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Huang Xiaolong indeed planned to head to the Reverence Moon Academy in a day or two.

As the situation grew increasingly tense and urgent, he needed to get the item left behind by the Radiance Ancestor as soon as possible.

Huang Xiaolong subsequently summoned the two fourteen-winged Radiance Angels and asked Elan if she knew any method to let them break through to the Sovereign Realm.

Elan pondered momentarily before saying solemnly, “There is a place that might give them an opportunity to break through to the Sovereign Realm!”

“Oh, what place is that!” Huang Xiaolongs eyes lit up immediately.

Originally, he was just trying his chance by asking Elan that question without harboring much hope.

Who wouldve thought such a place existed.

Elan went on, “Ive heard that the Reverence Moon Academy has a Radiance Flame Volcano that was obtained by Senior Reverence Moon.

Its an amazing treasure.

If a peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert enters to cultivate inside the Radiance Flame Volcano, it can significantly increase the chances of advancing to the Sovereign Realm!

Huang Xiaolong was surprised.

He knew that the Three Lives Flower had this effect, but the Radiance Flame Volcano did the same too!

But only one Three Lives Flower existed in the whole universe.

Thus only one person could be lucky enough to consume it.

However, from analyzing Elans words, was there no usage limit to the Radiance Flame Volcano

“As long as youre a peak late-Tenth Order Emperor, if you cultivate inside the Radiance Flame Volcano, you can increase the chances of breaking through to the Sovereign Realm” Huang Xiaolong asked in astonishment.

Elan nodded and said, “That is so, but there is another condition to this.

The person who wishes to cultivate inside this Volcano must possess a radiance or light element godhead.

For other elements godheads, there are limited benefits cultivating inside the Radiance Flame Volcano.

Moreover, even though the Radiance Flame Volcano can increase the chances of a person breaking through to Sovereign Realm, the percentage of this chance depends on each persons talent.”

“Based on their talents, if they cultivate inside the Radiance Flame Volcano, what do you think their chances are” Huang Xiaolong pointed at the two fourteen-winged Radiance Angels behind him as he asked.

“Twelve-winged Radiance Angel is twenty percent,” Elan went on seriously, “I am not certain about fourteen-wings.

Moreover, both of them have already reached the limit of peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm.

So, my guess is at least forty percent!”

Forty percent! Huang Xiaolongs heart skipped a beat with joy.

Although it was only forty percent, which was less than half, it was still shocking.

“The thing is that although the Radiance Flame Volcano is at the Reverence Moon Academy, its deep inside the academys forbidden land.

No one can go in there.” Elan shook her head, “Even the several Reverence Moon Academys Deputy Deans are not qualified to enter the grounds.

If Your Majesty wants to go there, you must obtain Senior Reverence Moons permission!”

The problem was that Reverence Moon Old Man had not appeared in public for countless years.

Thus it was impossible for Huang Xiaolong to enter the Reverence Moon Academys forbidden land.

Even if Huang Xiaolong met the Reverence Moon Old Man by chance, it didnt mean that Reverence Moon Old Man would allow Huang Xiaolong to enter the Radiance Flame Volcano.

“In the Reverence Moon Academys forbidden lands depths” Huang Xiaolong repeated as a frown emerged between his brows.

Watching the furrows between Huang Xiaolongs brows deepening, Elan quickly said, “ Senior Reverence Moon has laid restrictions in the depths of the forbidden land.

Even I wont be able to trespass into the grounds forcefully.”

Huang Xiaolong was depressed suddenly.

He indeed had thought of breaking into the forbidden land by force if there was really no other choice.

Huang Xiaolong already knew Elans cultivation realm.

She was at the peak early Second Order Sovereign Realm.

If Elan also couldnt enter the forbidden land by force, he could only extinguish this idea in his mind.

Two days went by in a blink.

Huang Xiaolong was ready to depart to the Reverence Moon Divine City.

Before leaving, Huang Xiaolong gave Elan a list of tasks and had her standby for war.

After his return, they would attack the Radiance Divine City.

Huang Xiaolong left in the Heavenly Hall.

When the two halves of the Heavenly Hall had integrated successfully, its flying speed had superseded the Netherking Flying Ship.

As only Elan knew about Huang Xiaolongs trip to the Reverence Moon Academy, his departure did not alert anyones attention.

With the Heavenly Hall speeding across the air, Huang Xiaolong arrived at the Reverence Moon Divine City roughly two months later.

The Reverence Moon Divine City was located in the center region of the Radiance World.

It was built in the air among the vast space of Radiance World as if it was a world surface on its own.

It was constructed using Moonlight Tide Rocks that were unique to the Radiance World.

These rocks sparkles seemed to last an eternity, and its light could be seen from billions of li away.

From afar, the Reverence Moon Divine City was an eye-catching sight, yet from a close distance, its glow was soft and gentle to the eyes as if one was bathed within comfortable moonlight.

The Reverence Moon Divine City was more shocking than Huang Xiaolong had imagined.

It was not a visual shock, but amazement that reached deep into the soul.

Before this Reverence Moon Divine City, even a peak late-Ten Order Emperor Realm expert would feel small and insignificant.

A powerful late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert could shatter a supersized mainland with one punch and reduce a megapolis into dust.

However, this Reverence Moon Divine City gave a feeling of immemorial indestructibility, and no power could shake it even for a fraction.

Huang Xiaolong rode the ten-winged pegasus into the Reverence Moon Divine City.

The Reverence Moon Divine City was a prosperous bustling city.

Various church forces disciples and experts could be seen at every corner of the streets.

Huang Xiaolong also saw many disciples of the top one hundred Emperor Palaces, as well as disciples from the Buddha World.

There were even disciples from Hells powerful forces.

“Ive heard that the Fire Worlds Son of Fire arrived at the city a few days ago, but he too lost to our Son of Light.

Moreover, he was subdued by our Son of Lights talent, and now worships the Son of Light as an elder brother!”

“The Son of Fire is not the only one, there is also the Dragon Lords young lord, and the Buddha Worlds Yelu.

On top of that, Hell Ghost Worlds Fengdu Citys Young Lord Qin Huangzhong, Asura Worlds Misty Palaces Young Miss He Jingyi have also arrived.”

Conversations of others on the streets flowed into Huang Xiaolongs ears.

Huang Xiaolong was inwardly surprised.

He was amazed that Qin Huangzhong and He Jingyi were visiting the city.

It seems like the Son of Lights battle stage had truly impelled various worlds geniuses over.

Because Huang Xiaolongs mount was a ten-winged pegasus, he attracted a lot of eyes on the street.

“Hes actually riding on a ten-winged pegasus.

Whos this kid!”

“I recognize him! A few years ago, he killed the Indestructible Pontiff with one punch through the chest at the Sea of Radiance.

He even sent Bishop Lu Zhaoming flying with one slap.

After that incident, Bishop Lu Zhaoming offered a twenty thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones bounty for his capture! If I remember correctly, didnt he go to the Myriad Spirits City some time back He actually fled the Myriad Spirits City in one piece!”

“Its that kid!”

Because what took place subsequently was barred by Elan, the news of Huang Xiaolong killing Lu Zhaoming and Abra did not spread out.

Still, the sight of Huang Xiaolong killing Indestructible Pontiff with one punch at the Sea of Radiance was too shocking, garnering him a mild notorious reputation.

“This kid actually dared to show up here in the Reverence Moon Divine City after killing Indestructible Pontiff! Ive heard that a group of Indestructible Churchs experts are in the city right now!”

Huang Xiaolong did not pay these conversations and gazes any attention, and he continued towards the Reverence Moon Academy on the ten-winged pegasus.

However, not long after Huang Xiaolong entered the city, a group of people was approaching with ferocious air from the other side.

Judging from the emblem on these peoples battle robes, most of these people belonged to the Indestructible Church, while others were the experts invited by them.

“Whats up” Huang Xiaolong asked calmly.

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