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Chapter 2247: From the Countryside

“But that kid comes from the Forceful Heavenly Bull Continent, I worry…” A moment later, Huang Zhouping brought up cautiously.

After all, the Forceful Heavenly Bull Continents last Holy Prince Zheng Donghaos relationship with the Holy Alliance wasnt exactly harmonious.

Jiang Tian smiled in response, “You just need to convey my sacred order.

There is no need to worry about other matters.

Tell him that he only has this one chance.

If he doesnt grab it now he will not get it again even if he begs to join my Holy Alliance in the future.”

“Yes, Senior Brother Jiang Tian!”

Holy Prince Huang Zhouping walked out with a group of his subordinates shortly after, heading straight towards Huang Xiaolongs temporary palace.

When Huang Zhouping arrived at Huang Xiaolongs temporary palace, they were slightly caught off guard seeing the enormous Six-Eyed Ice Lion guarding at the entrance.

Several of Huang Zhouping group members laughed out loud when they saw this.

One of them said, “This Huang Xiaolong really came from the countryside that he actually brought several Sovereign Realm fierce beasts with him, ah.

Merely several Sovereign Realm fierce beasts, he has the face to put them out on display.

Isnt he afraid of lowering his status!”

Others laughed even harder.

Huang Zhouping snickered, “People from the countryside think that bringing several Sovereign Realm top-grade grandmist spiritual beasts are capital to show off.

Its understandable that hes ignorant that in our Holy Gate headquarters, Sovereign Realm grandmist spiritual beasts are nothing but ordinary disciples mounts.”

When Huang Zhoupings subordinates were ridiculing outside, Zhang Wenyue, Zhang Haochen, and Prince Qian came out together when they heard noises outside.

When they saw these three Heavenly Monarch shrimps walk out from Huang Xiaolongs temporary palace, they were even more mystified.

“Heavenly Monarch Realm” One of Huang Zhoupings subordinates couldnt restrain himself and exploded in laughter, “This Huang Xiaolong is really adorable.

He actually surrounds himself with several Heavenly Monarch servants Ah, help, Im going to die from laughing!”

“Looks like this Huang Xiaolong really came from the poor mans pit.

He doesnt even have a Venerable Realm expert by his side!”

“When he sees the gift Holy Prince Jiang Tian sent over to him, hes probably going to drool in public!”

Huang Zhoupings subordinates chimed in after each other as it was really funny.

They had never seen any Holy Prince taking in several Heavenly Monarchs as servants, so these people were a little excited.

Hearing Huang Zhoupings subordinates insult Huang Xiaolong, Zhang Wenyues anger rose to her head, and she snapped, “You have really got quite the courage.

How dare you blaspheme the Holy Prince! Do you know your crime!”

Huang Zhoupings subordinates were taken aback by Zhang Wenyues reaction, but in the next second, they laughed harder and louder.

A measly Heavenly Monarch had actually dared to reprimand them A group of Venerable experts

A burly man with bulging arm muscles stepped out, wearing an ill-intent smile on his face as he spoke, “Little Missy, why dont you go sue us at the Law Enforcement Hall Just say to the Law Enforcement Hall Master that we blasphemed your Holy Prince.”

“Let me enlighten you, little missy, that the Law Enforcement Hall Master Zhang Yunqi is a member of our Holy Alliance!” Another of Huang Zhoupings subordinates chimed in laughingly.

But when his laughter stopped, his face changed.

“You three measly Heavenly Monarchs really have the guts of a dog! Why did you not kneel and salute upon seeing our Holy Prince!”

“Do you believe the Holy Prince will slap you to death this instant!” His momentum soared at this moment, and his First Order Venerable Realm aura pressed down on Zhang Wenyue, Zhang Haochen, and Prince Qian violently.

Under tremendous pressure from the other side, Zhang Wenyue, Zhang Haochen, and Prince Qian felt like a great mountain had slammed down on their backs, and they fell to their knees with a painful plop.

Blood was flowing uncontrollably from their mouths.

“Quickly salute!” Before Zhang Wenyue, Zhang Haochen, and Prince Qian could catch a breath, the subordinate snapped again and he increased the pressure boring on the three of them.

Zhang Wenyue, Zhang Haochen, and Prince Qian were violently coughing up blood.

Huang Zhouping watched on indifferently without the intention to stop his subordinate.

They were merely a few insignificant Heavenly Monarchs.

In his eyes, these three were lowlier than slaves, and it didnt matter if they died.

He didnt believe that Huang Xiaolong would settle the score with him for killing these three insignificant Heavenly Monarchs.

“We greet His Highness Holy Prince!” Zhang Wenyue, Zhang Haochen, and Prince Qian were forced to kowtow to Huang Zhouping.

Huang Zhouping remained quiet, leaving the three of them kneeling on the ground.

“Go, tell Huang Xiaolong to come out!” Huang Zhouping ordered one of the subordinates beside him.

The subordinate respectfully acknowledged Huang Zhoupings order, and stepped forward and yelled, “His Highness Holy Prince Huang Zhouping comes to visit His Highness Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong.

Quickly come out to welcome His Highness Holy Prince Huang Zhouping!” His voice reverberated in the air, reaching far and wide.

Though relying on Huang Zhouping and the Holy Alliance as his backings, the subordinate was still a little afraid of Huang Xiaolongs identity as a Holy Prince.

Hence, he didnt dare to call Huang Xiaolong directly by his name only.

Huang Xiaolong, who was cultivating in the core space of the palace, opened his eyes.

Huang Zhouping came to visit From the Holy Alliance

From Wan Zhuoyuans memories, there was a Holy Alliance in the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate.

This Holy Alliance had a big influence in the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate, and almost half of the Zhuoyuan Holy Gates disciples were members of this Holy Alliance.

The Holy Alliance was created by a Holy Prince called Jiang Tian.

This Jiang Tian was a Zhuoyuan Holy Gates Holy Prince and also Wan Zhuoyuans one and only personal disciple.

Huang Zhouping was one of many Holy Princes in the Holy Alliance.

‘It looks like this Huang Zhouping is ordered to come here by Jiang Tian to attract me into the Holy Alliance. Huang Xiaolong figured out the purpose of Huang Zhoupings visit in an instant.

He exited his room and walked to the entrance.

However, when Huang Xiaolong arrived at the entrance, he saw Zhang Wenyue, Zhang Haochen, and Prince Qians bloody sight while they were made to kneel on the ground.

Their blood had dyed the ground red.

Huang Xiaolongs gaze turned frosty in an instant, especially when he noticed Zhang Wenyues pallid face.

He was truly enraged.

“Your Highness Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong, this here is His Highness Holy Prince Huang Zhouping.” The subordinate who was forcing Zhang Wenyue, and the other two to kneel on the ground said to Huang Xiaolong.

“Insolent!” Huang Xiaolong snapped as a violent aura burst out from his body and swept out.

The roar of a dragon shook the sky as his palm struck out, directly sending the subordinate flying, “You few measly slaves, why arent you kneeling and paying your respects before me Who gave you the guts! Did Holy Prince Huang Zhouping order you to do this!”

“Huang Zhouping dares to ignore the Holy Gates rules!”

The subordinate crashed to the ground in the distance, coughing mouthfuls of blood.

Huang Zhouping and the rest of his subordinates were shocked.

This had greatly strayed from what they had imagined.

They were shocked by Huang Xiaolongs strength, and his reaction was what had strayed from their imagination.

Huang Xiaolong who had just arrived at the Holy Gate headquarters actually disregarded Holy Prince Huang Zhoupings face and attacked his subordinate in public!

Recovering from their shocked state a moment later, several of Huang Zhoupings subordinates wanted to catch their companion who was sent flying by Huang Xiaolong, but Huang Zhouping barked, “Stop!”

With that said, his palm sent one of his subordinates flying.

“All of you are so disrespectful.

Dont tell me that you would dare to attack Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong” Huang Zhouping scolded angrily.

Despite having the Holy Alliance behind them, attacking a Holy Prince without scrupulousness was a crime worthy of death.

Even Huang Zhouping wont be able to save them.

Not even the Holy Alliance could save them.

Huang Zhoupings dozen of subordinates shuddered, lowering their heads as they answered, “We dare not.”

“Then quickly beg Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong to pardon you!” Huang Zhouping continued to bark at them.

The dozen of people quickly knelt on their knees, and asked for Huang Xiaolongs pardon, but their demeanor did not contain one ounce of respect at all, and it definitely did not show that they were remorseful.

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