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Chapter 2163: Giant Kun Prince

The Black Dragon Ruler laughed happily, hearing Huang Xiaolong praised his Great Treasure Dragon Pill and said, “This Great Treasure Dragon Pill should be the only one in Heavens Path.

I wouldnt have sold it any if I didnt need high-grade chaos spirit stones.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head in agreement with his words.

Then again, the Black Dragon Ruler was mainly selling the Great Treasure Dragon Pill because it was not going to have much effect on him anymore.

Otherwise, he would have swallowed it himself long ago.

In the end, Huang Xiaolong didnt even bargain with the Black Dragon Ruler and bought the Great Treasure Dragon Pill at the price of twenty thousand high-grade chaos spirit stones.

Huang Xiaolong was beaming as he looked at the Great Treasure Dragon Pill in his palm, with extreme satisfaction.

Before his body evolved to a saint physique, he possessed the True Dragon Physique.

Still, the rich dragon qi within this Great Treasure Dragon Pill was very useful to him.

With the Great Treasure Dragon Pills dragon qi to temper his body, his saint physiques defenses and power would rise to another level.

After the deal was successfully completed, the Black Dragon Ruler was smiling from ear to ear as well.

Though this Great Treasure Dragon Pill was precious, it wasnt of much use to him, and he had long wanted to sell off this pill for high-grade chaos spirit stones.

He was reluctant to sell for too low a price, but twenty thousand high-grade chaos spirit stones was a good price to refuse to sell it.

The Black Dragon Ruler was in a good mood and ordered a banquet to entertain Huang Xiaolong.

The banquet went on till late into the night.

The Black Dragon Ruler also warmly invited Huang Xiaolong to stay at the Black Dragon Heavenly Country for a few days to spend some time discussing alchemy and maybe exchange some moves.

Huang Xiaolong naturally agreed.

It was not going to make much difference even if he entered seclusion a few days later.

Huang Xiaolong stayed at the Black Dragon Divine Palace, spending days sparring and discussing cultivation with the Black Dragon Ruler.

At this time, news that Huang Xiaolong had bought the Great Treasure Dragon Pill from the Black Dragon Ruler with twenty thousand high-grade chaos spirit stones spread faster than wildfire and caused quite a ruckus.

Twenty thousand high-grade chaos spirit stones were a huge wealth to the top ten heavenly countries.

Everyone was astonished by Huang Xiaolongs wealth, making them even more curious about his identity and background.

A young man in a blue robe was meditating on top of a mountain peak not far away from the Black Dragon Heavenly Country.

As the young man inhaled through his mouth, the surrounding origin energy within a ten billion li radius roiled towards him, entering his body in a rush.

The phantom of a divine beast rose into the air behind the young man.

The divine beasts phantom was enormous, over thousands of zhang tall.

Its wingspan left the land in darkness.

As the young man continued to inhale and exhale through his mouth, the divine beast phantom also opened its mouth.

The surrounding origin energy converged even faster towards them.

The divine beast phantoms mouth looked like it could swallow heaven and earth.

Several hours later, the young man stopped absorbing the surroundings origin energy, and the enormous divine beast phantom behind him dissipated away.

The young man stood up.

The light in his eyes seemed like solid entities that pierced through layers of clouds and mist.

Everything within a hundred million miles could not escape his sight.

“Speak, what matter do you have” The young man questioned.

The moment his question sounded, the space behind him rippled as several figures appeared.

One of them was none other than the Heavenly Terror Countrys General Sun Po.

“Greetings Young Lord!” The others stopped some distance from the young man and saluted respectfully.

Sun Po also greeted, “Greetings, Giant Kun Prince!”

This young man was one of the top ten young masters, the Great Kun Prince!

He was the strongest person among the Heavens Paths younger generation.

“Young Lord, someone bought the Blak Dragon Rulers Great Treasure Dragon Pill!” One of them reported.

The Great Treasure Dragon Pill!

The Giant Kun Prince turned around sharply hearing that, and the look in his eyes was like knives that slashed through the void.

“The Black Dragon Ruler really sold the Great Treasure Dragon Pill to someone else For twenty thousand high-grade chaos spirit stones” Giant Kun Prince questioned.

“It is so, Young Lord.” The subordinate replied and added, “That person bought the Great Treasure Dragon Pill from the Black Dragon Ruler with twenty thousand high-grade chaos spirit stones!”

The Giant Kun Prince demanded hoarsely, “Who was it”

“For the time being, we have not found his exact identity.” The subordinate answered and went on, “But we know he has a deep connection with the Heavenly Saint Country.

Previously, he offended the Mighty God Prince at the Heaven Valley.”

“Oh, he offended the Mighty God Prince.” The Giant Kun Princes eyes gleamed with interest.

“Based on the Mighty God Princes personality, its impossible for the matter to end there.”

“It is as Young Lord has said.

Later on, when that person was leaving the Heaven Valley, the Mighty God Prince blocked his path.”

The subordinate then recounted how Huang Xiaolong killed Chen Tianhao, Hu Jin, broke the Falling Star Formation, and captured the Mighty God Prince.

The Giant Kun Prince was astonished hearing that.

“That kid is arrogant as they come.” Sun Po took a step forward and chimed in, “He captured the Mighty God Prince.

It shows that he doesnt respect the Mighty God Heavenly Country.

He even said that the Heavens Paths top ten young masters are only so-so, and that all ten young masters together would probably fail to withstand one strike from him!”

The Giant Prince Kun looked at Sun Po fixedly.

He said with a wave of his hand, “Enough, Sun Po.

There is no need to furnish unnecessary details to instigate me.

I know your intention.

Arent you trying to use me to deal with that kid.

You have a grudge with that kid”

Sun Po looked embarrassed standing there.

The Giant Kun Princes face sank, “If it werent for Junior Sister Zhan Tings face, I would have abolished you right now for attempting to instigate and use me!”

Sun Po fell to his knees in panic and pleaded, “Please spare me, Your Highness!”

The Giant Kun Prince harrumphed coldly, “Stand up.”

He then turned back towards them and said, “He killed the Mighty God Heavenly Countrys General Chen Tianhao and Hu Jin with one strike That is interesting.

On top of that, despite knowing that I wanted that Great Treasure Dragon Pill, he still dared to buy it from the Black Dragon Ruler.

I really would like to meet such a person.”

Sun Pos heart jumped with joy, hearing that.

“That kid is at the Black Dragon Heavenly Country” He asked.

“Yes, Young Lord.” The subordinate replied.

“The Black Dragon Ruler invited him to stay several days at the Black Dragon Heavenly Country.

Itll probably be a few days before he leaves.”

“Come, you all come with me to meet that expert that broke the Falling Star Formation.” The Giant Kun Prince spoke nonchalantly.

Although Huang Xiaolong had killed Chen Tianhao and Hu Jin, and even broke the Falling Star Formation in one strike, he did not hold Huang Xiaolong in high regards.

Among the younger generation, there had yet to be anyone who could enter his eyes.

Those that could enter his eyes were only the older generation experts of the Heavens Path.

“Yes, Young Lord!”

The Giant Kun Prince disappeared on the horizon, flying towards the Black Dragon Heavenly Country.

On the other side, after staying at the Black Dragon Heavenly Country for four days, Huang Xiaolong bid farewell to the Black Dragon Ruler and Battle Emperor Hong Ming, and set off to return to the Heavenly Saint Country.

Huang Xiaolong had gained a lot in these four days from sparring and discussing with the Black Dragon Ruler.

Half a day later, Huang Xiaolong was flying over a mountain range when he suddenly stopped in midair.

“Why dont you guys come out, or are you all planning on continuing to follow me” Huang Xiaolong said tepidly.

Only the surrounding silence answered Huang Xiaolong.

Seconds later, space rippled, and several people appeared in front of Huang Xiaolong.

This group consisted of Giant Kun Prince, Sun Po, and others.

Huang Xiaolongs gaze swept over the faces, finally stopping on the Giant Kun Prince as he spoke, “Giant Kun Prince.”

Although he had never seen the Giant Kun Prince, the Heavenly Saint Ruler had described the Giant Kun Princes features.

Those were easily recognizable points for Huang Xiaolong.

The Giant Kun Princes blue hair fluttered in the wind as he stood with his hands clasped behind him.

“Not bad that you actually noticed us.

Recently, many people in Heavens Path have been comparing you and me, but I dont know if you have this ability to be compared with me.”

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