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A middle-aged man walked out from the opposite group with his icy stare fixed on Huang Xiaolong.

“Punk, dont act like the fool here.

You killed His Highness, Indestructible Pontiff.

Do you choose to commit suicide or die on your knees!”

Huang Xiaolong was indifferent as he responded, “You all better get lost now.”

“What the h*ll!” The faces of the Indestructible Churchs experts and the experts they had invited were all purple with rage.

“Punk, youre ready to die!”

“Get down here to die! Im going to chop you into pieces!” The Indestructible Churchs experts furious yells rang through the street.

The middle-aged man raised his hand, quieting the screaming Indestructible Churchs experts and the others.

His gaze was icier than before as he directed his words at Huang Xiaolong, “I have taken over the Indestructible Churchs pontiffs position.

My first task is to let your head roll off your neck and extract your soul as offerings to appease our Lord Indestructible Pontiff! I dont believe you can hide inside this Reverence Moon Divine City forever.

Lets go!”

The Indestructible Churchs experts all glared fiercely at Huang Xiaolong before leaving.

The Reverence Moon Divine City had rules that everyone needed to follow.

Not even the Indestructible Church dared to violate the citys rules and kill Huang Xiaolong on the streets.

But it would be different once Huang Xiaolong stepped out of the citys perimeter.

Huang Xiaolong merely glanced briefly at the leaving Indestructible Churchs group, letting them leave without any intention of stopping them.

After the group of Indestructible Churchs experts left, Huang Xiaolong continued onwards on the ten-winged pegasus to the citys southern side.

The Reverence Moon Academy was located on the southside of the city.

“This kid could still keep his calm.

Had it been me, I would be in a panic thinking about how to escape.

There are Indestructible Churchs disciples in the Reverence Moon Academy.

Moreover, the Indestructible Church is very close to Teacher Xi Bolai of the inner courtyard.

If the Indestructible Church uses this connection, this kid would be kicked out from the Reverence Moon Divine City in no time!”

“Once hes kicked out from the city, the Indestructible Churchs people would make him wish he was dead instead!”

Other surrounding experts shook their heads as they watched Huang Xiaolong continue onwards leisurely on the ten-winged pegasus.

The corners of Huang Xiaolongs mouth curved up slightly in a cold sneer.

The inner courtyards teacher, Xi Bolai

The Reverence Moon Academy was divided into the outer courtyard, inner courtyard, and also the imperial courtyard.

Naturally, the students of imperial courtyard were among the academys strongest, and could give him some small troubles.

Since the Reverence Moon Academy was located on the southside, and Huang Xiaolong had entered the Reverence Moon Divine City through the northern side city gates, it took him a day to reach the academy.

Hence, close to dusk, he entered an inn and rented an independent yard to himself.

Huang Xiaolong decided to rest there for the night and report to the Reverence Moon Academy the next day.

The identity Elan had prepared for him was of a new student recruited into the imperial courtyard.

Initially, Huang Xiaolong had wanted Elan to arrange an inner courtyard teachers identity for him.

However, to become an inner courtyard teacher required passing through several layers of assessments, and lastly, it required a deputy deans approval.

Even with the Radiance Knight Corp\'s influence, their hands could not reach so deep as to arrange the identity of an inner courtyard teacher.

However, shortly after Huang Xiaolong entered his independent courtyard, an uninvited guest came knocking at his door, “The Son of Fire wants to visit me” Huang Xiaolong looked at the inns staff who had come to report to him.

“Yes, mlord, do you want to…” The staff inquired, testing if Huang Xiaolong wanted to go out and welcome the Son of Fire personally.

But Huang Xiaolongs answer stupefied the staff, “Then you go bring him in.”

The staff suggested carefully, “Mlord, that person is His Highness the Son of Fire, Lin Tianrui.

Erm, you see, do you want to go out to welcome him”

It was the Son of Fire Lin Tianrui they were talking about! Even the City Mayor of their Reverence Moon Divine City would greet Lin Tianrui personally.

There is no need.

Since he wants to pay me a visit, you can lead him in. Huang Xiaolong responded nonchalantly.

Not to mention Lin Tianrui, even if the ruler of Fire World was here himself, it was not necessary for Huang Xiaolong to go out and greet personally.

The inn\'s staff blanked for a second and wavered for a while before retreating away.

The staff did not notice the flicker of doubt in Huang Xiaolong\'s eyes.

What was Lin Tianrui\'s goal behind paying him a visit He had no connection with any forces in the Fire World.

On the other hand, after coming out from Huang Xiaolong\'s courtyard, the staff braced himself as he approached Lin Tianrui and said, Your Highness Lin Tianrui, that lord ordered me to lead you in.

Lin Tianrui was obviously surprised, He really only ordered you to lead us in

Yes, Your Highness Lin Tianrui! The staff nodded honestly and dared not look at Lin Tianrui.

This angered the Fire World\'s experts behind Lin Tianrui.

That punk! Who does he think he is Our Son of Fire Lin Tianrui came personally.

How dare he not come out to welcome him! Truly ridiculous! At any other time, with his identity, he\'s not even qualified to carry His Highness\' shoes! One of the guards snorted angrily.

Your Highness, I will go grab that punk out and have him welcome Your Highness on his knees! Another guard clamored.

Lin Tianrui raised a hand, quieting everyone.

But a cold light glinted in his eyes as he said, There is no rush.

He is putting himself on a pedestal.

So let me see if his pedestal is strong enough. With that, he stepped into Huang Xiaolong\'s courtyard.

Seeing that, the inn\'s staff hurriedly sped up to lead the way while Lin Tianrui\'s guards followed.

When they entered the main hall, Lin Tianrui and the others saw Huang Xiaolong seating on the masters seat.

Despite their arrival, Huang Xiaolong continued sitting leisurely and acting haughty.

This was like pouring oil over the guards\' anger.

On the other hand, Lin Tianrui merely looked calmly at Huang Xiaolong.

So, you are Ao Li Lin Tianrui spoke first.

Ao Li was the identity Huang Xiaolong was going to use as the newly recruited student of Reverence Moon Academy\'s imperial courtyard.

It seemed like Lin Tianrui\'s information network in the Radiance World was not bad since he was able to find out Ao Li\'s identity in such a short time.

Just state your purpose for todays visit.

I have always been a person who dislikes beating around the bush.

Huang Xiaolong did not respond to Lin Tianrui\'s question and stated in a straightforward manner.

Between him and Dun Ei, one side was bound to die.

Since this Lin Tianrui worshipped Dun Ei\'s son, the Son of Light as his elder brother, Huang Xiaolong didn\'t see the need to show courtesy.

Insolent! One of Lin Tianrui\'s guardians, a Second Order Emperor Realm Ancestor, snapped at Huang Xiaolong for his disrespectful attitude towards Lin Tianrui.

Lin Tianrui raised his hand and stopped his guards.

Alright! In that case, I won\'t waste time with nonsense.

I\'ve heard that you have a ten-winged pegasus

Bull\'s eye! Huang Xiaolong snorted inwardly.

Before meeting Lin Tianrui, he had been guessing Lin Tianrui\'s purpose.

Lin Tianrui was really targeting the ten-winged pegasus.

You want to buy my ten-winged pegasus Huang Xiaolong looked at Lin Tianrui with a hint of playfulness.

Lin Tianrui let out a contemptuous sneer, Buy I think you have misunderstood something here.

You have offended the Indestructible Church, and I come here today is to give you a suggestion.

I know that my elder brother requires the horn of a ten-winged pegasus, or higher, to forge an item.

If you voluntarily offer the ten-winged pegasus to my elder brother, perhaps, he could take a little bit care of you.

With his care, the Indestructible Church naturally won\'t come looking for trouble with you.

You want me to give me ten-winged pegasus to the Son of Light for free, and then seek for his protection Huang Xiaolong couldn\'t contain the laughter bubbling up his chest and laughed loudly.

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