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Chapter 2052: Killing World Lords Consecutively

The Heavenly Hall and Radiance Divine Seal were above Huang Xiaolongs head, the three phantoms of his archdevils bloodlines were behind him, and the blooming Lotus of Darkness was under his feet.

The more Huang Xiaolong killed, the more overpowering his aura became.

In the eyes of Radiance Divine Citys experts all around, Huang Xiaolong was the epitome of the god of slaughter that had crawled out from the darkest depths of hell.

Dun Ei, who somehow managed to avoid Huang Xiaolongs decisive attack, was close to collapsing with terror written all over his face.

His confident composure had long shattered.

Some time back, he still had the courage to confront Huang Xiaolong.

Most of the time, he was hidden in the crowd and only sneaked an attack at Huang Xiaolong here and there, but he lost the courage to attack as time passed.

Hiding among the Radiance Divine Citys large army, Dun Ei hid as far away as he could as he was terrified that Huang Xiaolong would spot and come after him.

However, it doesnt matter where and how he hid.

Huang Xiaolong found him every time.

Yang Gangs City of All-Heavens group cooperated with Qin Fan, Chu Han, and several others to kill Huang Xiaolong while occasionally shouting, “Attack, attack! Whoever injures Huang Xiaolong and contributes to his capture, I will report your merit to Lord Wan Shi.

Lord Wan Shi will heavily reward you for your contribution, the City of All-Heavens will reward you!”

It had to be said that Yang Gangs shouts and promises were quite effective, banking on the benefits they could get fromLord Wan Shi. Although most of the Radiance Divine Citys experts were terrified of Huang Xiaolong to the point that their livers were trembling, there were still several courageous individuals who continued to attack Huang Xiaolong.

The Demon Worlds Lord Hong Yue also shouted, “People of the Demon World, hear my command; I will give the position of Demon Worlds second in command to whoever manages to inflict grave injury on Huang Xiaolong!”

The Demon Worlds second in command!

Demon Worlds experts eyes turned red under this temptation, and they began attacking Huang Xiaolong frenziedly.

Lords of Treasure World, Poison World, and the others also follow suit, shouting tempting rewards to spur morale.

Because Huang Xiaolong had killed their Fire World Lord Lin Cheng, the remaining Fire Worlds experts were the most aggressive of all.

They attacked Huang Xiaolong desperately with everything they have got.

Looking at enemies coming for him from every direction, Huang Xiaolong roared in laughter.

Not only he wasnt discouraged by the barrage of attacks aimed at him, he felt his blood boil with excitement.

The Radiance Divine Scepter in his hand swung out consecutively with vigorous and lethal energy.

At the same time, the little chaos ax, formed from his Emperors will, chopped left and right.

It was invincible as it split open everything in its path.

With every chop, it left behind a litter of corpses.

After killing another group of Demon Worlds experts, Huang Xiaolong flapped his sixteen wings, and in the next second, he had reached the Demon World Lord Hong Yues side.

Taken aback by Huang Xiaolong, who suddenly appeared in front of him, Hong Yues eyes widened in horror.

Despite his sonorous words earlier, it didnt mean he was not afraid of Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong smiled brilliantly, looking at the deathly pale Hong Yue.

In Hong Yues eyes, this smile was brilliant but also cruel.

The other end of the Radiance Divine Scepter aimed at Hong Yues forehead.

“Protect the Lord!” The nearby Demon Worlds experts shouted angrily and attacked madly.

Yet the Radiance Divine Scepter in Huang Xiaolongs hand thrust forward, injuring several Demon Worlds Ancestors between him and Hong Yue.

Hong Yue finally reacted and barked.

Demonic qi surged frantically from his body, creating a kingdom of demons around him.

Simultaneously, two rays of green light shot out from his eyes towards Huang Xiaolong.

“Huang Xiaolong, come ah.

Well die together!” Hong Yue shouted with a twisted expression on his face.

Clearly, he was ready to pull Huang Xiaolong to hell with him.

These two green rays from Hong Yues eyes were the origin demonic energy from the Demon World.

If Huang Xiaolong was determined to kill him with this attack, then these two green lights would surely hit straight at Huang Xiaolongs forehead.

Although he was only a half-step Sovereign, the power of these two green lights was capable of heavily injuring a Sovereign.

Hong Yue refused to believe Huang Xiaolong could remain unharmed if he was hit!

Just when Hong Yue thought Huang Xiaolong would dodge, he saw Huang Xiaolongs ridiculing sneer.

In the next second, the Radiance Divine Scepter in his hand penetrated through Hong Yues skull.

Hong Yue stiffened while his eyes widened in disbelief in his last moments.

At the same time, the two rays of green light landed on Huang Xiaolongs forehead.

When the two green lights hit Huang Xiaolongs forehead, the six chaos lightning pools between his brows burst out in power, easily blocking the two green lights damage.

As Huang Xiaolong was pulling out the Radiance Divine Scepter out from Hong Yues skull, bang! Something got hit.

This bang rang when the City of All-Heavens Yang Gang sneaked up on Huang Xiaolong from behind and hit Huang Xiaolong in the back with the All-Heavens Decree.

Huang Xiaolong was sent flying forward, and there was a deep hole on his back as if his flesh had exploded where Yang Gang had struck him.

The All-Heavens Decree, other than being the symbol of the City of All-Heavens, could be used to summon the myriad worlds experts.

It was also a grandmist treasure artifact, personally forged by Lord Wan Shi with many precious irons.

Especially when used by Yang Gang, a late-First Order Sovereign Realm expert, even Huang Xiaolongs combination of True Dragon Physique, Ascending Devil Physique, and Radiance Divine Physique, would be damaged.

While Huang Xiaolong tumbled forward, Hong Yues body plummeted to the ground with his extinguished vitality.

“Everyone attack! Ive inflicted a heavy injury on him.

Everyone join hands and capture Huang Xiaolong!” Upon seeing that he had successfully injured Huang Xiaolong, Yang Gang was overjoyed and shouted loudly.

The Treasure World, Poison World, and other worlds Lords were elated and quickly led their own experts in a new wave of attacks.

Qin Fan, Chiyou, Chu Han, and Lu Kun inwardly breathed in relief that a crack had emerged in Huang Xiaolongs invincible image.

All of them hastened forward with their attacks as well.

Huang Xiaolong sneered inwardly when he caught sight of the Treasure World, Poison World, and other forces experts elated expressions as they all rushed to attack him.

The sixteen wings on his back emitted a radiant sacred light, forming a radiance boundary around himself.

Under the influence of this radiance boundary, the injury on his back healed in the blink of an eye.

Huang Xiaolong held the Radiance Divine Scepter in his right hand and the Nine Yin Magic Mirror in his left.

Then, he leaped into the midst of the enemies.

Half an hour later...

The Nine Yin Magic Mirror in Huang Xiaolongs hand reflected the Treasure World Lords image, immediately restraining his soul.

Huang Xiaolong swiftly smashed the Treasure World Lords head with the mirror, and even his godhead shattered into pieces.

One hour later...

The sixteen wings on Huang Xiaolongs back transformed into sixteen sharp blades and cut the Poison World Lord, reducing him to sixteen pieces.

Then Huang Xiaolong landed a punch on the Treasure World Lords head, letting it burst like a watermelon.

Next, the Bright Moth Ancient Races Patriarch exploded to his death being rammed by the City of Eternity.

The Bright Moth Ancient Race was one of the very old races of the Divine World since the Desolate Era.

Their reputation was as loud as the Black Dragon Clan at that time.

Huang Xiaolong then slashed the Demonic Centipede Clans Patriarch into countless pieces.

The Demon World Lord, Treasure World Lord, Poison World Lord, other ancient races, and patriarchs of various forces met their ends at Huang Xiaolongs hands.

Huang Xiaolong wanted to tell the myriad worlds through his actions that if they allied with the Radiance Divine City, the consequences of opposing him would be death, whether they were a worlds lord, an ancient races patriarch, or a sects chief!

He wanted them to know that even the City of All-Heavens wont be able to protect them!

When Huang Xiaolong killed several hundred prominent figures from the Radiance Divine Citys side, the fear inside the experts encircling Huang Xiaolong bloomed.

At this point, they were afraid to battle, and no one dared to approach Huang Xiaolong.

“Attack, f*cking attack! I have the All-Heavens Decree in my hand.

Listen to my command—attack and kill Huang Xiaolong!” The All-Heavens Envoy Yang Gang raised the All-heavens Decree in his hand high in the air as he bellowed.

But he did not notice that his own voice was shaking.

The five of them, he, Qin Fan, Chiyou, and the others, had managed to severely injure Huang Xiaolong several times, but Huang Xiaolongs injuries had healed in the blink of an eye.

On top of that, Huang Xiaolongs retaliation was fiercer and stronger every time.

Huang Xiaolong was literally undefeatable inside the Radiance World.

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