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Chapter 2044: Refining the Ancient Heavenly Court

When Huang Xiaolong felt the energy of the stars surrounding him, he felt a sense of comfort that couldnt be described in words.

Two whole months passed, and a huge gap appeared in the middle of the formation as starlight poured out like water from a broken dam.

Huang Xiaolong and the other two went wild with joy.

The entire formation consisted of three hundred and sixty-five stars.

Just a moment ago, Huang Xiaolong had managed to refine the first star.

As soon as he refined all three hundred and sixty-five stars, he would control the Ancient Star Formation.

The day that happened would also be the day he controlled the Ancient Heavenly Court.

The most important point was that the speed of refining stars would only increase.

To prove that the speed would only increase, Huang Xiaolong used two months to completely refine the second star.

After refining the second star, the gap in the formation widened a little.

Denser starlight poured out of the hole.

With the three supreme godheads spinning at full speed, Huang Xiaolong unleashed everything he had when he refined the starlight pouring out from the gap in the formation.

Regardless of whether it was his godheads or physical body, everything improved when they underwent tempering by the starlight.

Without taking a break, Huang Xiaolong started to refine the third star.

This time, he took less than two months to completely refine the third star.

He quickly went on to refine the fourth and fifth star…

Two years quickly passed, and Huang Xiaolong managed to refine the eighteenth star.

Even though he hadnt reached the peak of the early-Seventh Order Emperor Realm, he was getting close.

His strength had increased a great deal compared to two years ago.

Of course, the little cow and the King of Darkness was improving extremely quickly during the two years Huang Xiaolong spent refining the stars.

The King of Darkness felt that his body was way more solid than before.

The dark light that swirled around his body became even more eye-catching than before.

Four years passed…

Huang Xiaolong refined over fifty stars, and he arrived at the peak of the early-Seventh Order Emperor Realm.

He was half a step away from stepping into the mid-Seventh Order Emperor Realm.

Another six years passed, and he refined more than eighty stars.

Huang Xiaolong broke through the early-Seventh Order Emperor Realm as he stepped into the mid-Seventh Order Emperor Realm.

Seven, eight, nine, and eventually, the tenth year passed.

Huang Xiaolong completed the refinement of the two hundred and twentieth star and reached the peak of the mid-Seventh Order Emperor Realm.

Eleven, twelve… sixteen years eventually passed.

In the seventeenth year, Huang Xiaolong reached the peak of the late-Seventh Order Emperor Realm, and he refined the final star.

When he completed the refinement process, the formation lit up with the brilliance of a thousand suns, and endless starlight emerged from the Complete Heaven Palace.

Space was forcefully torn open as the water in the sea above it was blasted to nothingness.

It soared into the skies, and the ground around the desolate desert started to shake.

Hurricane-like winds swept up the sand in the Desolate Desert, and starlight landed on the ground, illuminating the land.

The desert that lacked all signs of life started to transform as signs of vitality surged into the lands.

The Desolate Desert was transformed into a world of stars that only existed in fantasy stories.

In the instant that Huang Xiaolong completely refined the Ancient Star Formation, pure energy from the stars poured out from the formations eye and flooded the space around it.

Like a wave that swallowed everything in its path, it nearly sent the three of them flying.

The starlight that poured out was even purer than before.

When it poured into Huang Xiaolongs body, he felt like all his pores were opening up as his divine soul entered a state of bliss.

The little cow moaned, “D*mn! This is too comfortable! This is the first time this old cow felt such a pleasurable feeling!”

When Huang Xiaolong heard what she said, beads of sweat dripped down from his forehead.

Lucky for him, the King of Darkness was there to act as a witness.

Otherwise, people might even think that he was doing something wrong with the little cow.

Whatever it was, Huang Xiaolong didnt have the energy to entertain her.

He was using the Heart of Hell and everything at his disposal to swallow all the starlight he could,

If the starlight from before could be compared to a rank one origin treasure, the starlight that was currently pouring out from the formations eye was like high-grade rank one origin treasures.

There were differences even between the ranks.

A high-grade rank one origin treasure was several times better than an ordinary rank one origin treasure.

Another two years passed.

A shockingly strong wave of energy emerged from Huang Xiaolongs body as he broke through to the early-Eighth Order Emperor Realm.

“Too bad… The quality of the starlight is a little too low.” Huang Xiaolong felt that it was a pity.

If the starlight could be a substitute for a level two origin treasure, he might have entered the Ninth Order Emperor Realm.

When the little cow heard his sigh, she widened her eyes and glared at him.

“Kiddo, youre too ungrateful!”

“Do you think that the energy from the stars is like candy that anyone can obtain!” The little cow became angrier with every word she spoke.

“Even Sovereigns might never be able to absorb something like that! How dare you complain! Youre saying that the quality of the starlight is too low”

Huang Xiaolong felt a little embarrassed when the little cow exposed his thoughts, and he didnt know how to react.

He forced a smile onto his lips as he descended into the Heaven Complete Palace.

The Heaven Complete Palace was a million square miles, and the entire palace was carved out from a massive Star Rock.

Huang Xiaolong pushed open the gates, and he saw a sea of stars above him.

The three hundred and sixty-five stars that he had refined hung high in the space above him as endless starlight poured into the hall.

Even though the starlight in the hall couldnt be compared to the one he had experienced before, it was still extremely beneficial for his cultivation.

It was even better than swallowing Angel Soul Jade Divine Pills for cultivation!

A single Angel Soul Jade Divine Pill was priceless.

One could only imagine the value of the Complete Heaven Palace.

There would come a day when one used up all the Angel Soul Jade Divine Pills they had.

The starlight in the hall would never disappear.

As long as the Complete Heaven Palace existed, there would be endless amounts of starlight produced.

The little cow and the King of Darkness slowly made their way into the hall, and their jaws dropped at the sight of the endless starlight.

“This is good stuff! Just the Ancient Complete Heaven Star Formation here is a priceless treasure in itself! Its a pity the Ancient Heavenly Emperor died too early.

Otherwise, he would have probably turned into the second Reverence Moon Old Man.

He might have been able to challenge the Xumi Old Man if he had cultivated long enough!”

The King of Darkness nodded his head at the side.

“Xiaolong, lets go take a look inside the treasury!” The little cow said as she couldnt contain her excitement to explore the most important part of the Ancient Heavenly Court.

“Sure!” Huang Xiaolong had long since set his sights on the Ancient Heavenly Courts treasury.

He longed to know what was in there.

Right before they could head over, the little cows face changed.

Huang Xiaolongs expression sank soon after.

“Not good, something had happened in the Radiance World!”

They both received a message from the Reverence Moon Old Man and the King of Grandmist at the same time.

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