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In the end, only Ao Ping stayed behind to accompany Huang Xiaolong, in a sense.

However, watching the unresponsive jade wall as time continued to pass, Ao Ping, too, was shaking his head inwardly.

Honestly, he had held expectations based on the fact that Huang Xiaolong had succeeded in comprehending the four charactersReverence Moon Academy in three months.

A maverick genius like this surely had a very high chance of resurrecting the fourteen-winged angels soul, but it seemed, somethings remained hopeless.

It has already been six weeks, but there has not been the slightest reaction from the Jade Angel Wall!

What does that say

Huang Xiaolongs radiance godforce is completely useless to the Jade Angel Wall.

Even if Huang Xiaolong continues to stand here, the result would be the same.

Watching Huang Xiaolong persist, Ao Ping had a strong urge to advise Huang Xiaolong to give up.

The nine high-grade Radiance Divine Stones had dimmed considerably by this time, indicating that there was not much energy left in them.

At this rate, these Radiance Divine Stones could last another twenty days or so.

Then the Great Nine Gods Formation would stop running.

“Brother, I think we should head back.” Ao Ping hesitated and added a word of comfort, “Well think of a way later.”

Huang Xiaolong did not respond.

Another two days passed.

However, the Jade Angel Wall was as silent as ever.

Ao Ping shook his head.

The nine high-grade Radiance Divine Stones were several points dimmer.

Time slipped away.

One day, two days, ten days...

The nine high-grade Radiance Divine Stones were completely bleak, and the nine gods of the Great Nine Gods Formation flickered unsteadily in the air as if they were about to dissipate in the next moment.

The slim thread of hope in Ao Pings heart was completely broken.

But seeing Huang Xiaolong was still persisting, Ao Ping could not bear to persuade Huang Xiaolong further.

He walked to the open, grassy land a few meters away and laid sprawled on the ground, watching the clouds in the blue sky float by.

While Ao Ping was idly watching the clouds, suddenly, a burst of light came from the Jade Angel Wall where Huang Xiaolongs palm was pressing.

Then, with Huang Xiaolongs palm as the center, the glaring light spread outwards rapidly as if it had been accumulating and waiting for a long time.

The Jade Angel Walls glaring light startled Ao Ping.

He jumped to his feet in a fluster and saw the Jade Angel Wall shaking violently, emitting bursts of light.

Soon, the entire Jade Angel Wall was shining like a beacon, enshrouded in rings of light.

The bleak and despondent fourteen-winged angel now looked as if he was going to soar to the sky as bright crepuscular rays shone from his outline.

First, his hands spread out, then his legs moved, and lastly, the angel raised his head.

The fourteen-winged angels eyes resemble two radiant suns, lighting up the entire Boundary Ancestral Mountain.

Ao Ping was awestruck, “This, this is…!” His body shuddered as a thought came to his mind, could it be!

The wings regained a new lift, shining brightly, and radiant runes began to emerge and danced across the feathers.

When all fourteen wings regained vitality, the fourteen-winged angels soul walked out from the jade wall.

The light from his body was even more prominent, reaching the ninth heavens.

It was at this time that every person within the imperial courtyard space felt the pressure coming from the Sovereign Realm fourteen-winged angel.


Space shook from the overwhelming pressure exuded by the fourteen-winged angels soul.

Inside the Reverence Moon Divine Hall, Bai Hui, Bin Ge, Bai Luo, Ban Ke, and Dun Hao were discussing about the hidden dangers of the Rotting World when the whole Reverence Moon Divine Hall shook violently as if something had hit it.

The five of them were stunned for a second, but soon, their faces widened with disbelief.

“...This is!” Bin Ge had already flown out from the hall even as he was speaking.

Others followed suit, rushing out from the hall anxiously.

Outside, they saw the awe-inspiring radiant rays penetrating the clouds.

It was probably outside the scope of the imperial courtyard space.

Even from where they were, they felt the terrifying force of the fourteen-winged angels soul.

“Its coming from the Boundary Ancestral Mountains direction!” Dun Hao was almost shouting, “Its the Boundary Ancestral Mountain!” His expression changed for the worse when a thought flashed in his mind.

Ban Hui, Bin Ge, Bai Luo, and Ban Kes faces tightened.

Damn, trouble! Big trouble!

“Hurry to the Boundary Ancestral Mountain!” Bin Ge was shouting at the top of his lungs.

“We cant let that kid get the Radiance Ancestors treasures!”

Before Bin Ge finished his words, the several figures in the air disappeared in a flicker, appearing almost instantaneously tens of thousands li away.

Dun Hao was desperately trying to keep up with the four deputy deans speed.

His face clouded as if there were ten layers of storm clouds.

Who would have thought that in these last few days Ao Li would succeed in resurrecting the fourteen-winged angels soul

This, damn, damn, damn! The more Dun Hao thought about it, the flames of fury in his eyes burned brighter.

Thats the Radiance Ancestors treasures, ah! Treasures, even Sovereign Realm experts in the whole universe covet!

His Radiance Divine Tome was taught by his father Dun Ei, but there were only twelve levels instead of the complete technique.

It was said that among the Radiance Ancestors treasures was the complete Radiance Divine Tome, a total of sixteen levels.

Just a complete Radiance Divine Tome technique was a priceless treasure, a treasure that all cultivators with radiance light element godhead in the Radiance World dream of.

‘No, the treasures must not fall into Ao Lis hand! The killing intent in Dun Haos eyes thickened.

He needed to get the complete sixteen levels of Radiance Divine Tome.

While Bai Hui, Bin Ge, Bai Luo, Ban Ke, and Dun Hao rushed desperately to the Boundary Ancestral Mountain, the brilliant rays of light from the fourteen-winged angels soul and the jade wall gradually merged together.

Then it shone onto a certain location of the Boundary Ancestral Mountain.

The whole Boundary Ancestral Mountain shook.

A chain of formation arrays glimmered beautifully all over the Boundary Ancestral Mountain.

These were restrictive formations arranged by the Radiance Ancestor before he had left.

Only by resurrecting the fourteen-winged angels soul could these formations be dissolved.

In a short few minutes, with the Boundary Ancestral Mountains restrictions dissolved, a powerful force came from the mountain, pulling Huang Xiaolong into the mountains belly.

The fourteen-winged angels soul also flew into the Boundary Ancestral Mountain, and the Jade Angel Wall disappeared.

Everything returned to normal.

Ao Ping initially wanted to follow in, but he was repelled by some of the formations function.

On the other hand, after Huang Xiaolong was pulled into the Boundary Ancestral Mountain, he fell inside a palace on the mountain peak.

Huang Xiaolong got up on his feet, and brushed off dust from his robe as he surveyed the surroundings.

A second later, the fourteen-winged angels soul arrived by his side.

Seeing the fourteen-winged angels soul beside him, an idea came to Huang Xiaolong, and he summoned the Heavenly Hall from his body.

He let the angels soul into the Heavenly Hall.

If he had the opportunity in the future, he would refine the angels soul to become the Heavenly Halls spirit.

With this fourteen-winged angels soul as the Heavenly Halls spirit, its power would increase significantly.

It might even evolve into a grandmist treasure artifact.

Huang Xiaolong approached the palace and pushed the doors open.

A bright light shone through the door.

Several breaths later, the bright light dimmed and disappeared, and Huang Xiaolong stepped inside.

This palace was a boundless independent space.

There were planets hovering in their own orbits, and inside these planets were mountains of radiance divine armor, and numerous weapons.

Looking towards the horizon, Huang Xiaolong could not even see the edge of this palaces space.

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