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Chapter 2125: Huang Xiaolong Accepts the Battle Challenge!

“Breaking news! Huang Xiaolong has accepted the Heavenly Masters challenge!”

“No way… Even if Huang Xiaolong defeats Wan Shi, how can he be the Heavenly Masters opponent Didnt Wan Shi once say that even ten of him wouldnt be enough to take on the Heavenly Master Even though it seems a little exaggerated.

It only goes to show how terrifying Senior Heavenly Master is! Huang Xiaolong must be crazy for accepting the challenge!”

“What do you mean by crazy Huang Xiaolong is too arrogant and ignorant! He really thinks that no one will be able to bring him down.

We should head over to the Heavenly World in order to watch the battle in three years! The battle would go down in the history books! After all, none of us have ever managed to see the Heavenly Master making a move against someone.”

“Lord Wan Shi obtained the Great Purity Secret Art somewhere deep down the Heavens Path.

Ive heard that Senior Heavenly Master also managed to obtain a pinnacle technique in the past! No one knows what it is… The only thing we know is that the secret technique he obtained is several times stronger than the Great Purity Secret Art!”

As soon as the news of Huang Xiaolong accepting the Heavenly Masters challenge got out, the myriad of worlds shook once again.

Everyone had their own opinions on the matter, and there were obviously some who were shaking their heads at Huang Xiaolongs ignorance.

Others were gloating in his misfortune, and there were also some who were pitying Huang Xiaolong for angering the Heavenly Master.

According to them, he should have cultivated for another hundred thousand years before accepting the challenge.

“Who is Tian Chen! How is he able to marry Wan Xiaorong Shes the number one beauty under the heavens, and she had even managed to capture the hearts of the Ancient Heavenly Emperor, the King of Darkness, and Shi Zhen in the past! Its too bad none of them managed to win her heart.”

“Tian Chen is the younger brother of the Heavenly Master! Ive heard rumors of him being the Ancient Heavenly Emperors master.

I wonder if that is true.

Whatever the case, him entering the high-level Sovereign Realm is something we cannot deny! His strength isnt something we can underesimate!”

“I see… Its no wonder Wan Xiaorong would agree to marry him!”

Even as they discussed Huang Xiaolongs upcoming battle with the Heavenly Master, everyone didnt forget about Wan Xiaorongs marriage with Tian Chen.

Wan Xiaorong was Wan Shis younger sister.

She was named the number one beauty under the heavens, and Tian Chen was the younger brother of the Heavenly Master.

He was also the Ancient Heavenly Emperors master!

The news of their marriage exploded like a bomb that shook the myriad of worlds!

Regardless of whether they wanted to attend the wedding ceremony or watch the battle, experts left for the Heavenly World as soon as the news got out.

The Heavenly World that used to remain a mystery to everyone in the myriad of worlds had opened up its doors after the Heavenly Master had challenged Huang Xiaolong to a battle.

They had announced their coordinates and welcomed everyone.

Even though the fated appointment was going to happen after three years, several superpowers had already started to make their way towards the Heavenly World.

Although there were tons of experts making their way to the Heavenly World, many were worried about the impacts of the battle.

During the duel between Huang Xiaolong and Wan Shi, the City of All-Heavens was obliterated, and not even a speck of dust remained.

Peerless experts like the Old Crow Ancestor and the others had perished without a complete corpse.

Everyone was worried that they could turn into collateral damage during the battle between Huang Xiaolong and the Heavenly Master.

How many of them would manage to escape unscathed when that happened

“Calm down.

The Heavenly Lake is present there, and it is strong enough to protect us from whatever might happen.

Ive heard that even if high-level Sovereigns were to battle, the shockwaves from their blows wouldnt be able to ripple out into the outside world.

Why else would the Heavenly Master agree to fight Huang Xiaolong in the Heavenly World”

Everyone relaxed when they heard the news.

As the time slowly passed, the number of experts who left for the Heavenly World increased.

The Heavenly World was larger than any one of the five greater worlds, but now that experts were pouring in from all directions, flying ships filled the space.

Even the boundless Heavenly World that stretched out for trillions upon trillions of miles became half full from the influx of visitors.

Among the experts who left for the Heavenly World, there were monsters from the Monster World, Arhats from the Buddha World, and Archdevils from the Devil World.

“Lord Father, do you think Huang Xiaolong has a chance of winning” One of the youngsters hidden in the crowd asked.

He was the young master of the Fortune Emperor Palace, Fang Ming.

Fang Xuanxuan was his sister.

It went without saying that the person standing beside him was the Fortune Emperor, Fang Gan.

“No idea…” Fang Gan shook his head and sighed.

A look of worry flashed in his eyes, “Huang Xiaolong has always been creating miracles.

However, his opponent is the Heavenly Master…”

When Fang Gan thought about the Heavenly Master, his heart went cold.

Zhao Lei sighed, “Thats right… its the Heavenly Master were talking about.”

There had been a legend going around about the Heavenly Master from the Heavenly World.

The legend has existed since time immemorial.

Ever since Zhao Lei had stepped into the path of cultivation, he had heard stories of the Heavenly Master, and they had lodged deep in his mind.

He was a mythical character, and even someone like Wan Shi respected him!

The master of the City of All-Heavens, the once acknowledged strongest person under the heavens, had to look up to the Heavenly Master!

This time, Fang Gan, Zhao Lei, and Fang Ming from the Fortune Emperor Palace were rushing over to the Heavenly World to witness the battle.

Deep down in their hearts, they were worried about Huang Xiaolong.

With the flames of worry burning bright in them, they disguised their appearances before arriving at the Heavenly World.

“This brat…” Zhao Lei shook his head.

“Hes too impulsive! He will be able to surpass the Heavenly Master if he cultivates for several tens of thousands of years with his talent!”

Fang Gan sighed, “You should be clear that the brat has an explosive temper.

I still remember when this kid first arrived at my Fortune Emperor Palace a thousand years ago.

Its like it happened yesterday!”

A thousand years ago, none of them could have expected that the little brat, arriving from the outer branch of their Fortune Emperor Palace, would accept a challenge from the Heavenly Master in the future! Memories flooded the minds of Fang Gan and Zhao Lei when they thought of the little kid they had raised.

“This brat… His talent is really terrifying!” Zhao Lei sighed in his heart.

Like everyone else, Fang Gan and the others went to one of the courtyards prepared by the members of the Heavenly World as they awaited the fateful day to arrive.

The days slowly passed.

Soon, two years and eleven months were gone.

It was just three days until the wedding ceremony.

In one of the mountain ranges along the Heavens Path, a pillar of light that held enough power to destroy the world pierced into the heavens.

A staggeringly powerful shockwave spread throughout the lands, and the chaos qi in the air fluctuated wildly.

Lightning bolts seemed to form dragons as they danced in the air.

The pressure coming from the lightning dragons forced everything into submission as the little cow and the others felt the weight of a million mountains pressing down on their chests.

Despite the feeling of oppression, a look of joy appeared in their eyes.

A figure soon shot out from the pillar of light as he appeared before everyone.


The aura around him dissipated as the little cow and the others rushed over to welcome him.

“You…” They looked at Huang Xiaolong with a suspicious look in their eyes.

They felt as though the person before them was no longer the Huang Xiaolong they knew.

The aura he gave off was completely different, and if it werent for their close bond, no one would have recognized him!

His appearance was the only thing that remained the same.

Everything else about him, like his strength and aura, was in a class of its own! He was no longer theweakling he was nearly three years ago!

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