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Chapter 2162: Great Treasure Dragon Pill

Huang Xiaolong saw Battle Emperor Hong Ming whistling towards him from the horizon.

“Senior Hong Ming,” Huang Xiaolong greeted with cupped fists.

Battle Emperor Hong Ming waved his hand casually, smiling at Huang Xiaolong, “Senior and whatnot.

If you dont mind, just call me Big Brother Hong Mong.”

Huang Xiaolong was genuinely caught off guard for a moment.

“What This old man isnt qualified to be your big brother” Battle Emperor Hong Ming teased half-seriously.

“Big Brother Hong Ming is making fun of me.” Huang Xiaolong did not hesitate and called out loudly.

“Thats the right attitude.” Battle Emperor Hong Ming chuckled happily and added, “Lets go.

Xiao Qing, that kid is waiting for you at the Black Dragon Divine Palace.

Ill take you to him.”

With that said, Huang Xiaolong was not given a chance to respond before he was pulled towards the Black Dragon Divine Palace by Hong Ming.

Huang Xiaolong didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

Still, wasnt Hong Ming being a bit too enthusiastic Was it because of those one thousand high-grade chaos spirit stones

“I heard that you had a conflict with the Mighty God Prince.

Has it been resolved” Along the way, Hong Ming asked in a seemingly nonchalant manner and added, “How about Big Brother communicate with the Mighty God Ruler and help you settle this matter.”

Huang Xiaolong understood that Hong Ming was testing his depth, but he didnt mind it at all.

He responded, “I appreciate Big Brother Hong Mings kind intention, but the matter between the Mighty God Heavenly Country and me has already been resolved.”

Hong Ming nodded, “Thats good then.” Then his tone changed, “There are many people in the Heavens Path saying youre a disciple of the 33 Heavens Race.”

Huang Xiaolong blanked hearing the words.

The 33 Heavens Race

A helpless smile hung on the corners of Huang Xiaolongs mouth.

“How could I be someone from the 33 Heavens Race Ive heard that people of the 33 Heavens Race are born with an innate lightning physique.”

For the same reason, the 33 Heavens Race was able to withstand the lightning power from the restrictions placed around the 33 Heavenly Gates.

“Thats true,” said Hong Ming.

Following that, Hong Ming and Huang Xiaolong conversed about various things as they traveled onwards, feeling quite enjoyable.

A little over an hour later, Hong Ming and Huang Xiaolong arrived at the Black Dragon Divine Palace.

Hong Ming walked straight into the palace without requiring anyone to notify.

Clearly, Hong Ming had a very high status in the Black Dragon Heavenly Country.

Upon entering the Black Dragon Divine Palace, Huang Xiaolong saw a middle-aged man clad in an exquisite black brocade robe, sitting on the big throne.

The middle-aged man had thick brows and big, spirited eyes that could see straight into ones soul.

Faint wisps of dragon qi swirled around him.

His whole person exuded a majestic dragon might.

Without asking, Huang Xiaolong knew this middle-aged man was the Black Dragon Ruler.

The Black Dragon Ruler was a Grandmist Archdevil, and his true body was a black dragon.

There were many species of dragons—from the white dragon, azure dragon, yellow dragon, ice dragon, ice dragon, Buddha dragon, to sky dragon, and so on.

The black dragon stood in the top hierarchy, comparable to the golden dragon.

While Huang Xiaolong was sizing up the Black Dragon Ruler, he was also inwardly sizing up Huang Xiaolong.

His eyebrow raised slightly in surprise as Huang Xiaolong did not conceal his aura.

The Black Dragon Ruler could see that Huang Xiaolong had yet to advance to Seventh Order Sovereign Realm.

The news that Huang Xiaolong had broken the Mighty God Heavenly Countrys Falling Star Formation with one strike and similarly killed the Mighty God Heavenly Countrys General Hu Jin with one strike had reached his ears.

Possessing such shocking battle prowess without advancing to Seventh Order Sovereign Realm was, admittedly, rare.

Nowadays, in the Heavens Path, many experts were comparing Huang Xiaolong with the Giant Kun Prince.

Who was the Giant Kun Prince

He was the number one person amongst the Heavens Paths younger generation, and one of the top ten young masters.

To be put on the same pedestal as the Giant Kun Prince was a lifetimes honor.

“Kiddo Xiao Qing, the guest is here.

Why arent you welcoming properly”

Battle Emperor Hong Ming spoke, and his sonorous voice rumbled through the hall.

A wry smile tugged at the corner of the Black Dragon Rulers mouth as he rose from his throne and walked towards Huang Xiaolong and Hong Ming.

“Black Dragon Ruler.” Huang Xiaolong greeted.

The Black Dragon Ruler faintly nodded his head and there was a polite smile on his face when he spoke, “Younger Brothers feat of killing the Mighty God Heavenly Countrys General Hu Jin, breaking the Falling Star Formation, and taking away the Mighty God Prince has reach all corners of the Heavens Path.

I have long heard of your name.” He then invited Huang Xiaolong to take a seat in the hall.

After all three people were seated, the Black Dragon Ruler, Battle Emperor Hong Ming, and Huang Xiaolong began dancing around their negotiation.

The Black Dragon Ruler did not mention the Great Treasure Dragon Pill, and Huang Xiaolong was in no hurry.

A few minutes later, the Black Dragon Ruler finally broached the subject, “I heard from Senior Hong Ming that you want to buy the Great Treasure Dragon Pill from me.

Is that correct”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head, “Thats right.”

The Black Dragon Ruler sounded serious as he went on, “Although the Great Treasure Dragon Pill does not have much effect on me now, it is still a low-grade, high-rank origin pill.

As you know, this quality of origin pill is very rare.

The Giant Kun Prince once offered me ten thousand high-grade chaos spirit stones to buy my Great Treasure Dragon Pill.”

“But I did not agree.”

Huang Xiaolong was surprised by the revelation.

Ten thousand high-grade chaos spirit stones were not a low price.

Generally speaking, this was a reasonable price for a low-grade, high-rank origin pill.

The Black Dragon Ruler seemed to see through Huang Xiaolongs thought and said, “My Great Treasure Dragon Pill is not your average low-grade, high-rank origin pill.”

“Oh!” That piqued Huang Xiaolongs interest.

Even among the same type of origin pill, there were distinctions of high and low quality due to various reasons.

For example, the difference in age of the ingredients used.

This affected the quality of the final quality of origin pills.

There were different grades of the same Great Treasure Dragon Pill, like low-grade, mid-grade, and high-grade, and above high-grade was top-grade.

Origin pills available in the Heavens Path were generally low-grade origin pills.

Naturally, there was a price difference between low-grade and mid-grade origin pills, and high-grade origin pills fetches another level of price.

Battle Emperor Hong Ming joined in, “According to our assessment, the remaining Great Treasure Dragon Pill is a high-grade origin pill that was refined using the best ingredients.

Therefore, it is more effective compared to the common low-grade Great Treasure Dragon Pill by fifty percent!”

It dawned on Huang Xiaolong why the Black Dragon Ruler would not sell the Great Treasure Dragon Pill to the Great Kun Prince for ten thousand high-grade chaos spirit stones.

“Honestly speaking, the price I set for this Great Treasure Dragon Pill for the Great Kun Prince is twenty thousand high-grade chaos spirit stones.” The Black Dragon Ruler stated.

Huang Xiaolong frowned.

Twenty thousand Although the Black Dragon Ruler claimed that the Great Treasure Dragon Pill was a high-grade origin pill, twenty thousand high-grade chaos spirit stones was considered expensive.

After all, twenty thousand high-grade chaos spirit stones could buy two common Great Treasure Dragon Pills.

“If you are really interested, the price cannot be lower than twenty thousand high-grade chaos spirit stones.” The Black Dragon Ruler emphasized.

“Can I take a look at that pill” Huang Xiaolong made a request.

“Of course you can.” The Black Dragon Ruler agreed crisply, and took out the Great Treasure Dragon Pill.

The pill was placed inside a jade case.

When the cover was lifted, a resplendent ray of light, thick as an arm, shone brightly.

A small dragon hovered around the jade case, and dragon roars resounded in Huang Xiaolongs ears.

Inside the jade case was a thumb-sized golden-colored pill.

That golden pill emitted an eternal and immortal pill qi, tantalizing and making ones soul drunk on its fragrance.

Huang Xiaolongs eyes lit up in an instant, and he praised generously, “This is a good pill!”

This was really a top-grade Great Treasure Dragon Pill.

With this pill, his chances of breaking through to the Seventh Order Sovereign Realm would increase further.

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