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Chapter 2047: All-Heavens Envoy

When Du Hai appeared in the Complete Heaven Palace, he looked up and saw the three hundred and sixty-five stars twinkling in the space above.

He looked at the streams of starlight that fell, and a look of envy filled his face.

That was the pure energy from the stars! Absorbing it was better than refining an Angel Soul Jade Divine Pill!

It was too bad all he could do was to be envious of Huang Xiaolong.

There was absolutely no chance of him killing Huang Xiaolong for the treasure.

From what he could see, Huang Xiaolong had long since refined the Ancient Heavenly Court.

Making a move against Huang Xiaolong would be the same as courting death.

He could also see that the party of three was no longer at the level they were at before.

They were much stronger, and Huang Xiaolong had already broken through to the Eighth Order Emperor Realm!

He managed to increase his cultivation by an entire level in the span of several tens of years!

Along the way, Huang Xiaolong revealed the situation in the Radiance World to Du Hai without hiding anything.

When Du Hai learned that the City of All-Heavens was standing on Dun Eis side, his expression changed.

The experts from the Six Winged Green Mosquito Race couldnt hide their shock.

“If you really choose to leave now, I will allow it.

I will even get rid of the oath you swore.” Huang Xiaolong stared at Du Hai, and he said slowly.

Du Hai fell into silence before looking at the little cow and the King of Darkness beside Huang Xiaolong.

He tilted his head to stare at the three hundred and sixty-five stars hanging high above them.

A complicated light flashed through his eyes.

Huang Xiaolong didnt rush him as he knew that it was difficult for anyone to make such a huge decision in a short amount of time.

That was the City of All-Heavens they were facing, not some random superpower.

“Old man, Ill tell you the truth right now.

Lord Wan Shi killed the Ancient Heavenly Emperor in the past.” The little cow saw the trace of hesitation on Du Hais face, and she leaked some information to him.

“What! Thats not possible!” Du Hai felt his body shake as the words got stuck in his throat.

Even his son, Du Chen, and the rest of the experts, who accompanied him, stared at the little cow in disbelief.

The little cow sneered, “Can I lie about such things I have never lied about such matters in my life.

When Xiaolong refined the Ancient Heavenly Court, he managed to obtain the Ancient Heavenly Emperors memories.

Everything that led to the Ancient Heavenly Emperors death played out in Xiaolongs mind during the refinement process.”

The little cow then explained everything about the conspiracy surrounding the Ancient Heavenly Emperors death and how Di Jun worked with Shi Ming and the All Encompassing City to kill him.

When Du Hai and the others heard the story, all of them sank into silence.

No one would have thought that someone had plotted against the Ancient Heavenly Emperor leading to his disappearance!

Du Hai had seemed a little skeptical at the start, but it seemed like he came to a conclusion of his own when he heard the entire story.

The expression on his face changed several times, but Huang Xiaolongs three supreme godheads and three Archdevil bloodlines kept appearing in his mind.

“Father, we…” Du Chen stared at Du Hai as he decided on something.

Du Hai held his hand up to stop Du Chen from saying anything else.

“I know what I have to do.” He stared at Huang Xiaolong, the little cow, and the King of Darkness.

He gritted his teeth, and the look in his eyes turned solid.

“I, Du Hai, am a man who doesnt go back on my word.

Since Ive already promised His Majesty, the King of Hell, I will not go back on my word!”

A smile formed on Huang Xiaolongs face, and he cheered, “Great!”

The little cow and the King of Darkness heaved a sigh of relief.

Just a moment ago, they were afraid that Du Hai would renege on his promise.

After all, everyone would reconsider if they had to go up against the City of All-Heavens.

When Du Chen heard that his father was still hell-bent on helping Huang Xiaolong, his expression changed.

“Lord Father, are we really going against the City of All-Heavens Thats Lord Wan Shi were talking about!”

A frosty expression appeared on Du Chens face.

“Lord Wan Shi Humph.

Who cares if he is a high-level Sovereign”

The little cow roared with laughter as she clapped in celebration.

“Well said! Who cares if he is a high-level Sovereign F*ck that! This cow will slam into him with my horns to add several more holes into his body!”

As Huang Xiaolong and his party were rushing back to the Radiance World, all the Sovereigns on Dun Eis side were gathered in the main hall of Radiance Divine City.

The person in the main seat wasnt Dun Ei, but it was a well built middle-aged man.

He wore robes made from the silk of chaos silkworms, and there was chaos qi forming all sorts of shapes on it.

It added a tinge of mystery and prestige to the aura the middle-aged man was giving off.

That was the All-Heavens Envoy, Yang Gang! He was a late-First Order Sovereign Realm expert.

Even though he was a mere late-First Order Sovereign, the aura surrounding his body was no lesser than Lun Zhuan, the King of Shadows, or Shi Ming!

It had nothing to do with strength.

The reason he could act all high and mighty was because of his backing! The City of All-Heavens was his backer, the power with the strongest man in the world! Moreover, there was the All-Heavens Decree in his hand!

“Now that Lord Yang Gang is here, the members of the Radiance Knight Corp are probably sh*tting their pants.” Dun Ei chuckled with glee, “With Lord Yang Gang backing our Radiance Divine City, there is no doubt we will emerge victoriously!”

“Lord Wan Shi is highly revered by all of us here, and the City All-Heavens is the number one power under the heavens.

Who dares to go against the All-Heavens Decree” The Old Crow Ancestor harrumphed, “Right now, the Reverence Moon Old Man, King of Grandmist, Cang Mutian, and the others are like lone birds flying in the sky.

In less than a month, well be able to take down Myriad Spirits City and unify the Radiance World!”

The Old Crow Ancestor flapped his wings as the aura he emitted overshadowed everyone present; even experts like the King of Shadow, Shi Ming, and the others felt suppressed.

As the only other expert who could go head-to-head with Old Ancestor Azure Cow, one could only imagine the strength the Old Crow Ancestor possessed.

Hearing that the Old Crow Ancestor had given the word, Yang Gang didnt dare to hesitate.

The Old Crow Ancestor was an existence at the same level as the All-Heavens Prince.

He cupped his fists and said, “When we destroy the Radiance Knight Corp, we will need to rely on experts like the Old Crow Ancestor, Brother Lun Zhuan, Brother Shadow, Brother Shi Ming, and everyone else.”

“Well said.” The Old Crow Ancestor laughed, “Ive long since wanted to take care of that azure cow.

Now that I get the chance, there is no way I will back out.

However, the old cow left the Radiance World with Huang Xiaolong tens of years ago.

No one knows where they are hiding.

What if they hide in some remote corner of the world for the rest of eternity Finding them will be harder than finding a needle in a haystack.”

Dun Ei sneered, “Old Crow Ancestor, please be at ease.

We already received news that Huang Xiaolong went to the Devil Abyss with Old Ancestor Azure Cow.”

“Devil Abyss Whats in the Devil Abyss” The King of Shadows found it surprising that Huang Xiaolong would choose to head to the Devil Abyss.

“Who cares When we destroy the defenses around Myriad Spirits City, well head over to the Devil Abyss to hunt them down,” Lun Zhuan snorted at the side.

“Everyone, Lord Wan Yue has given the order.

We need to leave Huang Xiaolong alive.

I have to bring him back to the All-Heavens City for his judgment to be carried out.

I hope that all of you seated here will leave him alive after we find him.” Yang Gang spoke up all of a sudden.

Huang Xiaolongs speed of improvement was too quick.

There had to be some heaven shaking secrets on his body.

That was also the reason the All-Heavens Prince had agreed to interfere with the war.

He wanted to obtain Huang Xiaolong as a research specimen.

Lun Zhuan, the King of Shadows, and Shi Ming stared at each other silently.

With their experience, they knew extremely well why the All-Heavens Prince wanted to obtain Huang Xiaolong.

Yang Gang continued, “Please be at ease.

Lord Wan Yue will not short change all of you.

Lord Wan Shi is about to leave seclusion at any moment.

When he leaves seclusion, he will definitely invite all of you over to the All-Heavens City to give you your rewards.”

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