ranked within the top five among so many churches.

Everyone, what are your opinions regarding the two announcements the Radiance Knight Corp Commander Elan has released

The Peaceful Origin Pontiff looked at the archbishops in the hall.

I think this matter is ludicrous.

Even if Huang Xiaolong is the King of Hell, and has obtained both the Lord of Hell and our Radiance Ancestor\'s treasures, he cant possibly take out so many low-grade chaos spirit stones! Archbishop Colds snorted, shaking his head.

That\'s right! He is going to give two hundred million to each super church! Only an idiot would believe that.

Another archbishop sneered, I don\'t believe Huang Xiaolong can take out several hundred million low-grade chaos spirit stones.

There is no power in the entire universe that can take out that much chaos spirit stones.

Even if the Heavenly Court\'s Emperor Di Jun sells his underwear, it\'s impossible!

Everyone laughed mockingly.

But the Peaceful Origin Pontiff\'s eyes glimmered as he fell into contemplation.


In the Radiance Divine City, Dun Ei held a big banquet to welcome Hillier, An Si, and others who came to seek allegiance with him.

The hall was in a festive atmosphere until a bishop suddenly ran into the hall in a fluster to report Elan\'s announcements to Dun Ei.


Dun Ei\'s smile froze on his face.

Suddenly, the rowdy hall quieted.

Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi burst out laughing all of a sudden and commented, I think Huang Xiaolong has spun himself into a cocoon.

If he fails to take out that many low-grade chaos spirit stones, he will light up the several super church\'s wrath.

Once they gang up on Huang Xiaolong, it will be enough to entangle Huang Xiaolong for a good while!

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