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Chapter 2032: Barging Into the Territory of the Six Winged Green Mosquito Race

After summoning their strength, a horrifying pressure descended on the mountain range below them.

As soon as they descended, Huang Xiaolong and the others sucked in a breath of cold air.

The members of the two empires couldnt help but gasp in shock.

They saw a myriad of venomous creatures crawling along the mountain range.

Each and every one of them had hideous appearances, and some had heads ten times larger than their body.

Some of them were smaller than a fist, but the only thing similar about them was the colorful skin or shell covering their flesh.

Goosebumps appeared on the bodies of everyone who laid eyes on them.

Even though they had no idea how many creatures there were, everyone was sure of one thing.

They numbered in the hundred millions or more.

Huang Xiaolong and the members of the two empires werent able to identify most of them.

The only ones they could recognize were some weird creatures that existed since the desolate era.

Even though the creatures on the ground possessed poison that couldnt match up to the Six Winged Green Mosquito, they were still terrifying in their own right.

When Huang Xiaolong and the others appeared, they were greeted with a poison mist that was formed by the colors of the rainbow.

There were even some creatures who spat out a poison mist white in color.

Looking at the white mist, some of the Emperors felt their hair standing on end.


Huang Xiaolong didnt hesitate and passed down his order.

Since they were barging into the territory of the Six Winged Green Mosquito, there was no need to show any mercy.

As soon as the order left Huang Xiaolongs lips, everyone unleashed their attack on the creatures lining the mountain range.

As Wu Shaowus claw slammed downwards, the poisonous mist dissipated, and a mountain peak turned into flat ground.

Countless creatures turned into a mist of blood and poison qi.

The beasts, who were strong enough to withstand an attack from Wu Shaowu, barely managed to escape, but with grievous injuries.

The other Emperors didnt remain idle as their attacks landed on the various mountain peaks in the distance.

They attacked according to Huang Xiaolongs instructions.

Following the groups that they were split into previously, their attacks landed on the same mountain peak.

Terrifying waves of energy blasted several mountain peaks to nothingness.

Huang Xiaolong didnt hesitate as he summoned the Heavenly Hall, Radiance Divine Scepter, and Radiance Divine Seal the moment the battle started.

With the three radiance supreme treasures, he started an assault on his own.

He wanted to kill all the venomous creatures in the surroundings before the Six Winged Green Mosquito Race had time to react.


As the three radiance treasures called upon the phantom of the Radiance Ancestor, a huge palm formed in the sky and slammed downwards.

Countless creatures were vaporized and turned into ash.

Under the purifying power of the radiance energy, sizzling sounds filled the air.


“Who dares to mount a sneak attack on my Six Winged Green Mosquito Race!”

Several figures burst out from a nearby mountain range as their killing intent filled the air.

“Kill!” A sharp glint flashed past Huang Xiaolongs eyes, and the Radiance Ancestors phantom slapped downwards once again.

Now that he had broken into the Sixth Order Emperor Realm, the strength he possessed was more than a hundred times that of what he had displayed in the Radiance World.

The might of the Radiance Ancestors phantom was more than ten times what it was when he had bullied Lu Kun.

With a single palm, Huang Xiaolong crushed high-level Emperor Realm creatures.

There were only a handful of them who had strength comparable to peak late-Tenth Order Emperors who managed to escape by the skin of their teeth.

The Heaven Devouring Great Emperor and the four odd beasts continued their second wave of attacks.

After two rounds of attack by Huang Xiaolongs group, more than half of the venomous creatures died.

The emperors alliance from the two empires, a hundred Undead Netherguards, the four odd beasts, the twelve winged angels, and the ice dragons was a formidable one.

There were more than four hundred Emperors, and most of them were high-leveled ones.

Even if there were more than a hundred million venomous creatures, they wouldnt be able to withstand an attack from such a mighty force! Not to mention the Second Order Sovereign, Wu Shaowu, was also part of the assault team.

The King of Darkness and the little cow hadnt even made their move!

Just as Huang Xiaolongs group was about to launch their third wave of attack, the experts from the Six Winged Green Mosquito Race arrived.

“Seeking death!” The members of the Six Winged Green Mosquito Race screamed when they saw what was going on.

They swarmed towards Huang Xiaolong and the other Emperors.

As soon as the Six Winged Green Mosquitos started to attack, a thin needle-like tube shot out from their bodies.

The needles were extremely thin, and their speed was extremely fast.

The needles appeared before Huang Xiaolong and the rest in an instant.

“Be careful!” The little cow and King of Darkness yelled at the exact same time.

The Emperors from the two emperor countries gathered the strength to deflect the needles, but it was completely useless as the needles pierced through the energy wave they sent before continuing their trajectory.

The look in Huang Xiaolongs eyes solidified.

It was true.

The poison from the Six Winged Green Mosquitos could pierce through any sort of defense.

It seemed as though it was as terrifying as they had described.

If the poison needles struck anyone weaker than a Sovereign, there was no saving them.

Under the shocked gazes of the Emperors from the two emperor countries, tyrannical energy filled the space before them.

A cold snort left Wu Shaowus lips and echoed through the air.

As a Sovereigns will swept through the space above the mountains, the origin energy around him started to condense to freeze the space before him.

When the needles slammed into the solid wall, they lost all energy and fell to the ground.

Even if Wu Shaowu wasnt a match for the little cow or the King of Darkness, he wasnt a weakling.

There was no way some petty attacks from the Six Winged Green Mosquitos would be able to stop him.

Without the threat of the poison needles, Huang Xiaolongs third wave of attacks landed on the mountain range below.

As the Six Winged Green Mosquitos, who had rushed over, gnashed their teeth and swore under their breaths, they couldnt do a thing to Wu Shaowus Sovereigns will.

With the wall of space before them, they couldnt do anything to the group of people attacking their nest.

After vaporizing the third wave of venomous creatures lining the mountain range, Huang Xiaolong turned to look at the members of the Six Winged Green Mosquito Race.

They looked a little like humans, but they had six wings hanging on their backs.

Faint green lines could be seen on their skin and their eyes were completely red in color.

When he looked at their limbs, they had sharp claws in place of fingers.

“Who the hell are you!” One of the experts from the Six Winged Green Mosquito Race stepped forward and glared at Huang Xiaolong and Wu Shaowu.

“Do you know what you just did! Those creatures are pets reared by my Six Winged Green Mosquito Race!”

In the past, everyone would scatter and run at the mention of the Six Winged Green Mosquito Race.

Right now, Huang Xiaolong and his team continued their assault even after learning that they were attacking the nest of the Six Winged Green Mosquito Race!

The little cow snickered when she heard what the Six Winged Green Mosquito said, “Kid, which generation do you belong to Wheres Du Hai”

The expert from the Six Winged Green Mosquito Race jumped with fright as his expression changed.

“You… Who the hell are you!”

Du Hai was the old ancestor of their Six Winged Green Mosquito Race!

“As it turns out, Old Ancestor Azure Cow is here to pay us a visit…” A cold voice rang through the air as a group of experts from the Six Winged Green Mosquito Race soared through the air.

The person, who had spoken, was precisely the one leading the new group of experts over.

The wings on his back were different from the others as his were larger and shone dark green in color.

When the little cow saw the newcomer, she chuckled, “Long time no see.

It seems like you have fully recovered from your previous injuries.”

The person, who had appeared, was the eldest son of Du Hai, and he was the current leader of the Six Winged Green Mosquito Race.

His name was Du Chen.

When the various experts from the Six Winged Green Mosquito Race heard the little cow bringing up their leaders past injury, their expressions sank.

She was the one who had caused his injury when she had attacked their nest in the past, and she had killed a ton of experts from their race in passing.

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