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Chapter 2043: Will the All Encompassing City Make a Move

Shi Ming roared with laughter as well.

“Great! Since we are sure that Huang Xiaolong and the Azure Cow arent here, just lay down the orders to surround the Radiance Knight Corp! Well take them down right now! Even if Huang Xiaolong returns, the Radiance World will be ours!”

Lun Zhuan laughed sinisterly, “The day he returns will be his death anniversary!”

“Im afraid he will be too afraid to return after hearing the news of us unifying the Radiance World.

He might even hide in some stupid corner in Hell.” Chu Han chuckled.

“I dont care which corner he hides in.

Well smoke him out no matter where he goes! He will never have a place to hide!” The King of Shadows sneered.

“Amitabha.” The Buddhist Ancestor agreed.


We have no time to waste.

Gather the troops now!” Dun Ei jumped to his feet, and his laughter filled the room.

In an instant, the troops of the Radiance Divine City gathered, and every single Sovereign Realm expert made a move.

The Radiance Knight Corp beat a hasty retreat at the unexpected attack.

In the past few years, all they had done was to probe their enemies.

Even if they fought, Sovereign Realm experts hadnt taken part in the battle.

However, the Radiance Divine City gathered all their troops as though they wanted to make a move!

The news quickly reached the ears of the Reverence Moon Old Man and the King of Grandmist.

They looked at each other in shock.

“Could it be that the news of Xiaolongs departure got leaked” A frown formed on the King of Grandmists face, and he muttered under his breath.

“The only people who know about Xiaolongs journey are the few of us.” Cang Mutian stared at the others in shock.

“How did Lun Zhuan and the others know”

“We definitely didnt leak the news.” The Reverence Moon Old Man shook his head and snorted.

“Who do they think they are Even without Xiaolong and the Azure Cow, Shi Zhen and the rest wont be able to beat us! Do they really think that we old men are dead!”

The Reverence Moon Old Man stood up and roared aggressively.

With his strength, it was more than appropriate for him to rage.

When the water comes, the dam will block it.

When the enemies come, the general will stand his ground.

With him alone, there was no way for Lun Zhuan and the others to succeed.

The three old men gathered the troops and charged out into battle.

In the past few years, the Radiance Knight Corp had always dominated the battlefields.

Their strength was definitely a notch higher than the troops from Radiance Divine City.

However, Dun Ei had learned that Huang Xiaolong was no longer in the Radiance World, and he knew that this was the only chance he had to win the war.

He gathered all the troops he could and launched a desperate attack.

The battle shook the world, and countless world surfaces shattered.

The ripples of the battle spread through more than half the Radiance World, ripping the already torn world with more holes.

Even though Dun Ei hadnt stopped sending troops, the Radiance Knight Corp wasnt a weakling that allowed themselves to be stepped over.

They were extremely strong as well, and they had backup from the Reverence Moon Academy, Silver Fox Commerce, Netherworld Kings Organization, the Grandmist Emperor palace, and the Dragon World.

Victory and defeat came equally to both sides.

“Mother… Who would have thought that the Radiance Knight Corp has managed to get so much support!” One entire month passed, and Dun Ei raged.

“If this keeps up, who knows when we will be able to destroy their army…”

Lun Zhuan stared at Shi Zhen and asked, “As long as the Xumi Old Man makes a move, we can suppress the Radiance Knight Corp.

Even if they get the support of other superpowers and super worlds, it will be completely useless.”

Shi Zhen shook his head in disappointment.

“Even I cant contact my master…”

“Your master entered the reincarnation cycle, and he should be able to regain his strength in a short amount of time.

Right now, he should be able to break through to the high-level Sovereign Realm.” Lun Zhuan revealed a trace of envy when he looked at Shi Zhen.

He received a nod in reply, “I hope thats true.”

It was precisely because he wanted to enter the high-level Sovereign Realm that the Xumi Old Man had destroyed his cultivation and thrown himself into the river of incarnation.

If there wasnt a chance of breaking through, there was no way the old man would have done that.

“Perhaps, we can invite theCity of All-Heavens to make a move…” The King of Shadows suggested all of a sudden.

City od All-Heavens!

Everyone who heard his suggestion fell silent.

Whenever someone brought up an existence like the City of All-Heavens, everyone would be filled with reverence.

“Lord Wan Shi wouldnt interfere with the matters with our worlds.” Shi Ming shook his head and shot down the idea.

“Even if Lord Wan Shi doesnt make a move, what about his son” Light sparkled in the King of Shadows eyes.

“We might not be able to invite the prince to make a move, but Di Jun can.”

The Divine World had a special connection to the City of All-Heavens.

It was said that before Lord Wan Shi broke through to the high-level Sovereign Realm, the Ancient Heavenly Emperor had saved his life.

The Ancient Heavenly Emperor was able to reign as supreme because of Lord Wan Shis support.

Moreover, the prince of City of All-Heavens had beef with the Radiance Ancestor in the past.

They had fought over a level two origin treasure, and the Radiance Ancestor had managed to take it away.

In the depths of the sea in the core region of the Devil Abyss, Huang Xiaolong and the others arrived in the space above the Ancient Heavenly Court.

He was refining the Ancient Star Formation step by step as the two Sovereigns guarded him.

As he refined the formation, starlight surged out from the center of the formation, and Huang Xiaolong quickly devoured it.

The Ancient Heavenly Court had remained in the same place for several billion years.

The formation was constantly sucking in energies from the stars, and it had already reached a terrifying stage.

It gathered the energy around heaven and earth to transform it into the purest form of star energy.

The star energy contained the might of heaven and earth, and it wasnt any worse than a level one origin treasure.

As Huang Xiaolong devoured the energy, his cultivation soared.

The overflowing energy quickly reached the little cow and the King of Darkness.

As they cultivated with the assistance of pure energy, they improved at a tremendous pace.

It was especially so for the King of Darkness.

From afar, the three of them were like mini stars as they shone brightly above the Ancient Heavenly Court.

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