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Chapter 220: Yao Manor’s Annihilation

Inside the secret chamber, the several Yao Manor guards faces turned ashen.

“What’s happening!” The first guard whose eyes leered over Su Yan and Huang Min licentiously jumped to his feet in panic.

Another resounding crash rang out as if answering his question.

Violent tremors ran through the ground beneath their feet.

The Yao Manor guards were surprised to see the secret chamber that was made out of one of the most adamant steel, splintered inch by inch as cracks spread out like a spider-web.

Following that, the cries of many Yao Manor servants and guards begging for mercy rang out crisp and clear in their eardrums.

The guards within the secret chamber exchanged a look amongst themselves and saw fear reflected in each other’s eyes.

Although they could not see what was happening outside, even a fool could guess that Yao Manor was under attack!

The Duanren Empire’s hegemony family that had a heritage of more than two thousand years was actually under attack!

There was denial in their hearts, refusing to believe what was happening.

Yet, another loud explosion hammered into their hearts.

Outside, Huang Xiaolong watched the fleeing servants and guards of Yao Manor from midair with a calm expression.

He asked Zhao Shu, “How is it Can you sense them”

Zhao Shu, who was utilizing space manipulation to detect Huang Peng, Su Yan, and the rest’s presence opened his eyes with a gladdened expression.

Answering Huang Xiaolong’s question, he said, “Young Lord, just now when Subordinate cast the power of space, I sensed House Master Huang’s presence.

They are held in a secret chamber at the north corner of Yao Manor!’

Huang Xiaolong’s face lit up at this news, “Is that true! Great, let’s head there now!”

His parents and siblings were really being locked up in Yao Manor by Yao Fei!

Huang Xiaolong’s hanging heart finally relaxed somewhat.

If any mishap happened to Huang Peng, Su Yan, or his little siblings, he would carry a heavy guilt for the rest of his life.

Next, Zhao Shu flew, leading Huang Xiaolong and the rest towards the secret chamber that was located at the northern corner of Yao Manor.

Inside the chamber, the guards looked at each other.

Due to Zhang Fu and Zhao Shu halting their attacks, the noises outside died down just as abruptly as they started.

“What do we do now” The skinny and slightly taller guard asked in a grave tone.

The first guard said, “It should be some small characters thinking they could shake our Yao Manor.

Our experts must have dealt with them, there’s nothing for us to worry about!”

“That’s right, with our Yao Manor’s power and strength, not even Duan Ren dares to act brazenly.

What are we frightening ourselves for!”

However, at this point, the tied-up Huang Min snickered, “My big brother’s here, no doubt about it.

Your end is near!”

The licentious guard was angered by Huang Min’s words, he stomped right in front of her and the back of his hand flew across her face, “Motherf*cker, you think that I don’t dare touch you Believe it or not, I’ll strip every thread from your body and play with you till you beg for mercy! Your big brother came to rescue you Hmph, stop daydreaming.

It’s more likely that your big brother’s been squashed to death by our Young Noble!”

Just as his voice ended, an icy voice sounded from somewhere in the vicinity, “Oh really”

It was so abrupt that everyone was startled.

“Who!” The several Yao Manor guards shouted almost instantaneously.

The sturdy chamber door was blasted open by someone with their bare hand, revealing several figures in the light.


“Big brother!”

Huang Peng, Su Yan, Huang Min, and Huang Xiaohai cried out in joy when seeing the faces of these people.

The ‘guests’ were none other than Huang Xiaolong, Zhao Shu, and the rest.

Huang Xiaolong stepped into the dim chamber, his eyes scanned around the room and stopped on Huang Min’s face-or precisely, the handprint on her face.

His chilling gaze then fell onto the several Yao Manor guards, “How do you want to die”

Zhao Shu, Yu Ming and Fei Hou hurried over to Huang Peng and the rest, snapping the thick golden rope that bound them.

While they were doing this, one of the Yao Manor guards lunged out, aiming an attack at Huang Xiaolong’s chest.

However, with a flick of Zhao Shu’s sleeve, that guard was akin to a broken plank in the stormy sea after jumping mere inches off the ground, crashing into a chamber wall.

When the guard fell to the floor, all his bones and internal organs were crushed.

The remaining Yao Manor guards had shadows of death clouding their faces, they were petrified with fear.

“Huang Xiaolong, you actually dared to attack our Yao Manor! Wait till our Young Noble and Ancestor arrive, I’ll see how you can escape!” One of the guards tried to bolster his courage by attempting to intimidate Huang Xiaolong.

When the guards shouted his words so confidently, Yu Ming, Fei Hou, and the others couldn’t help breaking into a laugh.

Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu too were shaking their heads with a sheepish smile.

Yu Ming looked at that Yao Manor guard, “Your Young Noble and Ancestor If it weren’t because your Young Noble and Ancestor’s legs were longer than most, allowing them to run that much faster, we’d have slit their throats long ago.

Tsk, to still dream of relying on your dog fart ** Noble and Ancestor…”

That guard was stupefied.

Their Young Noble and Ancestor fled!

“No, impossible!” His companions refuted.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t care to debate nonsense with these people, signaling Yu Ming with a look.

Yu Ming understood and nodded.

Approaching the several guards, he ended their lives with a palm strike straight to their hearts.

When they fell to the ground, none were breathing, and their bodies turned soylent green on the surface.

“Father, Mother-” Huang Xiaolong approached Huang Peng and Su Yan, opening his mouth, wanting to say something.

Su Yan cut him off: “Xiaolong, we’re fine.”

Hearing this, Huang Xiaolong nodded quietly.

Concealing the slight redness in his eyes, he turned around.

Eyes glowing red with fierce bloodlust, he commanded: “Kill!”

“Yes Young Lord!”

A few hours later, the Yao Manor that had been standing in Duanren Imperial City for over a thousand years suddenly crumbled to the ground, ruined.

All of Yao Manor’s guards were killed, including the main and side branch families left behind.

The Yao Family had a foundation dating back two thousand years.

In Duanren Empire, its existence as one of the hegemony families was truer than gold.

Yet, at this moment, the main symbol of the Yao Family, the Yao Manor, was scraped off Duanren Empire’s Imperial City landmark forever!

Emperor Duanren, Duan Wuhen, empire experts, and the Duanren Institute students and teachers who came to Yao Manor following Huang Xiaolong sighed as they watched the ruin of Yao Manor.

As for Guo Shiwen, Guo Chen, and all the Guo Family members, they were breaking out into cold sweat profusely.

If it weren’t for Guo Tai’s engagement to Huang Xiaolong’s younger sister, perhaps Guo Mansion’s ending would be the same as the Yao Manor in front of them—desolate ruins.

Very quickly, the news about Yao Fei and Ancestor Yao fleeing, along with Yao Manor’s destruction, spread like an enormous hurricane throughout the entire Duanren Empire.

When the over one thousand fealty kingdoms under it found out, the news shocked countless families and forces.

And the Saint realm experts’ battle within Duanren Institute became a hot topic for the commoners for a very long time.

With Yao Manor’s demise, Huang Xiaolong’s name traveled far and wide to every corner of Duanren Empire.

Every kingdom within Duanren Empire, every big and small family, and every big and small sect knew of this name.

Huang Xiaolong, an existence that even Emperor Duanren needed to show respect and courtesy to!

Deep in the night.

Huang Xiaolong stood in his yard, his brows locking together tightly.

Although he managed to bring his family back safely and he destroyed Yao Manor, Yao Fei and Yao Shan escaped.

The person who appeared at the end that took Yao Fei away should be Ao Baixue’s Master, who was also Lin Molin’s Senior Apprentice Brother.

If even Ao Baixue’s Master had come to rescue Yao Fei, it could easily be seen how deep the connection was between the Yao Family and Deities Templar.

“Li Lu.” Huang Xiaolong inevitably thought of Li Lu.


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