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“Thats right! When Huang Xiaolong fails to take out that many low-grade chaos spirit stones, we just need to fan the fire behind those super churches.

It would be strange if they dont hate Huang Xiaolong to the bone.” Hillier snickered and added, “Maybe, under their rage, these super churches will join our side instead.

If thats the case, then Huang Xiaolong has helped us big time!”

“Thats right! This time around, Huang Xiaolongs running down a dead end on his own!” An Si snorted and laughed loudly.

A little over a month later...

Although many people did not believe that Huang Xiaolong could take out such a large sum of low-grade chaos spirit stones, there were some super churches that were willing to bet on it.

Soon, there was news of the Bright Sun Pontiffs church joining the Radiance Knight Corp.

They had received two hundred million low-grade chaos spirit stones on the spot!

When this piece of news traveled, it stirred the masses.

“Hmph, its just two hundred million.

Our Radiance Divine City can also take out that much amount.” Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi sneered, “Whats so shocking about this moreover, The Bright Sun Church merely ranks in the twenties among so many super churches in the Radiance World.”

However, a few days after the news of Bright Sun Church spread, another news soon followed.

“Frozen Sea Church has joined the Radiance Knight Corp, and they also received two hundred million low-grade chaos spirit stones!”

The Frozen Sea Churchs power ranked seventh among the top super churches of the radiance world!

Another two days passed.

“Crossing Flame Church also joined the Radiance Knight Corp and got two hundred low-grade chaos spirit stones!”

Almost every two days or so, there was news of another super church joining the Radiance Knight Corp.

All these super churches had also received two hundred million low-grade chaos spirit stones on the spot.

In a short two months, nine super church forces had officially joined the Radiance Knight Corp!

Nine super church forces, that was equivalent to 1.8 billion low-grade chaos spirit stones!

When Huang Xiaolong actually took out these 1.8 billion low-grade chaos spirit stones, it sent the whole Radiance World into a frenzy, like boiling magma.

“What! This... How could Huang Xiaolong take out so many low-grade chaos spirit stones!” Inside the Radiance Divine City, Dun Ei roared with rage as his face distorted with hatred.

Among the nine super churches, one ranked within the top ten super church forces!

Although nine super churches joining the Radiance Knight Corp was far from sending the Radiance Divine City into a panic, the addition of these nine super churches power to the Radiance Knight Corp couldnt be underestimated.

Not to mention, it had only been two months so far.

There was still another two months until the deadline Huang Xiaolong had stipulated.

As time passed, there would only be more super church forces coming to seek allegiance under Huang Xiaolongs banner!

Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi forced a smile on his face.

“Huang Xiaolong obtained the Lord of Hell and Radiance Ancestors treasures.

Additionally, he also got the Fiend God Emperor Palaces treasures after destroying it.

He probably sold off a lot of his acquired precious to accumulate so many low-grade chaos spirit stones.

However, it is for certain he wont be able to take out more than 1.8 billion.

Hes destined to be shamed!”

But the very next day, another piece of news circulated.

“The Horizon Church joined the Radiance Knight Corp and got two hundred million low-grade chaos spirit stones on the spot!”

The Horizon Church ranked in the top five in the Radiance Worlds super churches!

When this news spread, the furor intensified.

This triggered a series of chain reactions.

The top three super church forces could no longer sit still.

As the news of the Horizon Church joining the Radiance Knight Corps ranks spread, the Peaceful Origin Churchs headquarters main hall was enshrouded in heavy silence.

Not long ago, the Peaceful Origin Archbishop Cilda and others had mocked Huang Xiaolong, stating that he wouldnt manage to take out such a large sum of low-grade chaos spirit stones.

Now, they were sitting in embarrassment and looked extremely uncomfortable as if there were needles in their seats.

“Everyone, make preparations.

Tomorrow, we will set off to the Myriad Spirits City.” Peaceful Origin Pontiff ordered.

“Your Highness Pontiff.” Archbishop Cilda stood up anxiously and persuaded, “Should we wait a bit and see how the things unfold”

“Even though several super church forces have chosen to serve Huang Xiaolong, it does not mean he can fight against Radiance Divine City.

I have heard that the Radiance Divine City has gained the support from the several Reverence Moon Academy\'s Deputy Deans!”

Everyone was astounded by the weight of the information.

“Eldest Senior Brother Cilda, is your information reliable” One of the archbishops couldnt help asking.

Cilda nodded with certainty, “Absolutely reliable!”

“If the Radiance Divine City really has the support of several Reverence Moon Academys Deputy Deans, the winning side would only be the Radiance Divine City in the clash!” Archbishop Wei Bai analyzed coldly.

Cilda turned to the Peaceful Origin Pontiff again and said, “Thus, Your Highness, we cannot join the Radiance Knight Corp, we cannot serve Huang Xiaolong.

Although two hundred million low-grade chaos spirit stones are very tempting, we might not live long enough to spend them!”

Peaceful Origin Pontiffs eyes flickered with hesitation.

Originally, he had decided to join the Radiance Knight Corp, but he hadn\'t expected the Reverence Moon Academys Deputy Deans to support the Radiance Divine City.

“Then, what do you all think Should we remain neutral, or join the Radiance Divine City”

Peaceful Origin Pontiff was swayed.

Cilda nodded, “Thats right! The Senior Reverence Moon has not appeared for an unknown number of years.

Now, the Reverence Moon Academy is basically managed by several Deputy Deans.

Now that the Radiance Divine City has obtained their support, it means that the Radiance Divine City has obtained the entire Reverence Moon Academys support.

Even if we join a side, it should be the Radiance Divine City!”


As the number of super churches joining the Radiance Knight Corp increased another news took the Radiance World by storm—the Radiance Divine City has received the unanimous support from the Reverence Moon Academys Deputy Deans.

In an instant, the super churches that were rushing to the Myriad Spirits City to join the Radiance Knight Corpse halted their plans and swayed indecisively like the Peaceful Origin Church.

Subsequently, Radiance Divine Citys Dun Ei released an announcement, “Any super churches that come to ally with his Radiance Divine City would receive an equal share of the Radiance Knight Corp and Huang Xiaolongs treasures after he annihilates them!”

As expected, the news stirred and shook the Radiance World, and other super churches that were on their way to the Radiance Knight Corp turned around and headed in the Radiance Divine Citys direction.

When Elan reported this matter to Huang Xiaolong, Huang Xiaolong sneered, “Dun Ei is merely speaking empty promises, I cant believe there are people who believe it.”

Elan shook her head, “It is mainly because of the Reverence Moon Academys Deputy Deans supporting Dun Ei.

This is the only reason that swayed them to turn to Dun Eis side.

If this continues, the situation would be detrimental to us.”

Huang Xiaolong sneered, “Merely empty promises from someone who doesnt know how to speak them.

Go, release the word, just say after we annihilate the Radiance Divine City, the Radiance Divine Citys treasury would be equally divided among the super churches that joined our ranks.

On top of that, within three years, the super churches, siding with me, will get another two hundred million low-grade chaos spirit stones after I annihilate the Radiance Divine City!”

Elan sucked in a breath of cold air then said, “Give, give another two hundred million low-grade chaos spirit stones…!”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled, “What, are you reluctant Dont worry.

Its just low-grade chaos spirit stones.”

Now that he had broken through to the Emperor Realm, he could already condense chaos spirit stones.

Thus the thing he didnt lack the most was low-grade chaos spirit stones.

“The identity I had you arranged for me to enter the Reverence Moon Academy, is it done” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Elan answered respectfully, “It is done.

Does your Highness plan to go to the Reverence Moon Academy today”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head.

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