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Chapter 2057: Pursuing to the Fire World

As Shi Ming, Shi Zhen, Old Monster Lun Zhuan, and the others made their way to the City of All-Heavens, Huang Xiaolongs group of four had finished moving treasures out from the Nine Yin Treasury and were headed to the Asura World.

With resolute momentum, the four of them leveled the Massacring Gods Gate headquarters.

Huang Xiaolong killed the Massacring Gods Gates Chief and Ancestors.

Huang Xiaolong took in those who chose to submit.

Huang Xiaolongs group arrived at the Ghost World after destroying the Asura Worlds Massacring Gods Gate and uprooted the forces of Fengdu City.

However, the Young Lord of Fengdu City Qin Huangzhong was nowhere to be found.

It was needless to say that he had abandoned the city and ran far away.

Although Qin Huangzhong had run away, Huang Xiaolong wasnt overly concerned with catching him at the moment.

The news of Huang Xiaolong consecutively destroying the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe headquarters, Massacring Gods Gate headquarters, and Fengdu City spread through Hell like a hurricane, shaking all the forces watching on the sidelines.

A chilling quiver ran down the spines of Hells three worlds experts.

When these three super forces were eradicated, Huang Xiaolong issued a decree, summoning Hells three worlds superforces patriarchs, sect chiefs, and ancestors to be present at the Mohe Plane within half a year, and publicly announce their allegiance to the Netherworld Kings Organisation.

Those that failed to swear allegiance would get exterminated by the Netherworld Kings Organisation after the one-year-deadline was up.

The moment Huang Xiaolongs edict came out, Hells three worlds were in a furor, indignation, and great panic.

“This Huang Xiaolong is too outrageous! Even the previous Lord of Hell did not dare to force all superforces to submit.

How dare he issue such a proclamation I dont believe that if we dont go swear our allegiance at the Mohe Plane, he would really have the guts to exterminate my Devil Tiger Race!” The Devil Tiger Races Old Ancestor roared after he heard the report of the mandate.

A cold light glinted across his pupils.

The Devil Tiger Clan was one of Hell Asura Worlds oldest ancient clans.

The Devil Tiger Races Old Ancestor had risen to fame in the same generation as Huang Xiaolongs master, the previous Lord of Hell.

Though he was no lord of a world, he was still a Sovereign Realm expert.

Many forces held similar opinions as the Devil Tiger Race upon learning about Huang Xiaolongs decree.

They were outraged, indignant, and they reprimanded Huang Xiaolongs actions.

Some ancient clans jointly impeached Huang Xiaolong.

“What the fart is Huang Xiaolong Our Scorpio Clan was once a hegemon during the Desolate Era.

Even his master, the previous Lord of Hell, had to give our Old Ancestor some face.

A junior like him, what qualifications does he have to order our Old Ancestor to personally go to the Mohe Plane and swear allegiance to him”

One of the ancient forces in the Ghost World, the Scorpio Clans Patriarch sneered icily, “We have more than ten ancient clans allying together, refusing to submit to him.

Lets see if he really has the guts to exterminate a dozen ancient clans!” Enraged voices resounded from various forces of Hells three worlds.

Huang Xiaolong merely snickered at these angry voices and completely ignored them.

Together with the little cow and the others, Huang Xiaolong returned to Radiance World.

Half a year later, he would return to Hell again.

At that time, whether it was the ancient clans alliance or the Misty Palace, Dark Roc Race, and the rest of Hells top ten forces that chose the stand-and-watch stance, he would personally pay them a visit one by one.

“Didnt I tell you so Though youve wiped out the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe, Massacring Gods Gate, and Fengdu City, it is not enough to deter Hells three worlds multitude of forces.

The bones of some ancient clans are very tough, and if these ancient clans ally, it is a powerful force.

In the past, your Master, the Lord of Hell, couldnt really say that he completely ruled Hells three worlds, and the biggest roadblocks were these ancient clans.” The little cow teased Huang Xiaolong.

The King of Darkness laughed coldly, “That is because my elder brothers heart was too kind.

Half a year later, well clean up these ancient clans.

Lets see who dares to violate your order again in Hells three worlds”

The Six Winged Green Mosquito Races Old Ancestor chuckled sinisterly in agreement, “Brother Darkness is right.

If they are not afraid after we kill one hundred million people, then well kill one hundred billion, one trillion, kill until they are afraid!”

Back in the Myriad Spirits City, the Radiance Knight Corp Commander Elan and Heaven Devouring Great Emperor Wu Shaowu reported the aftermath of the Radiance Divine Citys war.

Due to Old Monster Lun Zhuan, Old Crow Ancestor, Shi Ming, King of Darkness, Buddhist Ancestor Shi Zhens abandonment halfway during the war, coupled with Dun Eis death, as well as the Treasure World, Poison World, Demon World, and Fire Worlds Lords demise, the aftermath of handling of the Radiance Divine City had gone unexpectedly smoothly.

It wasnt only the Radiance Divine City, but also many other cities and superforces that had chosen Dun Eis camp had now obediently submitted to the Radiance Knight Corp.

Next, Huang Xiaolong summoned the ex-Radiance Divine Citys archbishops as well as the patriarchs, ancestors, and pontiffs who swore allegiance to the Radiance Knight Corp.

When all these people assembled, Huang Xiaolong planted the grandmist worm in each of their souls, completely holding their lives in his hands.

Onwards, Huang Xiaolong issued another decree, ordering all superforces pontiffs, patriarchs, and old ancestors under the Radiance Worlds territories to assemble at the Myriad Spirits City within three months\' deadline and swear allegiance to the Radiance Knight Corp.

Those that failed to meet the stipulated deadline would be exterminated.

Since Huang Xiaolong was both the King of Hell and Radiance World Lord, he intended to fully grasp all the forces of Hell and Radiance World in his hands.

Only with Hell and Radiance World fully unified under his rule that all the forces could be twisted into one strong rope.

They would be united and powerful enough to face the City of All-Heavens.

Otherwise, when the City of All-Heavens army arrived, the superforces under him might scurry over to the enemys side in surrender instead.

Huang Xiaolong did not want to fall into this unfavorable situation.

Thus, before the enemy came knocking at his door, he needed to completely control all the forces in these two worlds.

Although there were voices of dissent after Huang Xiaolong issued the decree with his identity as the Radiance World Lord, no parties dared to form an alliance in opposition to Huang Xiaolongs decree like what was happening in Hell.

Churches and other forces that had yet to submit to Huang Xiaolong hastened to the Myriad Spirits City and solemnly declared to Huang Xiaolong their allegiance to the Radiance Knight Corp.

Time flowed by, and one month later…

The majority of Radiance Worlds ancient clans, churches, and other forces had submitted to Huang Xiaolong.

Naturally, there were always exceptions.

Several super churches pontiffs led the experts of their forces and fled out from the Radiance World.

“Your Majesty, according to our investigation, these few churches belong to the hidden forces that were arranged by the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe in the Radiance World long ago.” Elan reported to Huang Xiaolong, “They have just exited the Radiance World boundary into the Fire World!”

“So, they are spy forces placed by the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe in the Radiance World.” Huang Xiaolong sneered.

“Gather up a few people and follow me to the Fire World.

Were going to wipe them out!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Huang Xiaolong issued a series of orders to the others then departed to the Fire World with Elan and a battalion of Radiance Knight elites.

With the three great lords like the little cow, King of Darkness, and Du Hai at the helm of the Ancient Heavenly Court, it soon reached the Fire World.

Merely several super churches were not qualified for Huang Xiaolong to deliberately make this trip to the Fire World.

He had another purpose.

Huang Xiaolong had killed the Fire World Lord Lin Cheng.

Thus the current Fire World had lost its pillar of leadership.

Huang Xiaolong planned to seize this window of time to take over the Fire World, then the Treasure World, Poison World, and Demon World.

Though these four worlds couldnt compare with the Radiance World in terms of strength individually, their combined power was definitely stronger than the Radiance World.

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