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Chapter 2253: Constructing Cultivation Palace

As he saw that Huang Xiaolong was firm in his decision, Yang Jingzhi stopped persuading Huang Xiaolong.

Shaking his head inwardly, Yang Jingzhi really could not understand Huang Xiaolong\'s train of thoughts.

In his opinion, the Eminent Elders had \'abandoned\' Huang Xiaolong, so he was disappointed, and he had \'given up\' on himself.

Thus he had chosen a lousy place like the Wilderness Deity Mountain Range.

Otherwise, why would someone be so stupid to choose the Wilderness Deity Mountain Range when they could stay at the Precious Root Mountain Range

Huang Xiaolong subsequently moved out from the temporary palace, and with Yang Jingzhi guiding the way, all of them headed to the Wilderness Deity Mountain Range on a flying ship.

The Wilderness Deity Mountain Range was far away, located at the edge of the Holy Gate headquarters northern part.

Even traveling on a flying ship, it took them four to five days to reach their destination.

The flying ship flew towards the Wilderness Deity Mountain Range at its fastest speed.

Inside the flying ship, Huang Xiaolong stood before the ships cabin, looking at the jade mirror that displayed the view below.

He saw mountains after mountains enshrouded in abundant spiritual energy.

Previously, when he was traveling with Du Gen on the Forceful Heavenly Bull Continent Holy Gate branchs flying ship, Huang Xiaolong had seen many mountains enshrouded in spiritual energy, but those mountain ranges were much worse compared to these Holy Gate headquarters mountains.

Even the mountains with the poorest spiritual energy at the Holy Gate headquarters still have richer spiritual energy than most mountains with the richest spiritual qi along the way.

A day later, after flying over a certain region, Huang Xiaolong saw the mountain range up ahead was enshrouded in a dense spiritual qi.

Spiritual qi roiled like seawaves, and there were even elves like creatures flying merrily.

Huang Xiaolong even saw a faint auspicious aura rising to the sky.

This was holy spiritual qi!

One could see the presence of holy spiritual qi only when cultivation palaces were built with a large number of materials containing holy spiritual qi.

“The palaces on these mountains were built by our Holy Gates Holy Princes,” Yang Jingzhi on the side explained to Huang Xiaolong in a concise sentence.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

He had already thought of this.

At the Holy Gate, only Holy Princes had the wealth to build this kind of luxurious cultivation palaces.

“That is the Holy Alliance Peak, His Highness Holy Prince Jiang Tians place.” Yang Jingzhi pointed at the peak with the richest spiritual energy in the distance.

The abundance of that particular mountain peak greatly exceeded other Holy Princes\' cultivation palaces nearby, and it stood higher than all other peaks.

It gave the impression that the surrounding peaks were saluting towards the Holy Alliance Peak.

It was as if Jiang Tian was sitting on the throne while other Holy Princes bowed to him.

This was the glory, honor, and status as the chief disciple amongst the Holy Princes, the number one person of the Holy Gates younger generation!

However, Huang Xiaolong understood that this Holy Alliance Peak did not solely belong to Jiang Tian.

It belonged to the Holy Gates chief disciple.

In other words, whoever snatched the position of chief disciple, that Holy Alliance Peak belonged to that person.

Before this, the Holy Alliance Peak was not called Holy Alliance Peak.

It was changed to Holy Alliance Peak after Jiang Tian had moved in.

Huang Xiaolong pointed at the tall Holy Alliance Peak and pronounced, “Within a thousand years, I will move into the Holy Alliance Peak!”

Yang Jingzhi was stunned by Huang Xiaolongs proclamation, then smiled silently as he assumed that Huang Xiaolong was making a joke.

To move into the Holy Alliance Peak, becoming the chief disciple was easier said than done!

Unless Huang Xiaolong could defeat Jiang Tian!

Jiang Tian, their Zhuoyuan Holy Gates chief disciples strength was unfathomable.

Even Yang Jingzhi as a Chief Hall Master, who was a half-step Venerable, was not an opponent against Jiang Tian.

Then whats more Huang Xiaolong

Even between half-step Venerables, there were distinctions between strong and weak.

Judging from Huang Xiaolongs talent, it would probably take him a hundred million years to reach half-step Venerable Realm.

And during that time, Jiang Tian probably would have long won the Saint Fate, breaking away from half-step Venerable and becoming a True Saint.

The gap between Huang Xiaolong and Jiang Tian would only grow bigger.

Yang Jingzhi shook his head again remembering that Huang Xiaolong had a life or death battle with Huang Zhouping a year later.

Five days later, Huang Xiaolongs group arrived at the Wilderness Deity Mountain Range.

As they looked at the thin spiritual energy around them upon arriving at the Wilderness Deity Mountain Range, an absurd feeling hit everyone unknowingly, as if they had stepped into a godforsaken land.

That seems to be the case.

Compared to the lush mountain ranges with rich and abundant spiritual energy, especially the Holy Alliance headquarters mountain peak, this Wilderness Deity Mountain Range was at the extremely opposite end of the scale.

In Huang Xiaolongs opinion, this place couldnt be called a spiritual mountain peak.

It was merely some miserable mountainous terrain overgrown with weeds.

The Wilderness Deity Mountain Range had several thousand peaks, but one could barely find a handful of divine trees amongst these several thousand peaks, and even less spiritual herbs.

This situation was what had reduced the Wilderness Deity Mountain Ranges forgotten status in the Holy Gate.

Even the Holy Gates inner disciples were unwilling to build their cultivation palace on this land.

Looking at the bleak environment around him, Yang Jingzhi sighed inwardly.

Then, he took out a spatial artifact and said, “Your Highness Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong, I came upon the things inside this spatial artifact by chance.

You might need to use them to build your cultivation palace.

These things are of not much use to me, so if Your Highness Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong doesnt dislike them, please accept them.”

Yang Jingzhi wasnt sure why, but he sympathized with this new Holy Prince.

Huang Xiaolong accepted the spatial artifact.

Inside it were iron and ores, spirit jades, spiritual herbs, and divine trees.

All of them were materials that could be used in building his cultivation palace.

On top of that, there were several top-grade chaos spiritual veins as well.

Huang Xiaolong didnt refuse after some thought.

He collected the spatial artifact Yang Jingzhi gave him.

Although he had top-grade chaos spirit stones, it would waste some time and effort to purchase the iron ores, spirit jades, and other materials.

Huang Xiaolong smiled at Yang Jingzhi as he said, “Many thanks to Chief Hall Master Yang Jingzhi.

After the holy arena battle, I will invite Chief Hall Masters for a drink!”

Yang Jingzhi was stunned by Huang Xiaolongs words but responded swiftly, “Thats a deal!”

A while later, after asking Huang Xiaolong if there was anything else he needed, and confirming that Huang Xiaolong had no other orders, Yang Jingzhi took his leave.

“Lord Chief Hall Masters is a good person.” After Yang Jingzhi left, Zhang Wenyue commented as she came to Huang Xiaolongs side.

Huang Xiaolong nodded in agreement.

This Yang Jingzhi was a person that could be a friend.

Looking at the spatial artifact in his hand, it could be said that he had received a favor from Yang Jingzhi this time.

“Alright, we should start working.

Quickly now, or well have to sleep in the wilderness tonight.” Huang Xiaolong said playfully to Zhang Wenyue and the others.

It was currently noon, and there were only several hours until dusk fell.

“Wenyue, which peak do you think we should choose” Huang Xiaolong asked Zhang Wenyue.

The Wilderness Deity Mountain Range has several thousand peaks.

Of course, they would not incorporate all these peaks into their cultivation palace.

For the time being, they would choose a peak, and it would be enough for them to live on.

“How about that” Zhang Wenyue looked around for a while then picked a mountain peak of an irregular, unique shape that looked a little cute.

Huang Xiaolong smiled and nodded, “Alright, thatll be the one then!”

Coincidentally, that mountain peak was where Wan Zhuoyuan had hidden his treasures!

Huang Xiaolong and the rest flew towards the peak Zhang Wenyue had chosen.

He condensed his energy around his palm like a blade and made a few slashes.

In the blink of an eye, a flat surface appeared on the top of the mountain, and it was divided into several different areas.

Huang Xiaolong then took out the iron ores, and other materials inside the spatial artifact given by Yang Jingzhi earlier.

With every wave of his hands, these materials flew out in proper order, and piled together, melted and merged, and soon transformed into an enormous palace.

Half a day later, several simple palaces were built on the peak.

Huang Xiaolong also took out the spiritual herbs, and divine trees from the spatial artifact, and planted them in the empty spaces around the palaces.

“Alright, its just nice.

We wont need to sleep outside tonight.” Huang Xiaolong clapped his hands and said with a grin.

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