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Chapter 2066: Huang Xiaolong Entering Seclusion

“Declared to the myriad words the extermination of nine familial relatives.” Huang Xiaolong harrumphed coldly and disdainfully, “Such arrogance.”

The little cow snickered.

“The City of All-Heavens has always carried this kind of tone in their words and actions.

They actually issued a public declaration this time.

It seems only a few mavericks will dare to snatch the Darkness Gold Fruit, and Blood of Darkness from them.

However, the City of All-Heavens has never done this in the past.

Most likely, their public declaration this time is a warning to us.”

“From the news Ive heard, Wan Yues son, Wan Zhuoyuans cultivation has already reached the pinnacle of peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm.

Therefore, the City of All-Heavens is hellbent on getting the Darkness Gold Fruit because Wan Zhuoyuan wants to advance to the Sovereign Realm with it,” Reverence Moon Old Man said.

“So, this is the reason why the City of All-Heavens issued a declaration, putting their names on the Darkness Gold Fruit and Blood of Darkness!” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

“So, its like that.

In other words, that Wan Zhuoyuan is Wan Shis grandson”

The Six Winged Green Mosquito Old Ancestor Du Hai nodded as he joined in the conversation, That\'s right, Wan Shi only has one son, Wan Yue, and Wan Yue only has Wan Zhuoyuan.

Thus Wan Zhuoyuan is Wan Shis only grandson.

Wan Zhuoyuan is an outstanding cultivation talent, and many City of All-Heavens experts see him as the next successor.

If Wan Zhuoyuan gets the Darkness Gold Fruit and the City of All-Heavens resources, breaking through to the Sovereign Realm is a certainty.”

“That only makes me want to snatch the Darkness Gold Fruit even more.” Huang Xiaolong grinned.

However, the King of Grandmist looked solemn as he spoke, “The City of All-Heavens would deploy the majority of their experts.

Even without Wan Shi present, there are Wan Yue, and the other two overlords, as well as the Old Monster Lun Zhuan, Old Crow Ancestor, Shi Ming, King of Shadows, and Buddhist Shi Zhen.

That makes eight overlords!”

“At that time, even if our side has the Ancient Heavenly Court, they will suppress us.” The little cow went on a serious tone, “Unless Xiaolong breaks through to the Sovereign Realm before the Darkness Gold Fruit ripens!”

The King of Grandmist shook his head, “There are merely fifty years left until then.

Even if Xiaolong is the most talented genius of our era, that is an impossible feat.”

The Reverence Moon Old Man, Cang Mutian, Du Hai, and the others shook their heads in despondence.

Huang Xiaolong and the King of Darkness exchanged a smiling glance.

The little cow, King of Grandmist, and Reverence Moon Old Man noticed Huang Xiaolong and the King of Darknesss small gestures and looked at them with perplexed expressions.

Just as they wanted to ask what was going on, soft white starlight glimmered from Huang Xiaolongs palm as he summoned the Ancient Heavenly Court out of his body.

The Ancient Heavenly Courts size had shrunken several hundred thousand times, resembling a small chain of starry stones lined up, emitting twinkling starlight like a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Huang Xiaolong opened the Heaven Vault Palaces door in front of everyones confused gaze.

When the little cow, King of Grandmist, Reverence Moon Old Man, and the others saw what was inside the Heaven Vault Palace, each of them revealed shocked faces.

“Blossom of the Flame Dragon!

“Sky Star Dao Fruit!”

“Peacock King Entwined Root!”


“Dual Fire and Ice Spirit Cloud!”

When everyone exclaimed the names of level-one and level-two origin treasures as they looked inside the Heaven Vault Palace, they finally understood why Huang Xiaolong and the King of Darkness were smiling earlier.

After seeing so many level-one and level-two origin treasures, even the overlord existences like them, were genuinely shocked and just as excited as the King of Darkness when he had first seen these origin treasures.

“Good brat.

With so many level-one and level-two origin treasures, whats there to worry about advancing to the Sovereign Realm!” The little cow guffawed in a jolly mood.

“With so many origin treasures, even a cow can break through to the Sovereign Realm!” Even the King of Grandmist was in the mood for a little joke.

However, just as the King of Grandmist finished, he was at the receiving end of the little cows fierce glare.

Only then did he realize his blunder.

He let out a dry, awkward haha, and apologized, “A mistake, mistake!”

Others erupted in laughter.

“However, refining so many level-one and level-two origin treasures would take an average Sovereign several thousand years.

Can Xiaolong really break through to Sovereign in fifty years and refine so many origin treasures” Cang Mutian asked doubtfully.

Hearing that, the little cow was the first to chuckle as she responded, “You can rest assured one hundred percent in Xiaolong.

This brat, is literally a super glutton.

These origin treasures seem a lot, but it\'s not enough to last him for even five years.

When he was still a Second Order Emperor, you guys take a guess how long did it take him to refine the level-three origin treasure, Lotus of Darkness”

The Six Winged Green Mosquito Race Old Ancestor Du Hai took a guess, “A hundred years!” Without waiting for an answer, he shook his head, “Impossible, right He cant do that within one hundred years!” The way Du Hai saw it, even though Huang Xiaolong was a freak, it was impossible for him to completely refine the level-three origin treasure, Lotus of Darkness, within a hundred years.

The King of Darkness laughed as he revealed, “In truth, it only took Xiaolong a little over a dozen years.”

“A dozen years!” Du Hai gasped in astonishment.

Even the Reverence Moon Old Man and Cang Mutian looked dumbfounded by the information.

If those words hadnt come out from the horses mouth itself, Du Hai and the others would have taken a longer time to believe that Huang Xiaolong had merely spent a dozen years to refine the level-three origin treasure, Lotus of Darkness!

“In short, these level-one and level-two origin treasures are not enough to last this brat more than five years consumption.” The little cow grinned.

Subsequently, Huang Xiaolong, the King of Grandmist, Reverence Moon Old Man, and the rest discussed the affairs in Hell, Divine World, Demon World, and Radiance World.

When the meeting finished, Huang Xiaolong dove into the Ancient Heavenly Courts Complete Heaven Palace and began cultivating in seclusion.

Huang Xiaolongs goal was to raise his cultivation until the pinnacle of peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm before exiting.

If he still had time after he advanced to the peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm, he could enter the Reverence Moon Old Mans Radiance Flame Volcano, consume the Three Lives Flower, and then sprint forward to breakthrough to Sovereign Realm.

Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged in the midst of the Complete Heaven Palaces space.

Three hundred and sixty-five stars were sending streams of star energy towards Huang Xiaolong, enshrouding him like a cocoon.

One of his palms reached out, grabbing the Blossom of the Flame Dragon towards him, then circulated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium as he began to refine the origin treasure.

The Blossom of the Flame Dragon was a level-one origin treasure.

Huang Xiaolongs plan was to refine all the level-one origin treasures then moved on to refining the level two origin treasures.

His three archdevils bloodlines were completely awakened, and his three king of supreme godheads were spinning to the limit.

With the power of his three archdevils bloodline and three king of supreme godheads, roughly seven to eight months later, he had completely refined the Blossom of the Flame Dragon.

After Huang Xiaolong had finished refining the Blossom of the Flame Dragon, he continued with the mid-level Sky Star Dao Fruit.

After the Sky Star Dao Fruit, it was the Peacock King Entwined Root!


Over ten years later, Huang Xiaolong had finished refining all the level-one origin treasures.

By this point, Huang Xiaolong had advanced to the early Tenth Order Emperor Realm, and he was very close to breaking through to the peak of early Tenth Order Emperor Realm.

Inside the Heaven Vault Palace were six level-two origin treasures.

He started with the low-level-two origin treasure, Wood of Five Elements.

The Wood of Five Elements had evolved from absorbing the five elements energy from heaven and earth.

When Huang Xiaolong refined it, his body was entirely enshrouded by dazzling colors of the five elements.


“It has been thirty years.

I wonder hows Xiaolong progressing inside the Complete Heaven Palace”

The King of Darkness who has been guarding outside muttered under his breath.

“Its still a bit too rushed.

If there would have been another hundred years for time, perhaps, Xiaolong really could break through to the Sovereign Realm.” Reverence Moon Old Man shook his head, “And now, there are only twenty-plus years left.”

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