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Chapter 2137: Heavenly Terror Country

As the two of them fought against each other, they eventually left the confines of the Heavenly World.

Wherever they went, their surroundings would turn to dust.

Mountains, ancient forests, and other structures were all turned into nothingness.

Their strength shocked many experts on the Heavens Road who came from various heavenly countries.

“Two high-level Sovereigns!”

“Is that Senior Heavenly Master from the Heavenly World Whos that youngster hes fighting Hes actually fighting Senior Heavenly Master on equal grounds!”

Many of the experts in the Heavenly World were shocked beyond words.

Even though the Heavenly World had withdrawn from worldly affairs a long time ago, their reputation was still quite well-known in the Heavens Path.

It was especially so for a super expert like the Heavenly Master.

One had to know that a peak early-Ninth Order Sovereign was one of the strongest experts even in the Heavens Path!

Everyone stared in shock when they noticed an unknown young man going toe to toe with him!

“I heard a few days ago that Senior Heavenly Master was planning to fight against a youngster named Huang Xiaolong… Could that be him! How can there be experts strong enough to challenge Senior Heavenly Master in the outside world Didnt they say that there are no longer any Sovereigns outside the Heavens Path”

As experts from the Heavens Path hadnt gone outside for billions of years, they were basically isolated from the myriad of worlds.

Most of the residents in Heavenly Countries along the Heavens Path referred to everywhere else as theoutside world.

“Huang Xiaolong Whos Huang Xiaolong”

Several experts stared at each other, flabbergasted.

Since the Heavens Path was no longer in contact with the outside world, it came as no surprise that they had no idea who Huang Xiaolong was.

Coupled with the fact that Huang Xiaolong had only risen to power not too long ago, the only time the experts in the Heavens Path had heard his name was when the Heavenly Master announced the challenge three years ago.

There were only a handful of stronger individuals from the heavenly countries who had heard of his name before!

As the battle raged on, two days and two nights passed.

A loud explosion echoed above one of the swamps in the Heavens Path as two figures separated themselves from each other.

By the time they stopped to catch a breath, the two of them were already hundreds of millions of miles away from the Heavenly World.

When the battle was at its initial stages, the two of them could still see some heavenly countries in their surroundings.

Now, all they could see were specks of dust that represented giant heavenly countries far off in the distance.

Even the Heavenly Master had no idea where they were.

The Heavens Path was vast and boundless.

Dangers lurked everywhere, and it didnt come as a surprise that there were places the Heavenly Master hadnt seen before.

The Heavenly Master stared at Huang Xiaolong with an unsightly expression as his chest heaved up and down.

His breathing was slightly chaotic, and hatred filled his eyes.

Initially, he was fighting Huang Xiaolong on equal grounds.

As time went by, he became weaker and weaker.

As the second day came to a close, the Heavenly Master realized that he was beginning to become suppressed by the little brat he was fighting against!

He had never expected Huang Xiaolongs recovery rate to be higher than his!

Isnt the brat a Fifth Order Sovereign!

Could it be due to his saint physique, saint bloodline, and Complete Dao Saint Godhead

Thoughts of retreating filled his mind as he looked at the youngster in front of him.

“Huang Xiaolong, if not for your lightning bead, do you think you are my match” The Heavenly Master stared at Huang Xiaolong coldly.

Huang Xiaolong sneered, “How laughable, if you didnt have the God Burying Coffin, I would have killed you a long time ago.”

It was true.

If not for the Heavenly Masters high-grade supreme spiritual treasure, his cultivation at the peak early-Ninth Order Sovereign Realm would be nothing in front of Huang Xiaolong.

He would have died several times over.

Even though the Heavenly Master was shocked, he didnt retort to Huang Xiaolong any longer.

His figure flashed as he turned into a stream of chaos qi that dissipated into the air.

“Huang Xiaolong, wash your neck and prepare for death.

Once I reach the great completion stage of my Divine Burial Grand Art, Ill return to kill you!”

The Heavenly Masters voice resounded through the skies as he fled from the scene.

Huang Xiaolong hastily gave chase, but he stopped after a short while.

He knew that it was impossible to kill the old man with his current strength.

Great completion stage of your Divine Burial Grand Art!

A frosty light flashed through Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

He had barely managed to refine half of the lightning energy contained in the lightning bead.

There was still another half!

As soon as I refine the other half of the energy contained within the lighting bead, you can reach the great completion stage for all I care… Youll still have to die!

A day later, Huang Xiaolong returned and contacted the little cow and his master, the King of Grandmist.

The instant their battle extended out of the Heavenly World, the little cow and the others trailed behind them in order to catch the outcome of the clash.

It was too bad they werent as fast, and they couldnt observe the battle from a close distance as the shockwaves were enough to send them flying.

When they finally saw Huang Xiaolong appearing before them in one piece, the little cow and the rest heaved a sigh of relief.

“Xiaolong, the Heavenly Master…” The King of Grandmist asked the moment Huang Xiaolong reappeared in front of them.

“He managed to run away.”

Even though everyone had expected it to be the outcome of the battle, the King of Grandmist, the little cow, Cang Mutian, and the others were a little disappointed.

After all, a Ninth Order Sovereign hiding in the shadows wasnt the best outcome anyone could have hoped for.

“Ill kill him the next time we meet… Lets return to the Heavenly World before doing anything else!”

Return to the Heavenly World

The little cow and the others were stunned by Huang Xiaolongs idea, but they soon realized what he wanted to do.

Shooting through the skies, Huang Xiaolong and the others rushed back to the Heavenly World.

“If the Heavenly Master is gone, Wan Shi and Tian Chen wouldnt stay around for much longer!” The little cow yelled as they hurried back to the Heavenly World.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head.

He knew that the two of them would be escaping with their tails tucked between their legs, but killing them wasnt on top of Huang Xiaolongs list.

The most important thing was to plunder the Heavenly Masters treasures!

Before a day had passed, Huang Xiaolongs group arrived in the Heavenly World.

They were met with a sight of destruction.

Mountain ranges, palaces, and forests were reduced to dust.

Divine trees were uprooted, and the bodies of rare spiritual beasts were strewn everywhere.

It was just like what the little cow had expected.

Wan Shi, Tian Chen, the Dark Curses Old Ancestor, and the others had escaped a long time ago.

Everyone who was there for Tian Chens marriage had long since run away.

The Heavenly World was deserted, and other than several soldiers tasked with holding down the fort, no one was left.

Spotting Huang Xiaolongs group, terror gripped the soldiers hearts.

They got to their knees to pay their respects, and when Huang Xiaolong saw their actions, he couldnt be bothered to move against them.

Heading straight for the Heavenly Masters divine palace, Huang Xiaolong located the hidden treasury in an instant.

Even though the old man had placed several restrictions around the treasury, they were no match for Huang Xiaolong, as he smashed everything open in a split second.

A look of disappointment filled Huang Xiaolongs eyes when he noticed that most of the treasures were taken away by the Heavenly Master.

There were only twenty to thirty mature level two and leve three origin treasures.

Whatever the case, it was better than nothing.

Grabbing everything, Huang Xiaolong and the others left the Heavenly World.

After they left, Huang Xiaolong planned to look for a place to refine the other half of the lighting beads energy.

Of course, he had to refine the chaos Black Sea Lightning Pool before going out to look for the chaos Fifth Earth Lightning Pool.

As Huang Xiaolong and the others were plundering the Heavenly Worlds treasury, somewhere high up in the skies of the Heavens Path, several figures appeared.

They were none other than the Heavenly Master, Wan Shi, Tian Chen, Wan Xiaorong, and several others.

“Big Brother, what do we do now” Tian Chen asked with a pale face.

The Heavenly Master swept his gaze over everyone, and a somber expression appeared on his face.

“Were heading to the Heavenly Terror Country.

I know the ruler there, and we should rest and recover before doing anything else.” A murderous glint flashed across his eyes as he continued, “As for Huang Xiaolong, he can live for a few more years! Wait till I achieve great completion of my Divine Burial Grand Art!”

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