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Chapter 207: Eye of Reincarnation

“That old guy Guo Chen is in closed-door practice to break through to the Saint realm.” Huang Xiaolong sneered.

He naturally knew the reason why the Guo Family wasn’t anxious to deal with him.

They did not retaliate earlier because they were waiting.

Waiting for old man Guo Chen to come out from closed-door practice after successfully breaking through to the Saint realm in order to deal with him.

Since that was the case, he would accompany the Guo Family in their little game.

Thus, another month passed in similar days.

Within the God Binding Ring’s ancient battlefield, Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged, running both the Body Metamorphose Scripture and Asura Tactics.

The heaven and earth’s spiritual energy and the netherworld’s spiritual energy gathered towards Huang Xiaolong simultaneously.

At the same time, the black and blue dragon hovered high above him, devouring the true dragon qi tumbling down from the ancient dragon world.

Multiple strands of fiery red true dragon qi entered the twin dragon martial spirits and Huang Xiaolong’s bodies.

Huang Xiaolong breathed in and out according to a certain rhythm as black and blue colored lights coruscated.

In just two months of practice, the true dragon qi within Huang Xiaolong’s body was ten times more than when he started.

It existed in harmony with the netherworld battle qi in Huang Xiaolong’s Qi Sea and meridians.

Now, in the space above Huang Xiaolong’s Qi Sea, true dragon qi condensed rapidly, gradually forming into the fiery-red shape of a Primordial Divine Dragon, whereas the netherworld battle qi also started taking shape in the image of an Archdemon of Hell.

As time flew by, these two vague images became more and more condensed and real.

Sensing the changes in his Qi Sea, Huang Xiaolong was stupefied.

According to Zhao Shu’s description, only those peak late-Tenth Order warriors who were approaching the Saint realm would experience signs of battle qi taking shape.

But Huang Xiaolong’s battle qi already started to take shape in his Qi Sea!

When it came time to break into the Saint realm, the corporeal shapes in his Qi Sea would become even more condensed, evolving into a real solid entity.

Huang Xiaolong was delighted with the changes in his Qi Sea.

Indeed, after the battle qi began to take shape, his speed in absorbing true dragon qi and netherworld’s spiritual energy had increased significantly.

Ten days passed.

Huang Xiaolong spent all of his time cultivating in the ancient battlefield.

By now, he could run both the Body Metamorphose Scripture and Asura Tactics simultaneously with ease.

Within these last couple months of practice, Huang Xiaolong\'s strength had gone from late-Xiantian First Order to peak-late Xiantian First Order.

On this day, Huang Xiaolong took out that same piece of illustrated diagram.

He had fully comprehended the fifth move of Asura Sword Skill: Flower of the Other Shore, hence, he could now learn the sixth move.

Huang Xiaolong read the description for the sixth move from the piece of illustration.

The sixth move: Eye of Reincarnation!

After studying what was written and the illustration, Huang Xiaolong closed his eyes to recall what he learned.

When he had full grasp of the Eye of Reincarnation\'s movements and the route of battle qi circulation, he placed the piece of paper back into the Asura Ring.

But Huang Xiaolong did not start practicing.

Instead, he visualized the movements and battle qi circulation route over and over in his head.

More than an hour later, the Blades of Asura suddenly emerged in Huang Xiaolong’s hands and he swung out with lightning speed.

Countless cold sharp blade lights appeared, revolving in a strange circular shape.

As the blades lights spun in that peculiar circle, a red eyeball that exuded strong killing intent emerged in midair.

The eerie eyeball glowed a ghostly dark red, and the area within its red glow seemed to enter a surreal, dreamlike illusion.

In the next moment, the red eyeball rotated and issued an enormous amount of frigid blade intent, enough to perforate the wall one hundred zhang away.

At the same time, the Eye of Reincarnation issued something called Light of Reincarnation.

This forced the victim to experience reincarnation, causing them to succumb to excruciating pain.

This was the most terrifying power of Eye of Reincarnation.

According to what was written, once this move, Eye of Reincarnation reaches its major completion, all living beings within one million li would be affected, each entering into a different illusion.

After the first attempt, Huang Xiaolong stopped, closing his eyes to recall the earlier comprehension.

An hour later, he made the second attack attempt.

This time, the dark-red glow coming from the Eye of Reincarnation was a little bit stronger than the previous attack.

And the area expanded from the previous ten zhang to a dozen zhang.

The light of reincarnation also grew stronger.

After every attempt, Huang Xiaolong would stop to recall and comprehend.

And like this, the process repeated.

As Huang Xiaolong repeated the process of practice and recall, the attack power of Eye of Reincarnation gradually improved.

After another ten days passed, there was now only a single day remaining before the Saint Pavilion opened.

Huang Xiaolong exited the ancient battlefield.

With ten days of practice, Huang Xiaolong managed to double the Eye of Reincarnation’s power compared to ten days prior, and his battle qi cultivation had progressed by a lot.

Currently, the battle qi in his Qi Sea had taken shape.

Adding the Fire Dragon Pearl and the ancient battlefield’s unique spiritual energy, Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation increased with a noticeable difference every day.

As he exited the ancient battlefield, Huang Xiaolong called for Zhao Shu and Fei Hou to ask about the current situation in Imperial City and Southern Hill Estate.

“Sovereign, some days ago, the Yao and Guo Family held a joint auction.” Fei Hou said.

Huang Xiaolong was surprised, detecting the implied meaning from Fei Hou’s remark: “Yao and Guo Family joining hands”

“I’m afraid that is the case.” Fei Hou nodded.

Zhao Shu sneered, “Now, the entire Imperial City is saying that Sovereign is hiding in Southern Hill Estate because you’re afraid of Yao Fei and the Guo Family’s retaliation, not daring to venture outside the main door.”

Huang Xiaolong waved his hand, “Let them say whatever they like.” Then, he asked Fei Hou, “How far have my parents reached”

“Replying to Sovereign, Patriarch Huang and the rest have reached North Flood Kingdom, it will take another four months for them to reach Imperial City.” Fei Hou answered respectfully.

“Master has joined up with them.”

Knowing that Yu Ming was with his parents, Huang Xiaolong felt more at ease.

“That’s right Sovereign, this Subordinate also found out Yao Fei will enter the Saint Pavilion when it is opened this time too.

Other than Yao Fei, there is also a Guo Family disciple called Guo Xufei, a Xiantian Eighth Order expert.

Xie Puti from the Xie Family will also be entering when the Saint Pavilion opens.” Fei Hou added.

Huang Xiaolong sneered when hearing this.

Although there was saint spiritual energy inside the Saint Pavilion, it didn’t provide much benefit for high-order Xiantian warriors.

It was obvious that Yao Fei and that Guo Family’s disciple were aiming for him!

“Sovereign, rest assured, tomorrow when the Saint Pavilion opens, I had Duan Ren arrange for two high-order Xiantian experts to go in as well.” At this point, Zhao Shu interjected.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

There was a nine in ten chance that the Absolute Soul Pearl was located inside the Saint Pavilion.

Since he was entering the Saint Pavilion tomorrow, he needed to seize this chance to locate and subdue it.

The next morning, the sun shone brilliantly.

Huang Xiaolong left Southern Hill Estate.

Without Zhao Shu or Fei Hou accompanying him, he headed in Duanren Institute’s direction alone, and went straight to the Saint Pavilion’s entrance—the Institute’s back mountain.


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