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Chapter 206: Saint Pavilion

Yao Fei pondered quietly for a while and then his hand indicated for Xiao Teng to come closer and said something to him.

“Yes, Young Noble, please rest assured.” Xiao Teng answered respectfully at Yao Fei’s instruction.

With another wave of his hand, Xiao Teng withdrew.

At the same time, somewhere within the Guo Mansion, Guo Shiwen’s face appeared extremely gloomy as he looked at both of his sons being carried back.

A scary killing intent brewed strongly in his heart.

“Huang Xiaolong!!” Guo Shiwen gritted his teeth and then let out an abrupt wrathful roar.

The Guo Family experts in the main hall shivered with trepidation.

It was the first time the Guo Family members had experienced this level of rage from Guo Shiwen.

All kept quiet, reducing their presence as much as possible.

This even included Zhang Yue, the Chief Steward of the Guo Family.

There was a silent rage brewing inside of Zhang Yue too, a burning desire to slaughter.

Guo Zhi and Guo Fei were the Young Lords of the Guo Family yet someone was daring enough to crush their Qi Seas, crippling them! This was a humiliation for the Guo Mansion, a naked provocation!

It was apparent the other side did not place the entire Guo Mansion in their eyes!

This Huang Xiaolong was too emboldened!

Today, the Guo Family had become the after dinner topic and joke for many of Duanren Empire’s big families.

As the Chief Steward of the Guo Family, Zhang Yue too was greatly angered by Huang Xiaolong.

“Patriarch, this matter, should we let Ancestor know” Moments later Zhang Yue walked up and asked.

Guo Shiwen’s eyes were cold with hatred, “Father is in closed-door practice at this crucial moment in an attempt to break into the Saint realm.

Don’t alert him with this matter.”

“Yes, Patriarch!” Zhang Yue answered.

He hesitated before continuing, “Huang Xiaolong’s younger sister, Huang Min, has an engagement agreement with Young Master Guo Tai.

Patriarch, this matter…”

“Engaged” Guo Shiwen scoffed, Arrange for this secret letter to reach my younger brother, Shiyuan’s hand.

Tell him to rescind that little brat Guo Tai’s engagement!”

“Huang Xiaolong’s little sister… cheap material such as her wishes to enter my Guo Family!”

Zhang Yue received the secret letter and acknowledged Guo Shiwen’s instruction with respect.

He then ventured, “Then, as for Huang Xiaolong”

“Father will definitely succeed in breaking through to Saint realm during his secluded practice this time,” Guo Shiwen replied coldly, We’ll deal with Huang Xiaolong and Zhao Shu once and for all after Father comes out!”

“Patriarch is wise!”

Three days passed.

The other big and super families that were waiting for the Guo Family’s lightning fast and frenzied retaliation towards Huang Xiaolong were expecting to watch a good show, but what surprised them was that the Guo Family did not take any action.

All was calm and peaceful.

This response made those waiting dumbfounded.

The Million Treasures Firm managed by the Guo Family was one of Duanren Empire’s three biggest firms with branches all over Duanren Empire’s territory.

With unimaginable wealth and a foundation close to a thousand years, it was only slightly below the Xie and Yao Family level hegemonies.

Yet when both of their Young Lords Qi Sea\'s were broken, they actually endured in silence!

This was so unlike the Guo Family’s style of handling things!

Even taking into consideration that Huang Xiaolong was a brother-in-arms with Second Imperial Prince Duan Wuhen, it still did not make sense for the Guo Family to be so quiet.

Not even a fart could be heard!

In short, the Guo Family’s reaction was too abnormal.

Not paying attention to the whispers around him and however the Guo Family wanted to react, Huang Xiaolong arrived at Duanren Institute almost like clockwork to ‘wander idly’ around the inner division grounds, attempting to capture any presence of the Absolute Soul Pearl until late evening before returning to Southern Hill Estate.

Then, he triggered the God Binding Ring and once again entered the ancient battlefield to continue his practice.

Three days passed and there was zero harvest, he still failed to sense the Absolute Soul Pearl’s location.

Another ten days passed in the same way.

On this night Huang Xiaolong stood in the middle of the yard, his eyebrows creasing slightly while in deep thought.

Half a month had passed, and in this half a month he practically covered every inch of the inner division grounds.

He even went as far as the female dormitory.

Still, he was unable to sense any reaction linked to the Absolute Soul Pearl.


“Could it be… the Absolute Soul Pearl is not inside Duanren Institute” Huang Xiaolong’s thoughts branched out.

Just then, a thought struck his mind like lightning.

There was one spot in Duanren Institute that he did not go.

“Saint Pavilion!”

Saint Pavilion was Duanren Institute’s restricted zone.

The Saint Pavilion was a space opened up by Duanren Institute’s Saint realm experts.

But, this Saint Pavilion was not a place Huang Xiaolong could enter nonchalantly even with Duanren Emperor’s Golden Token because Saint Pavilion was only open annually, once.

To open it, all the Saint realm experts of Duanren Institute would pool their strength.

Inside the Saint Pavilion existed a saint spiritual energy that was beneficial to one’s battle qi cultivation.

And every time it was opened, only ten Duanren Institute students were sent inside to cultivate for one month.

“Saint Pavilion.” Huang Xiaolong mumbled to himself.

Moments later, he summoned Zhao Shu, telling him that on his next trip to the Duanren Imperial Palace, he was to inform Duan Ren that Huang Xiaolong would like to go in and have a look the next time the Saint Pavilion opened.

As the founder of Duanren Institute, Duanren Emperor could name three students to enter the Saint Pavilion for practice every year whereas the remaining seven names were divided between the seven big families—Xie Family, Yao Family, Guo Family, Yan Family, Zhao Family, and Chen Family.

Early in the morning, Zhao Shu returned from Duanren Imperial Palace and reported to Huang Xiaolong that he had mentioned the matter to Duanren Emperor.

Duan Ren, of course, agreed.

He also included information about things that Huang Xiaolong needed to pay attention to.

Two months later. Huang Xiaolong repeated to himself.

Two months later was the time of Saint Pavilion’s next opening.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong had no other option but to wait for two months, for not even Duan Ren could change the timing as he liked.

Thus, Huang Xiaolong waited patiently while practicing, waiting for Saint Pavilion’s opening in two months time.

On this day, Huang Xiaolong was practicing Asura Sword Skill in the yard when Fei Hou suddenly burst in, reporting, “Sovereign, a rapid rumor is spreading through the Imperial City claiming the Guo Family’s Guo Shiyuan has just announced the rescindment of Guo Tai’s engagement with Young Miss!”

Hearing this, Huang Xiaolong halted his practice.

The temperature in his eyes dropped sharply, “It was Guo Shiyuan that announced it in person”

“It is so, according to the rumors flying around!” Fei Hou respectfully replied.

“Go confirm if Guo Shiyuan said it with his own mouth!” Huang Xiaolong’s voice sounded cold, “Also, find out what Guo Tai’s response is to this.”

“Yes, Sovereign!” Fei Hou answered respectfully and retreated.

After Fei Hou left, the Blades of Asura in Huang Xiaolong’s hands slashed out.

Two enchanting Flowers of the Other Shore bloomed in mesmerizing splendor, disappearing before one could catch a glimpse.

Barely a breath later, a giant boulder in the nearby courtyard crumbled into stone dust.

These days, Huang Xiaolong’s practice included imbuing Ethereal Palm’s effect into the Flower of the Other Shore’s attack, making it even more unpredictable, powerful, and undefendable.

Against the current Huang Xiaolong, even it was an early or mid-Xiantian Second Order warrior, he was confident he could kill them in one move!

Huang Xiaolong practiced in the yard, repeating the moves from Tempest of Hell, Tears of Asura, Wrath of the Nether King, State of Abundant Lightning, and Flower of the Other Shore again and again!

Huang Xiaolong finally stopped several hours later and breathed out a mouth of foul qi, thinking to himself: It appears that I will be able to start practicing the sixth move soon.

His Flower of the Other Shore had reached a plateau.

At this time Fei Hou, who went out to investigate the rumors, returned and reported to Huang Xiaolong, “Sovereign, we have updated information.

It has been confirmed that it was Guo Shiyuan himself that announced the news, but Guo Tai did not agree.”

This made Huang Xiaolong\'s expression change slightly for the better.

“First, don’t let Second Miss know about it.” Huang Xiaolong reminded with a solemn voice.

“Yes, Sovereign.” Fei Hou said.

“You retreat first.” Huang Xiaolong excused him.

Fei Hou acknowledged and once again left the yard.

“In another seven months, Second Sis, Mom and Dad, and the rest will arrive in Imperial City.” Huang Xiaolong frowned.

The news couldn\'t be kept under wraps for long, his little sister would find out sooner or later.


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