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Huang Xiaolong didnt wait for long before an old man entered with three other people.

It looked like this old man was the person in charge of verifying his identity.

One of the three people following behind the old man was clad in dragon patterned battle armor, with a conspicuous red dragon in front of the armor.

Among the remaining two people, one was a human, and the other was a singled-winged angel.

The human was someone from the Radiance Worlds old, ancient tribes.

In the Radiance World, other than the angel race, there were humans, beasts, and a myriad of ancient races.

The single-winged angel belonged to the angel race.

There were more than a dozen kinds of angels.

For example, the battle angel was one of them.

There were also seraphines, holy angels, night angels, and so on.

Naturally, there were also strong and weak distinctions between angels, and the single-winged angels strength could be graded as middle-lower with average talent in the whole angel race.

The old man smiled at Huang Xiaolong as soon as he entered and greeted, “You are Ao Li, right Finally, everyone is here.

The four of you are the newly recruited students of the academys imperial courtyard.”

“Let me quickly introduce you to others, Ao Li, of the Mad Angel Race.” The old man pointed at Huang Xiaolong and then introduced others to Huang Xiaolong in return.

Huang Xiaolong was surprised to see that the person wearing the dragon battle armor was actually the son of Dragon Worlds ruler, Ao Ping! The human, called Ba De, was the Stoneman Races young lord, and the single-winged angel Xia Li, she was the Single-winged Angel Races princess.

Huang Xiaolong smiled wryly inwardly.

It seems, amongst the four of them, hissurface identity as a member of the Mad Angel Race, Ao Li, seemed ordinary.

Lastly, the old man introduced himself to the four people.

He was one of the teachers of the imperial courtyard, a peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert, called Claude.

Claude subsequently went on to verify Huang Xiaolong and the others identities, as well as assess every persons godhead.

Huang Xiaolongs godhead was a light element king of supreme godhead.

Ao Pings godhead was also a king of supreme godhead rank, whereas the Stoneman Races Young Lord Ba De, and Single-Winged Angel Races Princess Xia Li, both had supreme rank godhead of high ranking; the former was in the top fifty, and the latter was in the top sixty.

The Reverence Moon Academy had very high demands on students they recruited into the imperial courtyard.

Apart from the absolute requirement of being an Emperor Realm expert, their godhead had to be of supreme rank godhead and above.

They also needed to have a bone-age below one hundred thousand years, or they were required to be students with unique godhead and talents.

For example, students with any of the top three emperor rank godheads could also enter the academy if they passed the imperial courtyards assessment.

After everyone got to know each other, Claude led Huang Xiaolong and the rest out of the Crescent Moon Halls inner hall and flew towards the imperial courtyard.

On the way, Claude briefly explained the Reverence Moon Academys regulations.

In short, students of the imperial courtyard had quite a level of authority and enjoyed many resources that students of the outer courtyard and inner courtyard did not.

Then again, these resources were negligible in Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

He had entered the academy for one reason only—the item the Radiance Ancestor had left there.

He was planning to leave the academy after acquiring that item.

Of course, during this time, he was also planning to try and find a way to enter the Radiance Flame Volcano.

If the two fourteen-winged Radiance Angels could breakthrough to Sovereign Realm, then both would help him greatly, whether it was for attacking the Radiance Divine City or fighting against the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe.

Half an hour later.

Claude led Huang Xiaolong and the rest into another space where the imperial courtyard was located.

A natural chaos grade space and the Radiance Flame Volcano was located in the very depths of this space.

This natural chaos space was extremely vast that it would take a peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert more than a month to fly a complete circumference.

Huang Xiaolong looked around.

In this natural chaos space, mountains stretched towards the horizon, majestic waterfalls and winding rivers ran across the land, and streams of rich chaos qi flowed ceaselessly upwards from the earth.

During this time, Huang Xiaolong even spotted a few rare spiritual beasts that were hard to find outside.

He even saw several qilins!

Although these qilins were incomparable to his Scarlet Flame Dark Qilin, it was shocking enough for Huang Xiaolong.

There were also two eight-winged pegasuses.

This was only the tip of the iceberg of Reverence Moon Academys foundation.

There had to be undeniable reasons the Reverence Moon Academy could exist for so long and still attracted the younger generations geniuses to cultivate there.

For instance, someone like Ao Ping.

With Ao Pings identity and status, what couldnt he get if he wanted a good cultivation place

However, Ao Ping had still enrolled in the Reverence Moon Academys imperial courtyard to cultivate.

In truth, Ao Ping was not the only example.

Many experts were once students of the Reverence Moon Academy, namely the Fengdu Citys Castellan Qin Fan, who was hailed as the strongest person in the Ghost World.

To name a few more examples, the Devil Worlds current Dragon Bear Races Patriarch Cang Yuanzong, Heavenly Punishment Archdevil, and even Chiyou Archdevil were once students of Reverence Moon Academy.

Claude brought the four students to the highest peak at the center of the imperial courtyard space.

After all four had received their identity tokens, robes, and some cultivation resources, Claude arranged each of their accommodations and cultivation peaks.

As a student of the imperial courtyard, each of them was allocated an individual mountain peak as their residence and cultivation place.

Huang Xiaolong and Ao Ping, as the two new students with the king of supreme godheads, were given peaks closer to the main mountain peak, where spiritual energy was richer and abundant.

Coincidentally or not, they became neighbors.

After Claude left, Ao Ping suddenly turned to Huang Xiaolong and said, “Although you are an imperial courtyard student with the king of supreme godhead, you still need to be careful of the Son of Light.”

Huang Xiaolong was slightly taken aback.

“The ten-winged pegasus.” Ao Ping pointed out.

So, this was the case.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, “I will.”

When Ao Ping turned to leave for his own cultivation peak, he heard Huang Xiaolongs voice, “A mere Dun Hao is not worthy for me to put to heart.”

Ao Pings footsteps stopped, and he turned back towards Huang Xiaolong, scrutinizing him from head to toe.

A moment later, he shook his head and laughed, “Its not that I look down on you, but you are far from being Dun Haos opponent.

Whether it is the Radiance Divine City backing Dun Hao or Dun Haos own strength, he far surpasses you in these two aspects.”

Huang Xiaolong grinned as he suggested, “What about a bet between the two of us”

“What are the stakes” Ao Ping asked curiously.

“Dun Hao has set up a battle stage challenge.

If I can defeat him within ten moves, you will be my follower!” said Huang Xiaolong.

Light exploded in Ao Pings eyes, like the rays were solid entities, as his gaze locked onto Huang Xiaolong.

It looked like he was trying to see through Huang Xiaolong.

In these years, how many geniuses of the myriad worlds had lost to Dun Hao.

Until now, no one had been able to last ten moves from Dun Hao, yet Huang Xiaolong actually claimed he would defeat Dun Hao!

On top of that, defeat Dun Hao within ten moves!

Realizing that Huang Xiaolong was not joking, Ao Ping responded slowly, “What if you lose”

Huang Xiaolong took out the high-grade chaos spiritual vein with a turn of his wrist.

Before Ao Pings astonished expression, he said, “If I lose or fail to defeat Dun Hao, this high-grade chaos spiritual vein and the ten-winged pegasus are yours.

On top of these, I will give you one hundred million low-grade chaos spirit stones!”

One hundred million!

Ao Ping watched Huang Xiaolong take out a spatial ring and saw mountains of low-grade chaos spirit stones inside it.

He couldnt speak for a long time from being awestruck.

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