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Chapter 2042: News Leaks

Since they had needed only a year to break half the restrictions, the speed was way faster than the two Sovereigns had expected.

If that went on, they would be able to clear all the restrictions in a year and three months!

Of course, the reason they could attack the restrictions with such efficiency had a lot to do with the Angel Soul Jade Divine Pills Huang Xiaolong supplied them with.

Without the pills, the two of them wouldnt be able to restore their energy to continue breaking the restrictions.

When they saw that they were extremely quick when it came to shattering the restrictions, they received a morale boost, and their speed increased.

As they destroyed the restrictions, the Moon Jade Heavenly Spiral Shell started emitting brilliant rays of light, and it reacted strongly to the presence of the Ancient Heavenly Court.

The location of the Ancient Heavenly Court could be felt more and more clearly.

Another year passed.


Under the combined effort of the little cow and the King of Darkness, the sea started to shake and rumble as countless waves crashed about.

The sea started to glow with a blinding light.

After a few minutes, the sea finally regained its calm, and it returned to the state when Huang Xiaolong had first seen it.

The surface of the sea was as calm as it could be.

The group of three rejoiced.

They had finally broken through the last restriction!

As the little cow tilted her head to the heavens and roared with laughter, a smile appeared on the King of Darknesss face.

After two whole years of breaking restrictions and eating Angel Soul Jade Divine Pills, the King of Darkness could feel his strength returning to him.

The little cow stared at the sea beneath them, and she chuckled, “D*mn… This old cow is too f*cking strong! I broke the restrictions in two short years!”

Huang Xiaolong stared at her, and he couldnt help but laugh, “Alright, alright.

Stop boasting.

Lets go in.”

He wanted nothing more than to get his hands on the number one treasure in all the lands.

A grin appeared on her face.

“Lets go!” She turned into a streak of purple light as she brought Huang Xiaolong towards the center of the sea.

Looking at the inky blue water, Huang Xiaolong couldnt help but gasp in shock.

He was lucky that the skull-like monster didnt appear again.

It was also fortunate that they didnt run into the two freaks that had killed the little cow in the past.

Otherwise, they would be in deep trouble.

As the Ancient Heavenly Court was located at the bottom of the sea, the three of them quickly made their way to the center.

After tens of minutes, they arrived at the core of the sea, and they plunged downwards.

The sea was extremely deep, and even after sinking for more than twenty thousand feet, they failed to reach the bottom.

Thirty thousand feet, forty thousand feet…

Luckily for Huang Xiaolong, he had a Sovereign Realm expert like the little cow around him.

With his strength, he wouldnt be able to withstand the pressure at the depth they were at.

A drop of seawater was heavier than a piece of chaos metal essence!

After reaching forty thousand feet under the surface, one could only imagine the pressure they had to withstand.

When they arrived forty thousand feet under the sea, the two Sovereigns circulated their energy at full capacity.

When they arrived fifty thousand meters below sea level, the little cow and the King of Darkness felt the exhaustion taking a toll on them.

Just as they were about to continue sinking, their bodies became as light as a feather while the light slowly flooded their vision.

They were transported to another space.


Huang Xiaolong stared at the scene before him in shock.

A massive palace stood tall in front of him, and he couldnt see the end of it.

The palace exuded an ancient monarchs aura, and it was formed entirely out of Star Metal Essence.

Countless palaces were made as they formed a complete body.

Countless stars filled the space above the palaces, and boundless energy came crashing down onto the earth.

“This is…” Huang Xiaolong sucked in a cold breath when he looked at the majestic structure before him.

“Ancient Heavenly Court!” The little cow and the King of Darkness yelled in unison.

The massive structure that was formed from countless palaces was precisely the number one treasure in the myriad of worlds, the Ancient Heavenly Court!

The little cow and the King of Darkness stared at it with complicated emotions running through their mind.

That was the Ancient Heavenly Court they were looking at! The two of them couldnt be more familiar with it.

In the past, the little cow had tried to barge into the treasury of the Heavenly Court and battled with the Ancient Heavenly Emperor time after time.

She was extremely familiar with that treasure of his.

As for the King of Darkness, his physical body was blown up by the Ancient Heavenly Court.

He was no stranger to it as well.

After three whole minutes, the little cow and the King of Darkness finally calmed down.


Lets enter the Complete Heaven Palace.” The little cow turned to Huang Xiaolong and said.

“Complete Heaven Palace” Huang Xiaolong stared at her with question marks popping up all over his face.

“The Complete Heaven Palace is the central palace of the Ancient Heavenly Court.

Its the location of the core formation that powers the treasure.

As long as you refine the Ancient Star Formation, you will be able to control the Ancient Heavenly Court!” The King of Darkness explained.

“Moreover, the treasury of the Ancient Heavenly Court is located beside the Complete Heaven Palace.”

“Once you refine the Ancient Heavenly Star Formation, you will be able to open the treasury!”

The King of Darkness became excited again when he spoke about the treasury.

After all, any treasure they could find in the Ancient Heavenly Court was definitely unique in its own right.

There wasnt a treasury in the world that could match up to the one in the Ancient Heavenly Court.

When the Heavenly Court had swept through the world in the past, countless powers had offered exotic and unique treasures to the Ancient Heavenly Emperor.

He had thrown them all into the Ancient Heavenly Court and left them there.

The three of them quickly flew towards the Complete Heaven Palace.

Before they could enter, the stars in the space above the palace formed a massive world of stars and blocked the three of them.

The little cow chuckled.

“If the old geezer was here, you might be able to stop me.

Right now, hes gone.

How can a puny world like that stop this old cow” She sent a flying kick over to the world of stars and shattered it.

The three of them continued their journey to the Heaven Complete Palace after that annoying obstacle was dealt with.

As Huang Xiaolong was flying around in the Ancient Heavenly Court, Dun Ei was roaring with laughter in his camps main hall.

He looked at Lun Zhuan, the King of Shadows, Shi Ming, and the other Sovereigns and said, “I received credible news that Huang Xiaolong and the old azure cow are no longer in the Radiance World.

Without them, it will be the best time for us to attack the Radiance Knight Corp!”

When they heard the news, a smile broke out on their faces.

“Are you sure the news is real” Shi Ming couldnt help but ask.

“Did Huang Xiaolong release this news to bait us out” Lun Zhuan couldnt help but suspect something was up.

Dun Ei laughed, “Please be at ease.

My information is definitely correct.

I only managed to obtain this piece of information after a lot of troubles.

My spy only managed to learn of this news.

Huang Xiaolong and the Azure Cow have already left the Radiance World for ten whole years!”

“That explains everything! Its not wonder the Radiance Knight Corp were only messing about here and there without any intention of going all in!”

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