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Chapter 2256: Still Dreaming You Can Win Against Me

“Oh right, there were also ten bottles of low-grade, level-four spiritual pills.

I also took care of it for you!” Huang Zhouping went on smugly, “After all, in the arena battle scheduled for a little over a year from now, youre going to die anyway.

That bottle of low-grade, level-four spiritual pills would be useless for you, whereas I will make more contributions to the Holy Gate in the future using them!”

Huang Zhouping laughed, full of malice, smugness, pride, and insolence.

Then his gaze fell on Zhang Wenyues body, and his laughter turned into a gentle, amiable smile, “Its a pity.

Such a pretty face is having a bad life for following the wrong master.

Little Missy, why dont you follow me instead, I can guarantee that you will have everything you ever wish for, and I make sure youre comfortable and pleasured every day.

As long you serve me well, I will even accept you as my concubine, and you will stand above many others!”

Even the Holy Gates Holy Princes concubine was a status many kingdoms princesses, and top sect masters daughters dreamed of.

To many, this was indeed a glorious position.

But Zhang Wenyue felt insulted and glared fiercely at Huang Zhouping.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Huang Zhouping silently for a moment, then a devilish smile curved up at the corners of his lips.

“Its just ten bottles of low-grade, level-four spiritual pills, ten million tons of iron ore, and jade stones.

Ill consider it as charity given to beggars.”

When Huang Zhoupings face twisted in anger, Huang Xiaolong added, “Initially, my plan was to directly kill you in the arena, and give you a quick death.

However, that doesnt seem to be what you want.

In that case, I will first clobber you half-dead, and let you taste some pain before sending you to hell!”

A glimmer of bloodthirstiness flitted across Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

“Today, you took ten bottles of my low-grade, level-four spiritual pills and ten million tons of materials, but when the time comes, Ill have you return ten times the amount!”

“Lets go!” Huang Xiaolong signaled Zhang Wenyue, and both left without looking back.

Huang Zhouping angrily raised his arm and blocked Huang Xiaolongs path, “Huang Xiaolong, with that rubbish talent of yours, you still dare to dream of winning against me You are simply naïve!”

“In the arena, I will kill you within three moves!”

“Oh right! Senior Brother Jiang Tian has advised me not to kill you, but to just damage your complete dao saint godhead, saint bloodline, and saint physique, seeing your pitiful state.

Did you hear that Do you feel extremely grateful to Senior Brother Jiang Tian and me” Huang Zhouping laughed wickedly.

“Is that so” Huang Xiaolong responded tepidly and glanced coldly at Huang Zhouping.

He didnt bother to waste time speaking nonsense with Huang Zhouping, and left directly with Zhang Wenyue.

Huang Xiaolong and Zhang Wenyue sped away on the golden pig.

“Your Highness Holy Prince Huang Zhouping, if youve taken a fancy to that Zhang Wenyue, I can find an opportunity to get her for you and send her straight to your room for your pleasure.”

After Huang Xiaolong was out of sight, the Beast Emperor Sects Young Lord Song Shaokang took a step forward and whispered to Huang Zhouping in an ingratiating manner.

Huang Zhouping looked at Song Shaokang from the corner of his eyes, smiling faintly as he said, “There is no need for that.

As a Holy Gates Holy Prince, do I have to use force on the woman I fancy After I kill Huang Xiaolong in the arena, she will become a masterless servant.

At that time, she will be mine and everything belonging to Huang Xiaolong will be mine!”

Song Shaokang quickly agreed, “Yes, yes, it is I, who is who is lacking in thought.

With Your Highness Holy Prince Huang Zhoupings valiant appearance, that Zhang Wenyue would surely offer herself to Your Highness Holy Prince on her own accord, and beg Your Highness Holy Prince to accept her!”

Huang Zhouping issued an exuberant laugh and approved, “I like what you said!”

“Dont worry, as long as you work for me with devotion, I will have people take good care of the Emperor Beast Sect!”

“With my support, it wont take long for the Emperor Beast Sect to become the leader of all sects in the Falling Jade Dynasty!”

“Thank you, Your Highness Holy Prince!”


After leaving the Logistics Hall, Huang Xiaolongs face was deadpan that one could not tell if he was angry or what he was thinking.

Zhang Wenyue hesitated several times before mustering the courage to speak, “Young Master, dont mind what happened just now too much.”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled nonchalantly instead and said, “Its just a slightly bigger fly.”

A while of silence later, Zhang Wenyue spoke again, “Young Master, maybe, you should withdraw from the arena battle.”

Huang Xiaolong was momentarily stunned by her words, but retorted half-jokingly, “What Do you think your Young Master would lose I know you are worried about me.”

Zhang Wenyue blushed inexplicably, and denied strongly, “Of course, not.”

Huang Xiaolong smiled reassuringly, “Dont worry, for your sake.

I will definitely defeat that Huang Zhouping!”

Despite the speaker having no intention, the listener hears what he wants; Zhang Wenyues heart thumped like a deer rampaging in her chest, and her gaze turned hazy with ambiguous feelings.

“Then, where are we going now” Zhang Wenyue asked in a mosquito-voice.

“Of course, we are going back to cultivate, ah.” Huang Xiaolong grinned, “I need to work hard on my cultivation, so I can squash that annoying fly Huang Zhouping!”

After hearing Huang Xiaolong once again refer to Huang Zhouping as an annoying fly, Zhang Wenyue giggled in agreement, “I have to say, that Huang Zhoupings eyes really resemble a flys.”

Both erupted into laughter on the golden pig.

On the way back at the Wilderness Deity Mountain Ranges Myriad Dragon Peak, Huang Xiaolong took a detour to the Scripture Hall.

With Huang Xiaolongs identity as the Holy Gates Holy Prince, he was allowed to enter the Scripture Hall at any time.

On top of that, a new Holy Prince could pick one holy martial art and divine art to practice.

Huang Xiaolong picked the dragon clans holy martial art and divine arts.

Wan Zhuoyuan had traded many valuable treasures with the Evolving Dragon Holy Gate to get the dragon clans holy martial art and divine art.

After learning that Huang Xiaolong had come to choose a holy martial art and divine art, the Scripture Hall Master respectfully led Huang Xiaolong and waited while Huang Xiaolong looked around.

Successfully getting what he wanted, Huang Xiaolong and Zhang Wenyue returned to the Myriad Dragon Peak.

Back at the Myriad Dragon Peak, Huang Xiaolong continued to focus on his cultivation, and consumed the level-five spiritual pills he had gotten from Wan Zhuoyuans treasury.

Occasionally, he would take a break and study the dragon clan holy martial art and divine art he got from the Scripture Hall.

Whereas Zhang Wenyue and the others took care of the Myriad Dragon Peaks surroundings in addition to improving their strengths.

Half a year went by, and under Zhang Wenyue and the others meticulous care, the Myriad Dragon Peak had completely turned into a beautiful scenic mountain.

Huang Xiaolong even took out the Lightning Dragon Divine Tree he had obtained from the Lightning Grounds and planted it in the center of the main palace.

The Lightning Dragon Divine Tree absorbed spiritual energy and released origin lightning energy in return.

The origin lightning energy shrouded the entire Myriad Dragon Peak, creating the illusion that there were a myriad of lightning dragons encircling the peak.

Together with the rich and abundant spiritual energy, these elements added a mystery to the Myriad Dragon Peaks ethereal beauty.

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong had further strengthened the defensive formations around the Myriad Dragon Peak, while ordering Zhang Wenyue and the others to begin clearing the surrounding peaks.

While Huang Xiaolong was rapidly improving his cultivation, and developing the living conditions around the Myriad Dragon Peak, Eminent Elders Guo Qirong, Xu Jun, Li Yuhui, and Gong Chen were discussing and determining Huang Xiaolongs training task as a new disciple of the Holy Gate.

The Holy Gates common inner disciples new disciple training task were generally determined by the Mission Halls high custodians, but as a Holy Prince, Huang Xiaolongs new disciple training task would be determined by Eminent Elder Guo Qirong, who oversaw the Mission Hall.

Like Xu Jun, Guo Qirong was one of the Eminent Elders, who supported the Holy Alliance.

Therefore, the difficulty of Huang Xiaolongs new disciple training task would surely be higher than the others for no reason other than to make Huang Xiaolong suffer a bit.

At the same time, the task couldnt be too difficult.

If they gave Huang Xiaolong a task that exceeded his current level of strength by too much, Eminent Elder Li Wen would definitely question them.

“Why dont we have Huang Xiaolong go to the Blue Sea to kill the Three Red Devils!” After thinking back and forth, an idea flashed in Guo Qirongs mind.

The Three Red Devils were on the Holy Gates wanted list of evil cultivators.

Some time back, the Holy Gate had found out that the Three Red Devils were currently at the Blue Sea.

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