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Chapter 2058: The Fire Worlds Inheritance

The moment Huang Xiaolong and the others entered the Fire Worlds boundary, they felt the buoyant and pure fire element spiritual energy.

“Have you found their current location” Huang Xiaolong asked Elan.

“Replying to Your Majesty, they have reached the Ksana Surface.” Elan respectfully replied.

“Ksana Surface” The little cow repeated, sounding slightly surprised as she grinned.

“Looks like they plan to hide in the Ksana Divine Sect.

The Ksana Divine Sect is the second strongest superpower in the Fire World.”

“In the Fire World, other than the Fire World Lord Lin Cheng, the Ksana Divine Sect is considered as the second most powerful force in Fire World.

Furthermore, Xiaolong, if you want to take control over the Fire World, you must obtain the Fire Worlds origin energy recognition.

Only then right and might will stand on your side, and the generations of Fire World Lords inheritance is located on the Ksana Surface!” The little cow elaborated.

“Oh, the Fire World Lords inheritance!” A glimmer of anticipation flickered across Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

The King of Darkness nodded in agreement, “In truth, only the first generation of Fire World Lord had obtained the recognition of the Fire Worlds origin energy.

The Ksana Divine Temple was built by the first generation Fire World Lord on this Ksana Surface.

The Ksana Divine Temple is divided into three levels, inner, middle, and outer level, and ten kinds of restrictions protect each level.

Only by passing thirty stages of restrictions and entering the innermost level can a person obtain the Fire Worlds inheritance.”

“The last Fire World Lord Lin Cheng was only the Fire World Lord in superficial terms.

His situation was similar to Dun Ei in that sense as neither of them had obtained the recognition of the origin energy.”

Huang Xiaolong couldnt help asking, “Dont tell me no one has been able to pass through the Ksana Divine Temples thirty restrictions in so many years”

The Six Winged Green Mosquito Races Old Ancestor shook his head as he said, “Its very difficult.

Although the Fire World is a little weaker than the Radiance World, the restrictions placed by the first generation Fire World Lord are not so easy to break.

Moreover, these restrictions power is connected to the entire Fire World as one entity.

Even if you are a great overlord of myriad worlds, you wont be able to destroy the restrictions based on violent force.

You can only clear the restrictions on each level by relying on your talent.”

“Talent” The glimmer in Huang Xiaolongs eyes appeared again.

The little cow agreed, “Thats right, talent.

First of all, the assessee must possess the fire element king of supreme godhead, or more accurately, possess supreme fire godforce.

Only when that requirement is fulfilled can the assessee begin to comprehend the thirty restrictions on all three levels of the Ksana Divine Temple.

You can have a go at it.”

She knew Huang Xiaolongs true abilities.

Although Huang Xiaolong didnt possess a fire element king of supreme godhead, other than supreme dragon force, his Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead also possessed fire, water, wood, earth, and other natural elements of supreme godforce.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

Since the little cow had said so, he had to try his luck at the Ksana Divine Temple.

Though the Fire Worlds inheritance might be subpar to the Radiance World, it was still a source that could significantly improve his strength.

“The Treasure World Lord, Poison World Lord, and Demon World Lord, are they like Lin Cheng as well Merely World Lords in name only” Huang Xiaolong suddenly asked.

Hearing Huang Xiaolongs question, the little cow immediately understood what Huang Xiaolong was thinking.

She snickered and said, “Yes! However, the Treasure World and Poison Worlds inheritance, you can forget about them.

To obtain the Treasure World and Poison Worlds inheritances requires the Supreme Treasury Physique and Supreme Poison Physique.

But the Demon Worlds inheritance merely requires supreme darkness element godforce.

You can try that.”

Huang Xiaolong directed the Ancient Heavenly Court towards the Ksana Surface.

On the way there, he continued to ask about the Ksana Divine Temple to the little cow and the others.

He was genuinely astounded when he heard that a fire element king of supreme godhead genius had merely succeeded in passing twenty plus of the Ksana Divine Temples restrictions in the past.

It seemed like it was harder to pass the Ksana Divine Temples thirty restrictions than he had estimated.

While Huang Xiaolongs group was heading to the Ksana Surface, the four super churches fleeing experts had arrived at the mountain of Ksana Divine Sect headquarters, and they were standing before the entrance.

Punishment Sword Churchs Pontiff Jian Wangyuan sounded doubtful, “This Ksana Divine Sects Chief, will he really accept us Wont he be afraid of offending Huang Xiaolong”

Earth Pole Church Pontiff Li Yan laughed as he said, “Dont worry, the Ksana Divine Sect Chief is almost like my blood brother.

Before coming here, I had already contacted him, and he has agreed to let us stay for a few days.”

Right at this time, a group of people flew out from the Ksana Divine Sects mountain range.

They were bearing majestic momentum.

Earth Pole Church Pontiff Li Yans eyes lit up, and he laughed out loud as he saw the person leading the group.

“The Ksana Divine Sect Chief has come out to welcome us.

Come on, lets go over!”

The group of people flying over naturally consisted of the Ksana Divine Sect Chief and several experts.

“Brother Chen!” From afar, the Earth Pole Church Pontiff Li Yan cupped his fists and greeted.

Ksana Divine Sect Chief Chen Tingfei laughed sonorously, “Younger Brother Li Yan, welcome, welcome.”

The two exchanged greetings.

Watching Li Yan and Cheng Tingfei were thick as thieves.

The Punishment Sword Pontiff Jian Wangyuan, and the others nervousness reduced slightly.

Subsequently, the Earth Pole Church Pontiff Li Yan introduced those with him to Chen Tingfei.

After the introductions finished, Ksana Divine Sect Chief Chen Tingfei patted his chest and declared righteously, “Everyone please rest assured, as long as youre on this Ksana Surface, you wont need to worry about your safety.

My Ksana Divine Sect manages half of the Fire World.

Even if that Huang Xiaolong comes, he wont have the guts to run rampant on Ksana Surface!”

“Heihei, Xiaolong.

It looks like there are quite a few people in the myriad of worlds that do not put you in their eyes.”

Out of nowhere, a teasing voice sounded.

Chen Tingfei, Li Yan, Jian Wangyuan, and the others were startled.

“Who is it!” Chen Tingfei barked as an overwhelming majestic momentum roiled out from his body to the surroundings.

Although he had yet to step into the Sovereign Realm, he had one foot across the line.

Thus his strength was definitely comparable to Dun Eis.

Under the pressure of his aura, even a late-Tenth Order Emperor would ashen.

Barely a second passed after Chen Tingfei demanded when a massive building entered their sight from afar.

This massive building glistened in bright golden lights resembling stars that were strung together.

It was a pretty mesmerizing sight.

Those amongst the Ksana Divine Sect that did not recognize the Ancient Heavenly Court did not feel anything, but the four super churches experts, who had fled from the Radiance World, turned deathly pale at the sight of the Ancient Heavenly Court.

Even Chen Tingfei, who had righteously proclaimed he would shelter Li Yan and the others, looked more than a little pale.

Soon, the Ancient Heavenly Court was right in front of them.

The Complete Heaven Palaces starlight shone outwards as Huang Xiaolongs group exited.

“Huang, Huang Xiaolong!” Punishment Sword Church Pontiff Jian Wangyuans voice trembled.

At Jian Wangyuans trembling exclamation, others of the Ksana Divine Sect immediately understood who had arrived.

Blood drained from several peoples faces.

True that the Ksana Divine Sect ruled half of the Fire World, but the Ksana Divine Sect that ruled half of the Fire World was nothing more than a fly that was slightly bigger than other flies in front of Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolongs gaze stopped on the Ksana Divine Sect Chief Chen Tingfei.

He directly stated without a word of nonsense, “Hand over those traitors from the four super churches, and the Ksana Divine Sect will submit to me.

If you do that, I wont kill you.” The atmosphere became eerily quiet the moment Huang Xiaolong finished speaking.

Ksana Divine Sect Chief Chen Tingfeis cheek stiffened.

He inhaled deeply and heaved out, shaking his head, “Li Yan is my brother.

I cannot betray my brother.”

The moment Chen Tingfei finished, everyone was dumbfounded.

Was this Chen Tingfei a retard He was going to risk his life protecting Li Yans group!

Even Huang Xiaolong, the little cow, and the rest were surprised.

Note: Ksana (Sankrit); lit.

an instant

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