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Chapter 2045: The Reason Behind the Ancient Heavenly Emperors Death

“Lets head back to the Radiance World right now!” Huang Xiaolong didnt hesitate.

He waved his hand and activated the Ancient Complete Heaven Star Formation.

In an instant, the three hundred and sixty-five stars started to shine as starlight enveloped the hall.

The countless palaces around the Complete Heaven Palace were like star beasts that awakened after a long hibernation period.

Palpitating energy shot out from the Ancient Heavenly Court and shook the entire Desolate Desert.


The Ancient Heavenly Court that had remained silent for billions of years finally started to move again.

As it tore through the space above the sea, it appeared in the skies above the desert.

A buzzing sound echoed through the air as a terrifying light covered the entire desert.

Fearsome existences that lived in the Desolate Desert felt a crushing weight land on them as their bodies shivered.

In the next instant, the Ancient Heavenly Court turned into a streak of starlight as it shot through space.

In the blink of an eye, they arrived several hundred million miles away from the desolate desert.

Huang Xiaolong jumped in fright when he realized the speed of the Ancient Heavenly Court.

The Netherking Flying Ship was a high-grade grandmist artifact, but it was like a snail compared to the Ancient Heavenly Court!

Of course, only Huang Xiaolong was surprised at its speed.

The little cow and the King of Darkness were no strangers to the Ancient Heavenly Courts prowess.

“Xiaolong, there is a reason the Ancient Heavenly Court is the ranked number one treasure in all the lands.

It has the strongest attack, but at the same time, it possesses shocking speed.

There isnt a high-grade grandmist flying ship that can come close…,” the little cow explained.

“ Moreover, this isnt the fastest it can go.”

Opening her mouth, the little cow spat out the purple lightning into the eye of the formation.

The speed of the Ancient Heavenly Court increased once again, and it reached shocking levels.

The Ancient Heavenly Court tore through the dense clouds of devil qi around the Devil Abyss, and it passed a world surface after another.

It was ten times faster than when Huang Xiaolong controlled it!

Huang Xiaolongs jaws dropped in shock.

“This is the speed it can achieve with my energy.

Since Im not the owner, I wont be able to fully utilize it.

If you reach my level of strength, the Ancient Heavenly Hall will fly even faster if you send your energy into the eye of the formation.”

Huang Xiaolong couldnt help but rejoice when he heard that he was merely able to unleash a fraction of its strength.

After all, that meant that it would only grow stronger with him.

He had never thought that the Ancient Heavenly Court would be such a heaven-defying treasure.

In order to quickly return to the Radiance World, the little cow and the King of Darkness poured their energies into the eye of the formation.

“What happened in the Radiance World” The King of Darkness recalled his question, and he asked both Huang Xiaolong and the little cow.

Huang Xiaolong explained, “Dun Ei knows that we left.”

“Even so, with the Reverence Moon Old Man, King of Grandmist, and Cang Mutian are holding down the fort, nothing too bad can happen, right” A trace of suspicion flashed through the King of Darknesss eyes.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

“They managed to invite the Old Crow Ancestor over…”

“What! The Old Crow Ancestor from the Demon World!” The King of Darkness nearly jumped in fright.

The Old Crow Ancestor was hailed as a grand ancestor of the Demon World, and his position was no lower than the little cow.

They controlled half the world each, and they had countless subordinates under them.

A chilly light flashed through the little cows eyes when she heard the crow ancestors name.

“Hehe, I had never thought that that old b*stard would come.” She had never seen eye to eye with the Old Crow Ancestor, and they had battled since the start of time.

If the Old Crow Ancestor wasnt in her way, the little cow would have long since unified the Demon World!

“Moreover, the City of All-Heavens made a move as well.” Huang Xiaolong turned to the King of Darkness and said, “Ive heard from the Reverence Moon Old Man and my master that Di Jun managed to invite the people from the City of All-Heavens.”

“Lord Wan Shi is here!” A look of fear appeared on the King of Darknesss face.

The only person who could strike fear into the King of Darknesss heart was Lord Wan Shi.

No… There was also the Xumi old Man.

The little cow shook her head and denied, “Lord Wan Shi wont interfere in the matters of the great worlds.

The only person who came was an envoy from the City of All-Heavens.

He was sent by the City of All-Heavens Prince, and he seemed to have brought an order from City of All-Heavens.

According to his decree, everyone who supports the Radiance Knight Corp will be going against the City of All-Heavens!”

The look on the King of Darknesss face became solemn.

A decree from City of All-Heavens!

Everyone knew what that decree represented.

Even Sovereigns had to retreat when facing the All-Heavens Decree.

Since the All-Heavens Prince had already given the word, all the forces that were supporting the Radiance Knight Corp had to think long and hard about their actions.

“All the powers that had gone over to support are backing out of the alliance because of the decree.

The strength of the Radiance Knight Corp has dropped drastically.

Since Dun Eis side managed to gain the support of City of All-Heavens, tons of forces are throwing in their lot with him.

His power is growing by the day.” A chilly light flashed through Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

The King of Darkness sucked in a long breath.

Even though Huang Xiaolong didnt complete the report, everyone knew the pressure the Reverence Moon Old Man and the others were facing.

The Reverence Moon Old Man might be strong, but he was a single cultivator.

“The reason behind the Ancient Heavenly Emperors death was because Di Jun had joined hands with the All-Heavens Prince and Shi Ming to kill him.” All of a sudden, Huang Xiaolong dropped a bomb that blew everyones mind without a word of warning.

“What!” Two loud cries rang in Huang Xiaolongs ears.

“Xiaolong, are you sure of what you just said!” The little cow couldnt believe her ears, and she pressed for an answer.

If what Huang Xiaolong said was true, it was a matter that could shake the worlds.

He nodded in affirmation.

“When I refined the Ancient Heavenly Star Formation, I received the Ancient Heavenly Emperors memories.

I saw everything that happened.

Three people joined hands to kill the Ancient Heavenly Emperor.”

The little cow stared at the King of Darkness, and they saw the astonishment in each others eyes.

The King of Darkness finally managed to suppress his shock, and he muttered in a low voice, “If Di Jun gained the throne after killing the Ancient Heavenly Emperor, what did Shi Ming get in return”

“What about the All-Heavens Prince! What does he wish to achieve! Does he want the Ancient Heavenly Courts treasury Didnt the Ancient Heavenly Emperor save Lord Wan Shis life in the past Could it be that the All-Heavens Prince hid everything from Lord Wan Shi to kill the Ancient Heavenly Emperor”

The King of Darkness laid out the facts one by one as they started analyzing the situation.

Huang Xiaolong snorted.

“What if the All-Heavens Prince was ordered to do so by Lord Wan Shi”

The bodies of the two Sovereigns shook.

A look of disbelief appeared on their faces.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head and confirmed their conjecture.

“Its true.

I saw everything that happened.

When The Ancient Heavenly Emperor blocked the attack from the All-Heavens Prince and Shi Ming, a black shadow appeared from the void and heavily injured the Ancient Heavenly Emperor.

The strike nearly killed him.

In order to escape from his killers, the Ancient Heavenly Emperor escaped to the Devil Abyss, and he fell there.

“Even though I failed to see the features on the black shadows face, please tell me who has the ability to kill the Ancient Heavenly Emperor with one strike”

Huang Xiaolongs revelation shook the little cow and the King of Darkness.

Both of them failed to find a response even after a long time.

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