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Chapter 2167: The Heavenly Terror Rulers Arrival!

Originally, Giant Kun Prince had planned to invite the Giant Kun Heavenly Countrys marshal to deal with Huang Xiaolong if the Heavenly Master failed to kill Huang Xiaolong after coming out from seclusion.

Now that the Heavenly Terror Ruler was personally taking action, he didnt need to worry.

“With the Heavenly Terror Ruler going in person, that Huang Xiaolong wont be able to escape.” A Giant Kun Heavenly Countrys general snickered.

“But it is unexpected that the Heavenly Terror Ruler came out personally to support the Heavenly Master!”

Giant Kun Prince nodded his head in agreement, “Then again, its not strange.

Long ago, the Heavenly Master once saved the Heavenly Terror Ruler, and the two became sworn brothers since that time.

The Heavenly Terror Ruler has always treated the Heavenly Master as his elder brother.

Therefore, its nothing out of the ordinary that he would show up for the Heavenly Masters sake!”

The Giant Kun Heavenly Countrys general voiced his opinion, “However, if the Heavenly Saint Ruler insists on protecting Huang Xiaolong, its not going to be easy for the Heavenly Terror Ruler and Heavenly Master to kill Huang Xiaolong.” After all, the Heavenly Saint Ruler was an expert ranked fifth in the Heavens Path.

He is definitely not a walkover.

Giant Kun Prince chuckled nonchalantly and said, “Even if the Heavenly Saint Ruler insists on shielding Huang Xiaolong, the Heavenly Terror Ruler and Heavenly Master can still kill Huang Xiaolong with their joint strength.

The result will be the same.

Moreover, thats even better.

The best result will be that the Heavenly Saint Country and Heavenly Terror Country both suffer damages!” A sharp gleam flickered across his eyes as he went on, “In recent years, the Heavenly Terror Rulers strength has been rising too fast!”

In fact, the Giant Kun Heavenly Country had long wanted to suppress the Heavenly Terror Countrys momentum, but they had not found an opportunity to do so.

If the Heavenly Saint Country and Heavenly Terror Country both ended up the worst from this incident, that would be a heaven-sent opportunity for the Giant Kun Heavenly Country!

The Heavenly Terror Countrys generals eyes lit up, hearing that.

“Young Lord is right.

If the Heavenly Saint Country and Heavenly Terror Country both come out on the worst end, it is the right opportunity for us to make a move and swallow these two heavenly countries at lightning speed.

At that time, our Giant Kun Heavenly Country would truly be invincible!”

The Giant Kun Prince laughed as well, “Thats right.

When the time comes, even the 33 Heavens Race would have to circle around, seeing us!”

Other Giant Kun Heavenly Countrys experts joined in the laughter.

While the large group of experts led by the Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng and Heavenly Master were on their way to the Heavenly Saint Country, Huang Xiaolong was still in secluded cultivation inside the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace.

By this point, he had already finished absorbing three Chaos Heavenly Dragon Soul Pills and was currently absorbing the Great Treasure Dragon Pill.

The Great Treasure Dragon Pill truly deserved its reputation as a low-grade, high-level origin pill.

The origin energy contained within the pill was way higher than the low-grade, mid-level Chaos Heavenly Dragon Soul Pill.

With the Great Treasure Dragon Pills high purity dragon qi and origin energys constant nourishment and tempering, Huang Xiaolongs saint physique or complete dao saint godheads grew increasingly stronger with every passing day.

Finally, Huang Xiaolongs cultivation rose to the peak late-Sixth Order Sovereign Realm.

After advancing to the peak late-Sixth Order Sovereign Realm, Huang Xiaolongs three complete dao saint godheads were devouring the Great Treasure Dragon Pills origin energy at startling speed.

The entire time, his cultivation grew closer to the Seventh Order Sovereign Realm.


Inside a palace not far away from the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace, the Heavenly Saint Ruler had a deep frown on his face as he looked in the direction of the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace where Huang Xiaolong was in seclusion.

“Six days at most, the Heavenly Terror Ruler and Heavenly Master would arrive, but the Lord is still in seclusion.”

The Heavenly Saint Countrys Marshal Lan Shifan approached the Heavenly Saint Ruler from behind and said, “Your Majesty can rest assured.

The Lord has already said that his seclusion this time wont be for long.

Calculating the time, the Lord should be out in six days or so.”

The Heavenly Saint Ruler nodded his head at Lan Shifans words, “I hope the Lord can come out before the Heavenly Terror Ruler and Heavenly Master arrive!” His heart sank, thinking of the Heavenly Terror Rulers strength.

Although he ranked fifth and the Heavenly Terror Ruler ranked third, he understood that the gap between them was wider than the difference between the two places.

“Any news from the Mighty God Heavenly Countrys side” The Heavenly Saint Ruler asked.

Marshal Lan Shifan answered, “The Mighty God Ruler is rushing over with a group of experts covertly, but judging from their speed, they might need seven days before they arrive.”

In short, the Mighty God Heavenly Countrys experts wouldnt arrive ahead of the Heavenly Terror Rulers group.

The news made the Heavenly Saint Rulers heart sink further.

“Your Majesty need not worry so much.” Lan Shifan persuaded, “As long as the Lord exits seclusion, the Heavenly Terror Ruler wont be his opponent!”

The Heavenly Saint Ruler shook his head, sighing, “The Heavenly Terror Ruler is stronger than you think.” Frankly speaking, the Heavenly Saint Ruler was not certain Huang Xiaolong could defeat the Heavenly Terror Ruler after he exited seclusion.

Lan Shifan was surprised by the Heavenly Saint Rulers comment.

He exclaimed, “The Heavenly Terror Rulers cultivation is at the early Eighth Order Sovereign at most.

Hence based on the Lords strength, I believe there is a fighting chance!”

The Heavenly Saint Ruler looked at the sky and sighed heavily, “Although the Heavenly Terror Rulers cultivation realm is at the early Eighth Order Sovereign, his battle power is much higher than that.

The Nine Palace Ruler once said that in the Heavens Path, there are three people that make him wary.

One is the 33 Heavens Races patriarch, another one is the Giant Kun Heavenly Countrys ruler, and the third person is the Heavenly Terror Ruler!”

“How is that possible!” Lan Shifan was astounded.

The Nine Palace Ruler was the Nine Palace Heavenly Countrys ruler, and he was widely acknowledged as the second strongest expert in the Heavens Path!

Even the Nine Palace Ruler is wary of the Heavenly Terror Ruler It was said that the Nine Palace Ruler was already a mid-Tenth Order Sovereign expert.

After one advanced to the Tenth Order Sovereign Realm, even if it was merely a small order, there was a significant gap in strength.

Logical speaking, a mid-Tenth Order Sovereign could absolutely suppress the Heavenly Terror Ruler.

The Heavenly Saint Ruler shook his head again and went on, “Though I also feel its unbelievable, there must be a reason for it if the Nine Palace Ruler said that.” He then looked at Lan Shifan, “Pass my order down to activate the Heavenly Saint Grand Formation.

All disciples prepare for war!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”


Five days later...

The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng and Heavenly Master stood in high air, looking at the thin light barrier ahead of them.

The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Chen smiled nonchalantly.

“The Heavenly Saint Grand Formation It seems they do not welcome us here.”

“Your Majesty, let us attack and break this Heavenly Saint Grand Formation!” A Heavenly Terror Countrys general took a step forward and requested.

The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng waved his hand, smiling calmly as he said, “There is no rush.

Were here as guests.

We must understand the courtesy of being a guest, or others will laugh at us.” He paused briefly before adding, “Dong Cheng and Brother Heavenly Master are here to pay a visit.

Can the Heavenly Saint Ruler come out to meet us”

Although his voice wasnt loud, it passed through the Heavenly Saint Grand Formation just fine and reached the ears of all the experts in the Heavenly Saint Country.

Dong Cheng! The Heavenly Terror Ruler!

Upon hearing that voice, the Heavenly Saint Countrys experts were shocked and filled with apprehension.

The Heavenly Saint Ruler exclaimed, “The Heavenly Terror Ruler They actually arrived so fast!” He had initially estimated the Heavenly Terror Rulers group to arrive the next day, but they were already knocking on his door one day earlier.

A dozen seconds of silence later, the Heavenly Saint Ruler stood up and said to the Heavenly Saint Countrys experts, “Lets go and meet the Heavenly Terror Ruler and Heavenly Master with me!”

At this point, they could only take things one step at a time.

Without delay, the Heavenly Saint Ruler led a group of experts out from the palace hall.

He opened a door through the Heavenly Saint Grand Formation and stepped outside.

“Brother Dong Cheng!” After stepping out from the barrier, the Heavenly Saint Ruler greeted as his gaze fell on the Heavenly Terror Ruler.

He had met the Heavenly Terror Ruler once, and his impression about him could be considered as a good one.

The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng nodded with a faint smile, “Heavenly Saint Ruler, I am someone who dislikes beating around the bush.

Im sure you already know why we are here.

Handout Huang Xiaolong, the King of Grandmist, Azure Cow Ancestor, and the rest! I dont like repeating myself!”

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