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Chapter 2048: Basically Running to his Death!

When the Sovereigns heard what he said, the look on their faces changed.

Lord Wan Shi is about to leave seclusion It was said that Lord Wan Shi had managed to obtain some shocking supreme technique several billion years ago.

He had locked himself in seclusion in order to train in his newfound art.

If he was going to leave seclusion, didnt it mean that he had mastered the secret art he had obtained in the past

That would only mean that Lord Wan Shi would possess extremely terrifying strength.

The Old Crow Ancestor broke the silence, and laughed, “Since Lord Wan Shi wants us to leave Huang Xiaolong alive, well do as he wishes! He is of no use to us anyway.

However, we have to kill the Azure Cow!”

Killing intent rose to the skies as the Old Crow Ancestor released his aura completely.

Radiance Divine City trembled under the tremendous pressure.

The only reason he had agreed to lend a hand was because he wanted to kill the Azure Cow.

No one would be able to stop him!

As long as he killed her, he would be able to sweep up the remainder of her forces and unify the Monster World!

Lun Zhuan chuckled sinisterly when he heard what the Old Crow Ancestor said.

“Hes right.

Huang Xiaolong might not be of use to us, and only Lord Wan Yue will be able to pry open his secrets.

We can definitely deliver him to the City of All-Heavens alive, but there are a lot of treasures on him.

Isnt there the Radiance Ancestors treasures, Radiance Divine Scepter, Radiance Divine Seal, Heavenly Hall, and other amazing treasures We should split them up after dealing with him.

What do you think”

“Yes.” The King of Shadows nodded.

“He managed to obtain the King of Hells inheritance, and Im calling dibs on his Heart of Hell.

If not because of a small hiccup in the past, the position of the King of Hell would have been mine.”

Shi Ming opened his mouth as well.

“The Nine Yin Magic Mirror is the inheritance treasure of my tribe.

It has to return to me.”

“I want the bodhi seed.” Shi Zhen, who had been silent all this while, finally spoke up.

No one knew how, but he had managed to find out that Huang Xiaolong possessed a bodhi seed.

Yang Gang laughed in response, “Alright.

Lord Wan Yue only wants Huang Xiaolong.

All of you can split up the treasures as you see fit.”

Lord Wan Yue had long since anticipated the conversation they were going to have in the hall.

As such, his only request was Huang Xiaolong.

Dun Ei sat in the middle of the hall as he felt a wave of helplessness sweep across his heart.

When all of them decided to split up the treasures on Huang Xiaolongs body, none of them bothered asking him about his opinion.

In the eyes of the peak experts like Lun Zhuan, Shi Zhen, Shi Ming, and the others, theworld leader of the Radiance World had no place in the conversation.

He only felt better when he thought about how he would be able to unify the Radiance World and keep the Radiance Ancestors treasures.”

“Since that is the case, we shall make a move immediately.

Everyone, surround Myriad Spirits City and destroy the protective formation around it!” Yang Gang got to his feet and laid down the order.

The stronger Sovereigns nodded their head and got up from their seat.

A day later.

A huge star tore through space as it arrived outside the Radiance World.

The star was none other than the Ancient Heavenly Court.

As Huang Xiaolong stared at the massive world before him, he controlled the Ancient Heavenly Court to charge towards Myriad Spirits City.

As soon as he entered the Radiance World, Huang Xiaolong sucked in a long breath of air as he felt a wave of comfort wash over him.

As he flew through galaxies after galaxies, he approached the Myriad Spirits City with shocking speed.

As he passed several world surfaces that had turned into nothing more than shattered rocks, Huang Xiaolongs heart sank.

It seemed as though the battle between the two camps had reached a tipping point while he was gone.

Before he had left, the two sides had almost the same amount of strength, and the Radiance Knight Corp was slowly gaining the upper hand.

Right now, they were forced to retreat into the Myriad Spirits City.

One could only imagine the pressure the Reverence Moon Old Man and the others had to endure.

“Reverence Moon Old Man, Master… All of you can rest easy now.

I am back!” A sharp light emerged in Huang Xiaolongs eyes, and killing intent boiled in his heart.

The little cow, the King of Darkness, Du HaI, Du Chen, Wu Shaowu, and the others had long since gotten ready for combat as they stood beside Huang Xiaolong.

One day later, above the Myriad Spirits City.

There were countless soldiers from the Radiance Divine City that stood in the air above the city, and they surrounded it to the point where a drop of water wouldnt be able to flow out.

Under the combined efforts of the Old Crow Ancestor, Lun Zhuan, Shi Zhen, Shi Ming, and the others, the defensive barrier trembled unceasingly.

Every time they launched an attack, the barrier would dim a little.

“The defensive formation around the Myriad SpiritA City is pretty strong.

In the past, the Radiance Ancestor was known as the best formations master in the lands.

It seems like his reputation was well deserved.” Yang Gang couldnt help but praise.

It was true that the defensive formation around Myriad SpiritS City was extremely sturdy.

However, he didnt care in the slightest.

With so many overlords working together, breaking the formation was a matter of time.

As long as they bombarded it without stop, there will come a day when they shatter the formations laid down by the best formations master in the world.

Inside the city, the Reverence Moon Old Man, the King of Grandmist, Cang Mutian, Jiang Hong, Elan, Cang Zongyuan, and the others felt their expressions sinking when they stared at the forces outside the barrier.

A look of desperation formed on the faces of everyone present in the city.

“Huang Xiaolong is back in the Radiance World.” The King of Grandmist spoke up all of a sudden.

When they heard that their commander-in-chief was back, the eyes of all the bishops and knights lit up.

However, the light dimmed soon after.

Right now, the battle was basically concluded.

Even if Huang Xiaolong comes back, he wouldnt be able to change how things ended.

“Its no use even if Xiaolong comes back.” The Reverence Moon Old Man shook his head slowly.

Even someone like him was powerless to determine victory or defeat.

There was nothing Huang Xiaolong could do.

After all, he wasnt even a Sovereign!

Cang Mutian frowned when he thought about the implications of Huang Xiaolong returning.

Before anyone could react, a massive explosion shook the Radiance World as drumbeats resounded in the minds of everyone present.

Hearing the familiar beat, Lun Zhuan and the others spun around to stare at the space behind them.

A look of joy flashed through their eyes.

“Its Huang Xiaolong! Hahaha! Hes basically sending himself to his grave by coming back now!” Shi Ming mused.

As soon as the words left his lips, a massive streak of starlight broke through the skies.

It charged towards the Radiance Divine Citys army without any signs of stopping, and even peak-level experts like Shi Zhen and Lun Zhuan weren\'t able to react.

“Boom!” The Ancient Heavenly Court smashed into the Radiance Divine Citys army, and a huge weakness was created in their encirclement.

Several billion soldiers turned into a mist of blood, and their bodies exploded.

Emperor Realm experts were unable to stand against Huang Xiaolongs attack as they turned into mush.

The massive star brought along with it destructive might as it continued to fly towards Dun Ei, Lu Kun, Chu Han, Chiyou, and Qin Fan.

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