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What\'s so funny I understand a ten-winged pegasus is very valuable.

But no matter how valuable it is, it cannot be compared to one\'s life.

Youve offended the Indestructible Church.

Surely you understand that you alone have insufficient strength to fight with them, whereas my elder brother can save your life!”

Then again, if you want to become my elder brother\'s follower, merely a ten-winged pegasus is still a far cry from sealing the deal.

If you can take out enough treasures, I can recommend you to my elder brother to become his subordinate. Lin Tianrui went on, After all, there are countless Emperor Realm experts serving under my elder brother in the entire Radiance World, and not everyone has this kind of opportunity.

Huang Xiaolong was speechless as he \'listened\' to Lin Tianrui\'s rubbish.

Lin Tianrui actually wanted him to follow the Son of Light On top of that, he had to take out enough treasures to \'win\' this opportunity since merely a ten-winged pegasus was not enough…

Huang Xiaolong raised his hand to cut off Lin Tianrui from babbling further and said, Alright, I already know your purpose in coming here; you can leave now.

After seeing Huang Xiaolong brushed them off without even considering his suggestion, Lin Tianrui\'s face darkened, and his voice hardened, I advise you to consider my proposal.

A creature like the ten-winged pegasus is not someone with your identity can possess.

It doesn\'t mean that you are completely safe within the boundary of Reverence Moon Divine City!

Huang Xiaolong smiled coldly.

Are you threatening me

Lin Tianrui nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders and said, You can assume that I am.

Even if the Indestructible Church does not kill you, many people will take action against you because of the ten-winged pegasus.

Not to mention, if others learn that my elder brother wants a ten-winged pegasus to refine something, and whoever offers it to him would be accepted as his follower, I believe, many mid-level to high-level Emperor Realm experts, would not hesitate to kill you and offer the ten-winged pegasus to my elder brother! This time, Lin Tianrui\'s voice was flat.

According to him, he had merely stated the obvious facts.

Huang Xiaolong slowly got up from his seat and looked tauntingly at Lin Tianrui, To tell you the truth, I do have a lot of good things.

Some are even more valuable than the ten-winged pegasus, and for a fact, you can try snatching these things from my hand right now.

Lin Tianrui dazed for a second.

What, you don\'t believe me

Huang Xiaolong casually extended his hand to the void.

A spiritual vein resembling a heavenly dragon appeared from the void, exuding robust spiritual energy.

Lin Tianrui and his guards were flabbergasted by the rich spiritual energy, and their shocked gazes locked onto the spiritual vein.

This, this is a high-grade chaos spiritual vein! Lin Tianrui stammered foolishly.

The experts behind Lin Tianrui were already dumbstruck.

They were looking at a high-grade chaos spirit vein!!

How many years had it been since such a spiritual vein was discovered!

After destroying the Fiend God Emperor Palace, Huang Xiaolong had also collected the treasures within the Fiend God Emperor Palace\'s treasury, and within these treasures, there was only one high-grade chaos spiritual vein!

The Fiend God Emperor Palace had gripped most of the Divine World in terror for several hundred years.

With that, they had accumulated huge wealth through ransacking other forces, yet they only possessed one high-grade chaos spiritual vein.

One could not begin to estimate the value of this high-grade chaos spiritual vein.

High-grade chaos spiritual vein was not something that could be bought with spirit stones.

For one thing, no auction house in the myriad of worlds had ever auctioned anything of this magnitude.

Correct, a high-grade chaos spiritual vein! With a wave of Huang Xiaolong\'s hand, the high-grade chaos spiritual vein vanished in the void.

He looked at Lin Tianrui meaningfully and asked, How about it If you kill me now, not only that ten-winged pegasus is yours, but you can even get that high-grade chaos spiritual vein.

Lin Tianrui stared fixedly at Huang Xiaolong.

For a split second, killing intent nearly dominated Lin Tianruis reasoning.

He almost gave in to the overwhelming impulse of killing Huang Xiaolong on the spot to snatch the ten-winged pegasus and that high-grade chaos spiritual vein.

Even though doing so would violate the Reverence Moon Divine City\'s rules, the high-grade chaos spiritual vein was worth it.

With his identity, the Reverence Moon Divine City would give him a small penalty at most, but they won\'t want his life.

Still, Lin Tianrui suppressed his impulse to kill Huang Xiaolong.

It was because when he was about to attack, he strongly felt danger, the danger with the taste of death.

Moreover, Huang Xiaolong\'s was unsettlingly calm as he had even dared to display a high-grade chaos spiritual vein without any scrupulous, \'encouraging\' him to snatch it!

Your Highness, we… A Tenth Order Emperor Realm Ancestor behind Lin Tianrui took a step forward and inquired.

His underlying meaning of having Huang Xiaolong killed was obvious.

Lin Tianrui had brought twenty-plus people with him.

One amongst them was a Seventh Order Emperor, three mid-level Emperors, five high-level Emperors, and the rest were Heavenly Monarch Realm guards.

More importantly, on the surface, Huang Xiaolong was merely a Second Order Emperor Realm.

In these Ancestors eyes, it was only a matter of a split second if they wanted Huang Xiaolongs life.

Lin Tianrui raised his hand, stopping everyone from taking further actions.

“Lets go!” Lin Tianrui took another glance at Huang Xiaolong as he commanded his group.

Then, he simply turned and left.

Others had no choice but to follow after him.

After stepping out from Huang Xiaolongs courtyard, the Seventh Order Emperor Realm Ancestor was still unwilling to give up.

He approached and spoke in a lowered tone, “Your Highness.

We couldve dealt with him just now.

If we can get a complete high-grade chaos spiritual vein, we can cultivate numerous Emperor Realm experts.”

He was telling the truth.

With high-grade chaos spiritual vein, it would be easier for peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm to break through to Emperor Realm if they could cultivate with high-grade chaos spirit stones.

“I agree, Your Highness! Once the word about that punk possessing a high-grade chaos spiritual vein spreads, it would be much more troublesome for us to act.” A Sixth Order Emperor Realm Ancestor chimed in.

Lin Tianrui shook his head and stressed, “He dared to expose that he has a high-grade chaos spiritual vein to us.

It means that he is not afraid of us making a move.

Although I dont know where his confidence stems from, we cannot act recklessly.”

A while later, Lin Tianrui and his group entered a luxurious mansion.

A young man of an extraordinary bearing and a pretty face stood with his hands clasped at his back inside the hall.

Yes, a pretty face, like someone who had walked out from a painting.

This young man with extraordinary bearing was none other than the Son of Light, Dun Hao.

The person hailed as the most talented genius of the Radiance Worlds younger generation.

On top of that, due to the long streak of victories on the battle stage over various worlds experts, his reputation had risen to Huang Xiaolong and the Heavenly Prince Di Jings heights.

“Elder Brother!” Lin Tianrui walked into the hall and stopped a few steps from Dun Hao, “Ao Li refused.”

Dun Hao turned around, and his eyebrows rose slightly in surprise.

In truth, Lin Tianrui had sought to meet Huang Xiaolong under Dun Haos exhortation.

“That punk is extremely brazen,” Lin Tianrui went on, a cold light glimmered in his eyes as he recounted the details to Dun Hao.

Dun Hao reacted strongly, hearing that, “High-grade chaos spiritual vein”

“Yes, that kid is likely not so simple,” Lin Tianrui added.

Dun Hao smiled.

It was a little alluring and a little mesmerizing.

“Brother, with your identity as the Son of Fire and me as the Son of Light, why would we need to be afraid of a mere Second Order Emperor So what if hes not simple.

In the whole wide universe, there are many, not so simple characters.”

“Then, the elder brother intends to…” Lin Tianrui asked.

Dun Hao solemnly said, “We dont need to take action.

Just release the word that I need a ten-winged pegasus to refine something.”

“There would be people that help us do the work.”

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