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“What about that high-grade chaos spiritual vein” Lin Tianrui asked.

“Dont leak any word about that for now.” Dun Hao decided after some thought.

Lin Tianrui nodded his head.

“Rest assured, brother, with your Fire World joining us in eradicating the Radiance Knight Corp and unifying the Radiance World, what is one high-grade chaos spiritual vein We will think of a way to deliver two high-grade chaos spiritual veins to your hands.” Dun Hao said confidently.

“Moreover, we would also help you flatten some of the Fire Worlds thorns so you can unify the Fire World!”

The solemnity between Lin Tianruis brows disappeared as he smiled, “I thank elder brother here in advance.”

Dun Hao then changed the subject, “How are things progressing with the Dragon Worlds Ao Ping”

Lin Tianrui shook his head, “Ao Ping is a hundred times more arrogant than Ao Li.

I have visited him three times, and he has refused me all three times! His tone was so brazen.

If I wasnt the Son of Fire, I think I might have been thrown out of the residence by his people.”

But his words drew a long laugh from Dun Hao.

“It is almost granted that his identity comes with arrogance.

We are people that do big things.

Dont put these small characters to heart too much.

How about this You can make arrangements for him to come over here.

I want to see him.”

Lin Tianrui was shocked and hesitated, “Im afraid he wont come to see elder brother.”

Dun Hao let out another laugh as he said, “Dont worry about that.

Pass this item to him, and he will come to see me.” He took out a piece of tree bark and gave it to Lin Tianrui.

This tree barks surface resembled a dragons scales, with faint dragon qi curling playfully around it.

“...This, is this a piece of the Ancestral Dragon Trees tree bark!” Lin Tianrui was genuinely amazed.

Dun Hao confirmed, “Correct! This is a tree bark from the Ancestral Dragon Tree.

I have a complete tree branch in my hand.

Therefore, he will come to see me.”

Lin Tianrui was elated looking at the piece of tree bark and said, “If Ao Ping agrees to our alliance, with the Dragon World supporting us, vanquishing the Radiance Knight Corp is a certainty!”

Dun Hao shook his head, “Merely Ao Ping agreeing is not enough.

We need the Dragon World rulers agreement.

That is the most crucial thing.

However, with his son Ao Ping leading the persuasion, making that happen is much easier.”

He then put the Ancestral Dragon Trees tree bark into Lin Tianruis hand and sent him off, “Go now.”

Lin Tianrui nodded, “Alright, Ill go see Ao Ping now!” He turned and left the hall in hurried steps.

Watching Lin Tianrui hurrying away, Dun Hao muttered under his breath, “Wait until we annihilate the Radiance Knight Corp and unify the Radiance World.

Its time to deploy the army to the Fire World, and after we conquer the Fire World, the Radiance World will rise to the ranks of the six big worlds again!”

Unfortunately, Lin Tianrui, who was in a hurry to carry out Dun Haos order, did not hear Dun Haos soft mutterings.

As the nights darkness dissipated, dawn arrived.

Huang Xiaolong resumed his journey to the Reverence Moon Academy on the ten-winged pegasus.

Stepping onto the streets once again, Huang Xiaolong distinctively felt the restrained ill-intentions from various individuals.

It was akin to a group of wolves preying on a little lost lamb.

“The Son of Light Dun Hao requires a ten-winged pegasus to refine something! Whoever offers it to him can become his subordinate, which means unlimited cultivation resources in the future!”

Under Huang Xiaolongs divine sense coverage, some low whispers entered his ears from different corners.

Huang Xiaolong sneered.

As expected, that Son of Light really had the wordleaked out.

“I heard that Hell Ghost Worlds Fengdu Citys Young Master Qin Huangzhong would challenge the Son of Light Dun Hao on the battle stage today!”

“Qin Huangzhong is the number one genius of Ghost World.

There are rumors that Qin Huangzhong passed through the Ghost Worlds Ghost Path, going all the way to the end, and got a shocking inheritance, which increased his strength exponentially! Some say that he killed a late-Third Order Emperor Realm hell beast a while ago.

I wonder if he could last ten moves from the Son of Light!”

One of the conversations from a nearby restaurant caught Huang Xiaolongs interest.

Qin Huangzhong actually passed the Ghost Worlds Ghost Path!

The Ghost Worlds Ghost Path was equivalent to the Devil Worlds Devil Tower.

After the Heavenless Archdevil Lord, there had not been anyone who could reach the top of the ninth floor.

The Ghost Worlds Ghost Path was similar.

The Ghost Path was the most perilous place in the Ghost World.

Ever since the Ghost Path had come into existence, only one person had ever successfully passed through it, and that person was Huang Xiaolongs Master, the Lord of Hell.

Who would have thought that Qin Huangzhong had the ability to pass through the Ghost Path as well

It looks like Qin Huangzhong was more talented than he had estimated previously.

It was sure that Qin Huangzhong was better than Song Litao, whom Huang Xiaolong had swallowed.

Under thecoveting gazes of many, Huang Xiaolong continued onwards to the Reverence Moon Academy at a leisurely pace.

Though many were extremely tempted to take action, most of them were hesitant to violate the Reverence Moon Divine Citys laws.

Hence, none of them dared to attack Huang Xiaolong in broad daylight.

The entire Reverence Moon Academys gates were built with rare giant Radiance Meteorite Rock that had been uniformly carved.

This Radiance Meteorite Rock was three thousand meters high and several kilometers wide.

This Radiance Meteorite Rock was probably the oldest and biggest meteorite rock with the light element.

On the topmost part of the city gates, someone had inscribed the words, “Reverence Moon Academy with supreme power.

These words emitted a pearl-like iridescent glow that reached the sky.

At the same time, everything outside of this iridescent glow seemed to have lost its color.

The Reverence Moon Old Man had written these four characters.

It was said that these characters contained the esoterics of great daos.

Still, in the years since the academys establishment, no one had been able to comprehend the great daos within these four characters.

Even the number one person amongst the Radiance Worlds younger generation merely comprehended the daos contained in the first three characters.

Huang Xiaolong stood in front of the academys gates.

Unbeknownst to others, threads of white light danced in his pupils.

“What are you doing” Right when Huang Xiaolong was comprehending the great daos within the four characters, the students standing guard at the Reverence Moon Academy barked at Huang Xiaolong, “No one is allowed to stop for a long period in front of the main gates!”

Huang Xiaolong took a quick glance at the student and exuded pressure from his body.

The several students retreated a few steps in a fluster.

Just when the several students wanted to reprimand Huang Xiaolong again, Huang Xiaolong threw a token towards them.

This token was common-looking.

Its surface was carved with the shape of a moon, and under the moon was the wordimperial.

The students faces tightened when they saw this token.

“Looks like its the Senior Brother who was newly recruited into our Reverence Moon Academy.

We did not know this earlier.

I hope Senior Brother can overlook this matter!” One of the students braced himself and said as he returned the token to Huang Xiaolong in a cautious manner.

Students that were recruited by the Reverence Moon Academy were all highly talented.

These students fell into the group of people that the inner courtyard students couldnt afford to offend.

Huang Xiaolong collected his token and did not pursue the matter with these students.

He walked straight into the academy.

Soon after entering the Reverence Moon Academy, a student responsible for welcoming Huang Xiaolong arrived.

The student respectfully led Huang Xiaolong to the Crescent Moon Halls main hall.

The Crescent Moon Hall was where all new outer courtyard and inner courtyard students reported, and had their identities verified.

They also obtained their students tokens and respective courtyards robes here.

Upon entering the Crescent Moon Halls main hall, Huang Xiaolong scanned the surroundings.

Many new students were waiting in line to verify their identities and obtain their student tokens.

However, these all were students of the outer courtyard and inner courtyard.

The student led Huang Xiaolong deeper into the inner hall.

An imperial courtyard student like Huang Xiaolong did not need to line up.

The student led Huang Xiaolong into the inner hall.

He had him wait for a moment for the teacher who was going to go through the procedures with him.

The student left after that.

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