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Chapter 209: Searching for Absolute Soul Pearl

Yao Fei raised his hand.

A group of black-colored flames gathered in his hand, growing bigger! This small group of dull black flames emanated a terrifying energy that made the heart palpitate with apprehension.

The black flames within Yao Fei\'s palm were different from Xie Puti\'s Black Phoenix Flame.

Xie Puti\'s black flame contained an aura of dominance, pride, arrogance, and destruction whereas Yao Fei\'s black flame felt as if it was hellfire that sprouted from the deep abyss of hell, chillingly cold and frigid akin to a poisonous giant serpent with its jaws opened wide.

The flames shared similarities to Huang Xiaolong\'s Asura qi, yet was different.

At the same time, the Guo Family\'s Guo Xufei also released his battle qi and his aura soared.

Around him emerged a dozen butterfly-esque tiny flying birds that exuded a dark and nefarious aura.

The tiny flying birds had dark green eyes and two little claws on their bodies that glowed a pale moss green.

This was Guo Xufei\'s martial spirit—the Underworld Ghost Butterfly!

A martial spirit that raised chilling goosebumps on the average warrior\'s skin.

In Martial Spirit World, there was a type of necro-martial spirit.

In general, necro-martial spirits were nefarious, evil, and had a nauseating physical appearance.

This Underworld Ghost Butterfly was a type of necro-martial spirit.

A dozen Underworld Ghost Butterflies appearing around Guo Xufei didn\'t mean he had a dozen of the same martial spirit, but was instead one of Underworld Ghost Butterfly\'s abilities.


This ability was similar to the martial spirit of the black-clad assassin sent by the Guo Brothers to kill Huang Xiaolong, the Violet-pupils Bat.

As the black flame shrouded Yao Fei\'s palm, he struck towards Huang Xiaolong, and Guo Xufei made his move almost simultaneously.

Waving both his arms, countless Underworld Ghost Butterflies swarmed onto Huang Xiaolong in an attack.

Xie Puti was startled.

In the next moment, two palm prints similar to scarlet burning fire whistled through the void, meeting Yao Fei\'s palm and Guo Xufei\'s Underworld Ghost Butterfly.

A thunderous collision resounded and ripples shook across space.

Yao Fei\'s black flame palm print dissipated and Guo Xufei\'s Underworld Ghost Butterfly dispersed into nothing.

A powerful aftershock swept out in four directions.

Yao Fei managed to withstand the turbulent force but Guo Xufei couldn\'t resist, staggering backward for more than a dozen meters.


The impact caused Guo Xufei\'s blood to flow in reverse and the warm crimson liquid rose to his throat and shot out of his mouth, dyeing the ground red.

The four people turned and saw two figures heading over, piercing through space.

Jiang Yang!

Liu Zhi!

Yao Fei\'s expression sank as he saw their arrival.

These two were the Xiantian experts sent by Duan Ren to protect Huang Xiaolong, Jiang Yang and Liu Zhi!

Young Noble Huang, are you alright Landing on the ground, Jiang Yang and Liu Zhi approached Huang Xiaolong and asked.

Their demeanor was polite and courteous.

I\'m fine. Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

Jiang Yang, Liu Zhi, what is the meaning of this! Yao Fei barked as he stared coldly at the two new arrivals, Jiang Yang and Liu Zhi.

In the inner division of Duanren Institute, there was a Heaven List.

Only the inner division\'s strongest students could be listed on the Heaven List.

Yao Fei was one of them, and so were Jiang Yang and Liu Zhi.

They had never crossed paths before this, yet out of nowhere they actually interfered in his matters, which angered Yao Fei.

No special meaning. Jiang Yang replied in an unconcerned tone, Our task when entering Saint Pavilion was to protect Young Noble Huang\'s safety.

The iciness in Yao Fei\'s eyes increased, Duan Wuhen asked you to do this

Neither Jiang Yang nor Liu Zhi said anything.

Yao Fei coldly faced Huang Xiaolong, Huang Xiaolong, thank your lucky stars this time.

I didn\'t expect Duan Wuhen to not only help you receive a spot for entering Saint Pavilion, but he even went as far as sending two people inside to protect you.

He really went through a lot of trouble!

But you won\'t be so lucky next time!

Throwing a warning, Yao Fei flickered and disappeared from the location.

With Jiang Yang and Liu Zhi guarding Huang Xiaolong, it was impossible for him to take Huang Xiaolong\'s life as he had planned.

Although neither Jiang Yang or Liu Zhi could contend with him in a one on one fight, them going two against one was sufficient to suppress him.

As for Guo Xufei, he was merely a Xiantian Eighth Order expert that could not be of any help.

Seeing that Yao Fei decided to leave, Guo Xufei too hastened to flee, disappearing from the area in a flicker.

Watching both of them leave, Jiang Yang and Liu Zhi did nothing to stop them.

Their sole task was to protect Huang Xiaolong\'s safety so that he could leave the Saint Pavilion in one piece one month later.

As for other matters, neither cared.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Yao Fei and Guo Xufei\'s disappearing figures and sneered.

But an icy glint flashed in his eyes; it looked like he needed to solve this poisonous snake, Yao Fei, after he got out of Saint Pavilion.

Initially, Huang Xiaolong intended to leave Yao Fei and play around a little with him.

But now, since he was about to journey to Blessed Buddha Empire\'s sacred Buddha Cavern to look for Godly Mt.

Xumi, Huang Xiaolong preferred not to leave a poisonous snake around that endangered his family\'s safety.

Xiaolong, let\'s go. at this time, Xie Puti spoke.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

The four people leaped into the air, leaving the scene.

Xie Puti jabbed Huang Xiaolong, You kid, I was wondering why you were acting so calm and fearless.

So from the beginning, you knew Duan Wuhen sent Jiang Yang and Liu Zhi to protect you.

You caused me to worry in vain.

Huang Xiaolong grinned at his words, When we go out, I\'ll drink a few more cups of penalty wine.

No way, it should be you buying me a few more jugs of wine!

Both broke out in laughter.

The four traveled together for a while.

As time passed, the Linglong Treasure Pagoda and God Binding Ring\'s vibrations had become more frequent, proving he was getting closer to the Absolute Soul Pearl.

Xiaolong, let\'s cultivate separately.

There are many treasures here in the Saint Pavilion space, let\'s see who has better luck. Xie Puti suggested.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, Okay.

Even if Xie Puti hadn\'t said it, he would have suggested the same.

They may be like-minded people, but reining the Absolute Soul Pearl in was better kept a secret from him as to prevent any unforeseen troubles.

After Xie Puti had left, Huang Xiaolong used a similar excuse saying he wanted to cultivate alone to separate from Jiang Yang and Liu Zhi.

Listening to Huang Xiaolong\'s request, Jiang Yang and Liu Zhi exchanged a look, then Jiang Yang said in a serious tone, Since it is so, Young Noble Huang, please hold on to this transmission talisman.

If you come across any danger, send us a message, we will rush over as fast as we can! Jiang Yang withdrew a half palm-sized talisman seal carved with a strange pattern and handed it to Huang Xiaolong.

Receiving the talisman, Huang Xiaolong nodded: Okay.

Both of them cupped their fists at Huang Xiaolong and left.

Huang Xiaolong waited until both of their figures vanished from sight before turning around.

Sensing the direction of the Absolute Soul Pearl, Huang Xiaolong flew towards the range of mountains up ahead.

Not long after, Huang Xiaolong came to a valley.

Approaching the valley, the Linglong Treasure Pagoda and God Binding Ring that had been shaking inside his body suddenly stopped moving.

Huang Xiaolong was stumped.

According to their reaction earlier, the Absolute Soul Pearl should be somewhere in this valley, but why did the Linglong Treasure Pagoda and God Binding Ring suddenly stop reacting now

Huang Xiaolong leaped up, entering the valley.

The entire valley was filled with a sea of thick, dark-gray fog so thick that he could barely see his own fingers clearly! Relying on his eyesight, Huang Xiaolong could only see a hazy ten meters around him.

Huang Xiaolong could always see at least three hundred meters ahead of himself since breaking into the Xiantian realm, regardless of thick fog.

There was definitely something strange going on if his vision was limited to within ten meters.


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