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Huang Xiaolong actually used a commanding tone, ordering the four deputy deans to open the Jade Angel Walls seal.

Bin Ges short fuse was lit up, hearing Huang Xiaolongs crude commanding tone, but seeing the nine high-grade Radiance Divine Stones on the floor, he had no grounds to retort.

Even Dun Hao, who was beaming from ear to ear a second ago, looked like he had swallowed a fly looking at the nine high-grade Radiance Divine Stones on the floor.

Seeing this, Ao Ping smiled with hidden contempt.

“What Do four deputy deans have other excuses Maybe you have a stomachache and need to rest for a few days You will notify us after you are done resting”

“You—!” Listening to Ao Pings mocking words, Bin Ges face was bright red due to anger.

If an ordinary student had this attitude with him, that student would have been slapped into a meat paste right now.

However, not only was Ao Ping the Dragon Worlds rulers son, but his father and the four of them had a fairly good relationship as well.

Moreover, Ao Ping could be considered as their nephew.

“Alright, since the high-grade Radiance Divine Stones are here, we will head to unseal the Jade Angel Wall.” Bai Hui yielded.

“Brother Bai Hui, you, this…!” Bin Ge, Ban Ke, and Bai Luo all looked at Bai Hui.

“Lets go.” Bai Hui stood up and flew out of the hall.

Seeing this, Bin Ge and the others could only follow after Bai Hui.

When Dun Hao walked past Huang Xiaolong, he said in a low voice, “Dont be complacent.

Even if the Jade Angel Walls seal is opened for you, you are incapable of resurrecting the fourteen-winged angels soul.

The soul of a Sovereign Realm fourteen-winged angel is out of your level, much less resurrecting it!”

Watching Dun Hao leap into the sky and fly away, Ao Ping grumbled angrily, “Who does he think he is!”

He then turned to Huang Xiaolong and said, “Brother, when you go up on the battle stage, defeat him in three moves.

Crush him under your foot, and make him swallow that battle stage!”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled, “If I really defeat him in three moves, then you will lose our bet.”

Ao Ping grinned widely, “If I lose, then I lose.

Are you really going to make me your subordinate”

Huang Xiaolong replied playfully, “Imagining the Son of Dragon World as my subordinate is quite cool!”

Ao Pings grinning face collapsed into a bitter expression, “Brother, you wont take it for real, right”

Huang Xiaolong flashed him a smile in response and collected the nine high-grade Radiance Divine Stones from the floor.

Then, he followed after Bai Gens group, flying in the direction of the Boundary Ancestral Mountain.

As the Boundary Ancestral Mountain was also located in the deeper area within the imperial courtyard space, it was not that far away from the Reverence Moon Peak.

Roughly a day later, they arrived at the Boundary Ancestral Mountain.

Bai Hui, Bin Ge, Ban Ke, and Bai Luo walked towards a small spring at the foot of the mountain and stopped there.

Their hands moved simultaneously, and a second later, the small spring glowed brightly.

A chain of glimmering ancient runes floated from the ground, forming the ancient Great Nine Gods Formation.

“Place the nine high-grade Radiance Divine Stones into the formations core!” Bin Ge ordered Huang Xiaolong harshly.

His voice was full of dislike towards Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong coldly glanced at Bin Ge and took out the nine high-grade Radiance Divine Stones.

He stepped forward and placed them into the formations core.

Inwardly, Huang Xiaolong decided that he would kill that Son of Light Dun Hao on the battle stage, and after taking care of the Radiance Divine City and Dun Ei, he would deal with Bin Ge and the other three deputy deans.

After Huang Xiaolong placed the nine high-grade Radiance Divine Stones into the formations core, Bin Ge, Ban Hui, Bai Luo, and Ban Kes hands moved again, activating the formation.

However, it was obvious that they were extremely unwilling to do this.

Moments later, the formation emitted rays of bright lights as nine radiance gods rose from the formation.

This went on for roughly twenty minutes until the nine gods merged into one entity.

At this time, a giant jade wall slowly rose from the spring.

This jade wall was several hundred zhang tall and over ten zhang wide.

It was entirely opaque white in color and exuded a soft charming luster of jade.

Just the jade wall itself was a rare, priceless treasure.

On the front side of the jade wall was the carving of an angel with his fourteen wings spread majestically.

Despite being sealed and in slumber, the fourteen-winged angels soul still exuded an oppressive aura of a Sovereign Realm expert.

Even Bai Hui and the others faces turned slightly red from the pressure.

Before this fourteen-winged angel was sealed into the jade wall, his strength was shocking, and it was higher than the average same realm experts.

Otherwise, the angel wouldnt have had the confidence to contradict the Radiance Ancestor in every possible way.

“Alright, we have opened the seal.” Bin Ge said icily to Huang Xiaolong, “Let me see how are you going to resurrect the fourteen-winged angels soul!”

“Oh, right! A kind reminder to you that the nine high-grade Radiance Divine Stones you have supplied can only support the Great Nine Gods Formation for about two months.

If you fail to resurrect the fourteen-winged angels soul during this time, we wont open the seal again for you a second time!”

Ao Pings face stiffened as he was caught off guard by Bin Ges words, “Huh You!!”

Bin Ge went on, “We agreed to open the seal, but we never promise you how many times were going to do it.

We will only do it this time.

Thats already giving you enough consideration!”

Huang Xiaolong ignored Bin Ge and approached the Jade Angel Wall.

He stood for a while, looking at the fourteen-winged angel on the jade wall.

Although the fourteen-winged angel seemed alive on the wall, exuding the aura and coercive pressure of a Sovereign Realm expert, the angel appeared bleak and despondent.

Huang Xiaolong tried placing his palm against the jade wall, and radiance godforce flowed from his Innumerable Buddha Supreme Godhead into the Jade Angel Wall.

However, the jade wall was a bottomless abyss, and no matter how much godforce Huang Xiaolong channeled into, there was no reaction whatsoever.

Under everyones intense attention, the day passed.

Dun Hao snickered and taunted Ao Ping, “A day has passed, and there hasnt been a tiniest reaction.

I already told you early on that just relying on him, a mere low-level Emperor, how can he possibly resurrect a Sovereign Realm fourteen-winged angels soul I had merely used one hour to make the Jade Angel Wall glow.”

Ao Ping couldnt even be bothered to look at Dun Hao and kept his eyes on the Jade Angel Wall for any reaction.

Seeing this, anger and killing intent flickered across Dun Haos eyes.

Previously, he had planned to lure Ao Ping to his side with the Ancestral Dragon Trees tree bark.

But who knew that Ao Ping not only would reject him but choose to stand with Ao Li, contradicting him repeatedly.

Wait till my Radiance Divine City destroys the Radiance Knight Corp, unify the Radiance World, and conquered the Fire World.

The next one would be your Dragon World! Dun Hao thought venomously in his mind.

Day after day passed, and soon one month was already gone.

Huang Xiaolong stood above the spring, continuing to press his hand against the jade wall and channeling his radiance godforce into the wall.

However, there was still no reaction.

Dun Hao, Bai Hui, Bin Ge, Ban Ke, and Bui Luo were initially worried, but by this point, all of them were relieved.

Another half a month went by.

However, the Jade Angel Wall remained unresponsive.

“Lets go!” Bin Ge finally decided.

He was not so idle as to waste time there, and he didnt need to watch Huang Xiaolong any further.

The result was obvious enough, in his opinion.

With that said, he whistled away in the wind.

Bai Hui, Ban Ke, Bai Luo, and Dun Hao also left without any hesitation.

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