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Huang Xiaolong sucked in a breath of cold air as he made an effort to calm his roiling excitement as he looked at the planet, seemingly filled to the brim with radiance divine armors and weapons.

He then leaped into the air.

Viewing from midair, Huang Xiaolong discovered that these planets had been altered with an unfathomable method as each planet emitted pure radiance energy.

Not only these radiance divine armors and weapons would not rust or decay due to time, but were nourished by the radiance energy from these planets.

This had made these divine armors and weapons increasingly powerful.

Huang Xiaolongs divine sense extended outwards, sweeping over several planets.

He noticed that each planet held exactly one hundred sets of radiance divine armor and weapons.

The lowest grade artifacts among these radiance divine armors and weapons were still high-grade chaos spiritual artifacts, while the majority of them were top-grade chaos spiritual artifacts.

There were also many low-grade grandmist spiritual artifacts.

Although most of these divine armors and weapons were top-grade chaos spiritual artifacts, the number was astounding.

If every soldier of the Radiance Knight Corp were equipped with top-grade chaos divine armors and weapons, their lethality would be absolutely horrifying when launching an attack.

Amongst Dun Eis Radiance Divine Citys army, only some of the core divisions were equipped with mid-grade chaos spiritual artifacts.

The difference between mid-grade and top-grade chaos spiritual artifacts could be the decisive factor between a crushing defeat and victory.

Huang Xiaolong threw politeness out of the window and waved his hands as he collected the many divine armors and weapons into his Divine Radiance Ring.

Huang Xiaolong then flew further inside.

Every time he passes by a planet, he collected every item placed on that planet with a wave of his hand.

Huang Xiaolong was fortunate that his cultivation had reached the mid of Second Order Emperor Realm.

If he would have still been a Heavenly Monarch, it would have taken him a lot more effort to take away the divine armors and weapons on these planets.

The weight of one hundred sets of high-grade and top-grade chaos spiritual artifacts piled together was mind-blowing.

One minute, two minutes, an hour, two hours…

Huang Xiaolong had passed by a lot of planets by now, and he had lost count of how many sets of divine armors and weapons he had already collected so far.

But, the vast space inside the Divine Radiance Ring was beginning to fill up.

Finally, half a day later, what hovered in space before him was no longer planets but giant crystal bottles.

Each crystal bottles surface was inscribed with formation runes.

Huang Xiaolong randomly grabbed one of the crystal bottles and opened it.

Immediately, the medicinal fragrance of pills rushed out from the crystal bottle.

Huang Xiaolong was startled.

When he checked inside the bottle with his divine sense, he saw many round, white pellets similar to jade.

Inside each pill was the soul of an angel.

All these were ten-winged angels souls, seemingly alive that Huang Xiaolong had the illusion they would break out from the pills and escape any moment.

“Could these be Angel Soul Jade Divine Pills!” Huang Xiaolong exclaimed in ecstasy.

Angel Soul Jade Divine Pill was the most difficult divine pill to refine in the Radiance World and also one of the divine pills that was most difficult to refine in the myriads of worlds.

Coming out from the alchemy furnace, the Angel Soul Jade Divine Pill was still considered as a semi-finished product.

It needed to be kept inside these specially forged bottles.

Then, the surface of these bottles would be inscribed with radiance formation.

This formation absorbed radiance energy day in day out to nourish the Angel Soul Jade Divine Pills inside the bottles.

Thisnourishment process took at least one billion years for an angels soul to be born inside the Angel Soul Jade Divine Pill.

Only then would the Angel Soul Jade Divine Pill be considered as successful and also effective.

No doubt, in the beginning, the angels soul inside the Angel Soul Jade Divine Pill merely had one pair of wings.

With the accumulation of time and radiance energy, the angels soul would evolve from two wings to four wings!

From four wings it would evolve to eight wings, and the number of wings would increase further!

The Angel Soul Jade Divine Pills inside the crystal bottle had already evolved until ten-winged angels.

Just from this, one could imagine the medicinal effects of these divine pills, and Huang Xiaolongs eyes shone with joy and anticipation.

This bottle of Angel Soul Jade Divine Pills alone was a priceless treasure, something even Sovereign Realm experts dreamed of.

Huang Xiaolongs attention turned to other crystal bottles in his sight.

With so many Angel Soul Jade Divine Pills, it wont take him long to advance to mid-level Emperor Realm!

Huang Xiaolong repeated his actions of collecting the crystal bottles into the Divine Radiance Ring.

He stopped when he had collected about a hundred thousand crystal bottles.

He was in a good mood after finishing collecting all the crystal bottles containing Angel Soul Jade Divine Pills.

He continued to fly forward, and soon a small piece of land, about twenty thousand li, came into sight.

This small land was translucent, exuding a milky white glow, and laced within the milky white glow were fine rings of golden light that resembled the resplendent halo behind the big Buddha.

Right at this time, the bodhi seed in Huang Xiaolongs body quivered for a second, indicating its excitement.

Huang Xiaolong was shocked, could this land be!

Buddhist Soil! A Buddhist treasure like the bodhi seed could only be planted in the legendary Buddhist Soil from the Buddha World.

However, it was said that only the Buddhist Ancestor has Buddhist Soil in his hands.

Then how come there was a land made of this soil here!

Huang Xiaolong quickly took out the bodhi seed.

As expected, the bodhi seed leaped towards the Buddhist Soil as soon as it appeared.

The luminance halo around it swayed left and right in joy.

“Pity that I dont have the Saint Buddha Water!” Huang Xiaolong lamented inwardly.

Clearly, the land in front of him was entirely a Buddhist Soil land, but it was lacking Saint Buddha Water.

In order to plant the bodhi seed, he required both items!

All of a sudden, Huang Xiaolong remembered hearing about Pu Ti being in the Reverence Moon Divine City.

Could Pu Ti have the Saint Buddha Water

Thinking of this possibility, Huang Xiaolong decided to negotiate with Pu Ti after exiting this place.

Pu Ti was the Buddhist Ancestors personal disciple.

On top of that, Pu Ti was the sole personal disciple, so it was very likely that he had some Saint Buddha Water.

As his strength and cultivation realm had improved, Huang Xiaolong had felt increasing urgency to successfully plant the bodhi seed.

In the meantime, Huang Xiaolong had already put away the bodhi seed and Buddhist Soil and he continued flying forward.

As he ventured further in, he came upon a mountain.

Upon closer inspection, the radiance mountain was actually an illusion formed by the Radiance Divine Tome—the sixteen levels Radiance Divine Tome.

In truth, the Radiance Divine Tome was originally a top-grade grandmist spiritual artifact.

Huang Xiaolong collected the Radiance Divine Tome and flew onwards.

Then, Huang Xiaolong stopped abruptly as a shudder ran through his body.

Up ahead in the distance were two floating chaos lightning pools.

Rich chaos lightning qi spread in four directions.

“This, chaos lightning pools!” Huang Xiaolong dared not believe what he was seeing.

Two of them!

Currently, he had the Black Tortoise Lightning Pool, Mysterious Light Lightning Pool, Golden Dragon Lightning Pool, and the Blue Wood Lightning Pool.

Adding the two chaos lightning pools in front of him to the ones he already possessed, that equaled to six chaos lightning pools.

He needed only three more to complete all nine chaos lightning pools!

Huang Xiaolong inhaled deeply and breathed out.

This was really a surprise for him.

He had not expected to find two of these lightning pools here!

While Huang Xiaolong was rejoicing as he looked at the two chaos lightning pools, Ban Hui, Bin Ge, and the rest, who had rushed over to the Boundary Ancestral Mountain desperately, finally reached their destination.

Bai Hui was the first to reach, followed by Bin Ge.

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