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Chapter 2235: Ill Only Need One Hand to Kill You

High-class esteemed guest card!

The attendant felt his hands shaking when he accepted the card from Huang Xiaolong.

Zhao Ruigan couldnt help but growl, “Thats definitely a fake card!”

Even someone with his masters assets couldnt obtain a high-class esteemed guest card from the Lingering Fragrance Inn.

He refused to believe that a brat, who had no idea what the Nine Heavens Gate represented would be able to take out a high-class esteemed guest card!

“Thats right! His card is definitely fake!” Several experts, who had better relations with the Nine Heavens Gate, yelled in support.

When the attendant heard what they said, he hastily poured his godforce into the card, and the results soon arrived.

Huang Xiaolong was indeed in possession of a real high-class esteemed guest card!

When the results came out, the expressions of Zhao Ruigan and Zhou Heng turned extremely ugly.

“Since you have already checked my identity, do I still need to hand over my keys” Huang Xiaolong muttered in a low voice.

The attendant was stunned for a second, but he jumped in fright when he returned to his senses.

“There is no need!” As soon as the words left his lips, he returned the card to Huang Xiaolong.

When everyone thought that it was finally over, Huang Xiaolong looked at Zhou Heng and repeated whatever he had said to the attendant before.

“Ill reserve whatever courtyard they wish to stay in.

There shall be no residence for them in the Lingering Fragrance Inn!”

He raised his arm and pointed at Zhou Heng and Zhao Ruigan.

Since they both had esteemed guest cards, Huang Xiaolongs was of a higher rank, and he had the priority to reserve any room in the inn.

“What!” The spectators jaws dropped in shock.

What was he trying to do! Was he trying to chase Zhou Heng and his disciple out onto the streets!

“This…” The attendant stuttered, and he had no idea how to respond to Huang Xiaolongs request.

As his expression slowly fell, Huang Xiaolong turned to Zhou Heng and chuckled in a flat tone, “Why arent you leaving”

Cold light flashed through Zhou Hengs eyes, and the killing intent in him started to boil.

“Brat, do you know who youre talking to Do you really think that Ill be too afraid to kill you in front of everyone Do you really think youre safe in the Lingering Fragrance Inn I can crush you like an ant anytime I want!”

He could tell that Huang Xiaolong was only in the early-Ninth Order Sovereign Realm, and he was someone an entire stage above the kid! As an early-Tenth Order Sovereign, Zhou Heng was confident of sweeping the floor with Huang Xiaolong! He didnt even need to unleash his full strength to kill a Ninth Order Sovereign!

Even though killing someone in the Lingering Fragrance Inn would require him to answer to the higher-ups of the inns management, no one would be able to do anything to him with the identity of the Nine Heavens Sect Grand Elder.

As a worst possible consequence, he would be placed into the black list of the Lingering Fragrance Inn.

“Crush me like an ant” Huang Xiaolong sneered .”Even though there are several people who possess the strength to crush me like an ant, youre not one of them!”

Zhou Heng was a mere early-Tenth Order Sovereign.

He was even weaker than Song Shaokang of the Beast Emperor Sect!

Huang Xiaolong wouldnt be exaggerating if he were to say that even a hundred Zhou Heng would be unable to cause a scratch on his body.

When the words reached Zhou Hengs ears, it was an insult like no other and it was a challenge to his authority and prestige!

“Since you wish to die, I shall grant you your wish!” Roaring with laughter, he sent a slap flying towards Huang Xiaolong!

“I only need a single arm to kill you!”

“Heavenly Beast Wave Reversal Palm!”

The wind started to churn as origin energy in the air started to gather.

They transformed into massive waves that formed massive phantoms of divine beasts in the air before charging towards Huang Xiaolong in unison.

“The Heavenly Beast Wave Reversal Palm is a Venerable level secret art!”

“Ive heard that Eminent Elder Wang Qi from the Nine Heavens Gate came up with the move! When he unleashes it, the skies will change color and every divine beast in a hundred million miles will submit to him!”

Everyone cheered when they saw Zhou Heng unleashing the legendary move.

Zhao Ruigan couldnt help but scoff at Huang Xiaolong.

With his masters strength, even mid-Tenth Order Sovereigns wouldnt be able to take the attack on.

Huang Xiaolongs death was basically sealed in stone!

As the Heavenly Beast Wave Reversal Palm came crashing down on Huang Xiaolong, not a trace of fear could be seen on his face.

He welcomed the attack with a palm of his own!

As Huang Xiaolongs palm shot out, a soft breeze followed behind to greet the torrential gale.

Everyone couldnt help but chuckle when they saw the state of Huang Xiaolongs move.

“What is he doing Is this the No Wind Palm from the legends He wont be able to kill a rabbit with his attack!” One of the old ancestors from a family clan sneered.

Laughter rang through the air.

Proving everyone wrong, Huang Xiaolongs gentle palm strike pierced through the violent squall and, the various divine beasts that had formed in the air dissipated as though they were never there to begin with.

With no intention to stop, Huang Xiaolongs palm strike landed on Zhou Hengs chest.

His eyes widened and Zhou Hengs mouth snapped open.

Blood gushed out from his orifices as he was sent flying through the entrance of the inn.

He rolled into the middle of the bustling street, and everyone started screaming in shock.

When he landed on the streets, the armor around his body had already shattered into a million pieces as blood streamed out from the giant, gaping hole in his chest.

The rowdy inn fell silent in an instant.

As everyone stared at Zhou Heng, who was sent flying, they felt as though a bomb had gone off in their heads.

Zhao Ruigan was the most affected as his body turned stiff.

He stared at his master who was lying motionless in the middle of the street.

Several moments later, he snapped back to attention as the blood drained from his face.

He rushed out of the inn and ran to his masters side.


Huang Xiaolong ignored everyone present in the hall, and he spoke to Zhang Wenyue and the others.

“Lets go.”

Like three little ducklings, they followed behind Huang Xiaolong into the inn.

Along the way, the three of them had developed some sort of immunity to Huang Xiaolongs methods.

They had long since gotten used to Huang Xiaolong killing a Tenth Order Sovereign with a single slap.

There was a peak late-Tenth Order Sovereign who had died in the same way during their journey to the capital city.

The spectators in the inn were too preoccupied with Zhou Heng to notice Huang Xiaolong.

When Zhao Ruigan finally rushed over to Zhou Hengs side, he fed his master tons of medicine.

After a long period of time, Zhou Heng finally managed to crawl to his feet.

Zhou Chen glared at the spot Huang Xiaolong once stood in.

He glowered in a fury and raged, “Were returning to the headquarters! We shall invite Eminent Elder Wang Qi to make a move!”

“Yes, Master!”

The two of them quickly tore through the air to return to their headquarters.

As soon as they left, the inn broke out into a flurry of discussions.

“Who is that kid How can a Ninth Order Sovereign like him heavily injure the early-Tenth Order Sovereign Realm Zhou Heng with a single slap There shouldnt be too many individuals in our Falling Jade Dynasty with his strength…!”

“Who cares about his identity Hes dead for sure! Didnt you hear what Zhou Heng said They are planning to invite Eminent Elder Wang Qi to take action! Even though Eminent Elder Wang Qi is one of the weaker ones among the Eminent Elders in the Nine Heavens Gate, hes still a Second Order Venerable!”

When Wang Qis name was mentioned, everyone couldnt help but turn a tad bit more respectful.

By the time the scene played out in the main hall of the inn, Huang Xiaolong had already removed the restriction around his courtyard in the Lingering Fragrance Inn!

“Young Master, Zhou Heng wouldnt give up like that! Neither will the Nine Heavens Gate sit by idly and watch.

Shouldnt we be planning our escape” Zhang Wenyue couldnt help but bring the matter up when she noticed Huang Xiaolongs nonchalant attitude.

No matter how many people Huang Xiaolong had killed along the way, they werent members of a supreme sect! Right now, they had offended the Nine Heavens Gate, and that wasnt a faction they could mess with as they pleased!

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