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Chapter 2192: Swallowing the Lightning Origin Divine Fruit

“Yes, Your Majesty!” The generals of the Giant Kun Heavenly Country received the order.

“Father, you can rest assured.” The Giant Kun Prince said.

“There are so many people from the Heavenly Saint Country! Even if they plan to hide, they wont be able to hide perfectly! Well be able to locate them soon!” Pausing for a second, he seemed to have thought of something, and he continued, “Huang Xiaolong seems to be an outsider! Wouldnt that mean that his family is located in the myriad of worlds”

The rulers eyes lit up.

“Thats true! Why didnt I think of that” Turning to a general beside him, he ordered him, “Go to the myriad of worlds.

Regardless of what methods you use, you have to locate Huang Xiaolongs family! Capture them and bring them back to the Giant Kun Heavenly Country!”

The general Giant Kun Ruler called out was named Li Tian, and he was an early-Seventh Order Sovereign.

Even though he had barely entered the high-level Sovereign Realm, he was more than enough to take care of matters outside the Heavens Path! After all, there was no longer a high-level Sovereign left out there!

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

“Its a pity that b*stard, Huang Xiaolong, died.” The prince muttered in a cold voice, “He should get to witness the sorry end of the Huang Family he so painstakingly protected!”

“Brother Giant Kun, I shall take my leave.” Yang Tianchen said suddenly.

“I received an order to return by the leader of the 33 Heavens Race.

Contact me when you capture the members of the Huang Family.

I would like to be present when you conduct the ceremony!”

There was no doubt that a ceremony would be held when Giant Kun Ruler executed the members of the Huang Family!

Giant Kun Ruler chuckled as he nodded his head, “Of course!”

Ever since they joined hands during the battle against Huang Xiaolong, the two of them had formed anunshakable bond.

After chatting for a little more, Yang Tianchen finally led the members of the 33 Heavens Race back.

In one of the desolate mountains along the Heavens Path, the King of Grandmist, little cow, Cang Mutian, the Xumi Old Man, and the others gathered around with a troubled expression on their faces.

None of them spoke a single word as they stared at each other.

The atmosphere was depressing all around, but the King of Darkness finally broke the silence.

“Did Xiaolong really…”

The little cow shook her head.

“Thats the rumor going about the Heavens Path, but I refuse to believe that the kid will die so easily! He gathered eight great lightning pools, and with the lightning bead, he wouldnt die so easily!”

The Xumi Old Man hesitated for a moment before continuing, “None of you have any idea how terrifying the lightning barrage is! Even the leader of the 33 Heavens Race wouldnt be able to survive the lightning barrage with a semi-damaged saint artifact! The lightning bead might be a saint artifact, but its damaged! Its comparable to a half-completed saint artifact at best! As for the eight great lightning pools, they wont be enough!”

“Without fusing all nine great lightning pools, he wouldnt be able to withstand the lightning barrage from the divine lightning outside the 33 heavens! The only way he would live is if he managed to locate the Spatial Domain Lightning Pool!”

Everyone stared at each other in shock when they heard what the old man said.

“Xiaolong might really have located the Spatial Domain Lightning Pool!” The King of Grandmist spoke up all of a sudden as he revealed the trace of hope in him.

A brilliant light flashed through the little cows eyes as she piped up, “Thats right! With Xiaolongs personality, he wouldnt take the risk if he hadnt located the Spatial Domain Lightning Pool! He wouldnt stand against the lightning barrage without being one hundred percent confident! According to the experts of the Sword Race, he definitely had time if he wanted to leave!”

The Xumi Old Man shook his head.

“Even if he really found the Spatial Domain Lightning Pool, its useless.

Without fusing all the lightning pools, there will be no way for stopping the lightning barrage.

The fusion process takes several years,and there would be no way for Huang Xiaolong to instantly complete the fusion!”

Everyone sank into silence once again.

“Ive heard that Giant Kun Ruler passed down the order to look for us no matter the cost!” Cang Mutian muttered in a low voice.

“Even though this is a secluded place, they will find us soon!”

“Now, we can only play it by ear!”

In the space outside the 33 heavens.

The lightning barrage didnt slow down as it continued to rage through the space.

Even though half a month had already passed, the restrictions around the gates of the 33 heavens didnt weaken in the slightest.

Instead, it started to increase in strength and the lightning barrage constantly grew in power.

The space outside the 33 heavens seemed to be completely engulfed in lightning.

Shockingly powerful bolts of divine lightning flashed across the land as they painted a terrifying scene.

Even experts who had run back into the 33 heavens could hear the rumbles.

They had already run billions of miles away, but the crackles of lightning would enter their ears from time to time, causing the blood to drain from their faces.

“How long will the lightning barrage last” One of the experts from the Black Dragon Heavenly Country asked.

“Looking at it now, it will only stop after several tens of years!” Battle Emperor, Hong Ming, deduced.

“Several tens of years! Huang Xiaolong should be fried to nothingness by now! What a shame.

If he had given up on the fruits and tree, he would have been the publicly acknowledged number one expert in the Heavens Path! The Giant Kun Ruler wouldnt be able to keep his spot! What a shame he died in there!” Black Dragon Ruler shook his head and sighed.

“Your Majesty, will the Giant Kun Heavenly Country move against us after considering the fact that we sold the pill to Huang Xiaolong in the past” One of the generals couldnt help but ask.

“So what if he does My Black Dragon Heavenly Country isnt a pushover! With less than half of the experts of the Giant Kun Heavenly Country still alive, they wont be able to do anything without several billion years of accumulation!”

Soon, the members of the Black Dragon Heavenly Country left.

As they left, a different scene was playing out at the Lightning Origin Divine Tree.

Huang Xiaolong sat beside it as flashes of lightning surrounded him.

Thirteen days ago, he had managed to shatter the lightning qi barrier protecting the tree.

He had long since obtained all three Lightning Origin Divine Fruits, and he had already ingested the first fruit!

The Lightning Origin Divine Fruit deserved its reputation as the number one fruit under the heavens! As soon as he had swallowed it, boundless lightning essence energy had poured into his body.

Even after pushing his three complete dao saint godhead to their limits, lightning essence still poured out from his body.

The experts he brought along with him didnt remain idle as well.

They swallowed the Heaven Longevity Lightning Spiritual Fruits they had obtained previously as they started to cultivate.

Time quickly passed by and five years shuttered past in the blink of an eye.

In the world of lightning formed by the lightning spirit, a mountain peak started to shake as lightning bolts crashed and raged around Huang Xiaolongs body.

The lightning essence around him started to shink before disappearing.

It returned to Huang Xiaolongs body as he slowly opened his eyes.

After five years, Huang Xiaolong had completed his refinement of all three Lightning Origin Divine Fruits.

Feeling the changes within his body, a smile formed on Huang Xiaolongs face.

This time, he had broken into the peak of the late-Seventh Order Sovereign Realm.

His saint physique, saint bloodlines, and complete dao saint godheads had experienced an upgrade.

Even though it was only a tiny increase in strength, Huang Xiaolong was overjoyed.

One had to know that it was nearly impossible to increase the level of any of them!

When Huang Xiaolong had entered the Sovereign Realm, he had managed to transform his physique, bloodlines, and godheads to the Venerable level.

They were at the bottom of all saint physiques, bloodlines, and godheads.

Now, after devouring Heavenly Terror Ruler and refining the Lightning Origin Divine Fruits, they were no longer the weakest saint level attributes!

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