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Chapter 2264: The Rubbish Despised Him!

The Holy Princes token was a token unique to the Holy Gates Holy Prince!

...Then, this person in front of us is...

“Why arent you kneeling upon seeing the Holy Princes token!” Huang Xiaolong reprimanded coldly.

Blood drained off the robbers faces.

Loud thuds echoed in the air as several hundred robbers fell to their knees in a panic.

So… the person they were planning to rob and kill was not an ordinary Holy Gate disciple but a Holy Gates Holy Prince, high above them all!

The loud thuds from the robbers knees hitting the ground knocked the Jiang Familys disciples to their senses, and they too knelt in a fluster.

According to the Holy Gates rules, even the Jiang Familys Patriarch was required to salute on their knees to a Holy Prince, even though the Jiang Family was the holy grounds most powerful family.

“According to the Holy Gates rules, all of you schemed with the intent to harm a Holy Gates Holy Prince.

Do you know the severity of your crime” Huang Xiaolong questioned coldly.

Capital offense!

And the punishment was crueler than death!

Thinking of the consequences, some of them trembled uncontrollably.

The group of Jiang Family disciples was greatly unsettled.

Huang Xiaolong directed his words to the several hundred robbers, “The Jiang Family disciples offended the Holy Gates Holy Prince.

This crime is worthy of death! All of you kill these Jiang Family disciples, and I shall pardon you!”

Although Huang Xiaolong did not hold the actual authority as the Holy Gates Holy Prince, it was within his capacity to order the one trillion experts in the holy ground.

The Jiang Family disciples kneeling on the ground ashened with despair.

The eight Venerable experts among the robbers tensed nerves relaxed slightly.

After the briefest hesitation and some quick analysis of pros and cons, they stood up and lunged towards the Jiang Familys disciples.

Although they might get hunted down by the Jiang Family in the future after killing these Jiang Family disciples, it was still better than being killed on the spot by Huang Xiaolong.

They had witnessed Huang Xiaolongs strength just now.

For him, killing a mid-First Order Venerable Jiang Heyu was the same as swatting a fly.

“You, you dare!”

Seeing the robbers eight Venerable experts lunging towards them, the Jiang Familys disciples panicked.

Among them, Jiang Heyu was the strongest.

Although there were still several Venerables among the Jiang Family disciples, they were merely early First Order Venerable, or peak early First Order Venerable Realm.

“All of you attack together!” Huang Xiaolong said to the eight robber Venerables, “Kill these Jiang Familys disciples, and I shall pardon your crime!”

Hearing that, the rest of the several hundred robbers rushed out.

Before long, undulating tragic screams shook the air.

Disadvantaged in terms of strength and number of people, the remaining twenty-plus Jiang Family disciples were naturally powerless against several hundred robbers.

Before long, all of them were killed.

In these robbers minds, they had already offended the Jiang Family, thus in order to show goodwill towards Huang Xiaolong, all the robbers exerted full effort, attacking in a frenzy, that the twenty-plus Jiang Family disciples died tragically.

Subsequently, Huang Xiaolong branded the eight Venerables, and several hundred robbers with grandmist worms, completely holding their lives in his hand.

“Take these things and divide it amongst yourselves.” Huang Xiaolong said as he took out half of the spiritual herbs and spiritual pills obtained from Jiang Heyu and other Jiang Family disciples spatial artifacts after the several hundred robbers were branded with grandmist worms.

The robbers were extremely grateful for it.

An idea to form his own force had emerged in Huang Xiaolongs mind after arriving at the Blue Sea.

He planned to grow his force and conquer the entire Blue Sea.

Even the Central Holy Dynastys army of one billion had failed to capture the Blue Sea, which said a lot about the forces operating at Blue Sea.

If he could bring this Blue Sea under his banner, then it would definitely be a great help for his future plans of taking over the Holy Gates helm.

Now that he was unable to condense any spirit stones, the number of chaos spirit stones on him had reduced with each usage.

Thus if he could conquer the Blue Sea, then the entire Blue Seas forces would be able to provide him with an endless supply of spirit stones, holy bills, and origin spiritual pills.

Why was Jiang Tians pockets fuller than an Eminent Elder of the Holy Gate It was because he had the support of the Jiang Family.

All the forces on the Blue Sea were surely bigger than a single Jiang Family.

Controlling these robbers was Huang Xiaolongs first step in building his own force at the Blue Sea.

However, these several hundred robbers were only a drop of water in the vast Blue Sea.

Probably, they even amounted to less than a drop in the Blue Sea.

Then again, Huang Xiaolong was in no hurry, he was confident that he could conquer the Blue Sea within a hundred years.

The Central Holy Dynasty and Jiang Family had failed, but he could!

Huang Xiaolong subsequently exhorted the several hundred robbers with some tasks, then leaped onto the Golden Pig Treasure and left the Spirit Fire Island for the Holy Gate headquarters.

Soon after Huang Xiaolong left the Spirit Fire Island, the news of a group of Jiang Familys disciples being killed spread faster than wildfire, shaking the entire Spirit Fire Island.

The Jiang Family was infuriated.

“Over twenty Jiang Familys disciples, all of them were killed! It is said that they were killed by a late-Ninth Order Sovereign young man.

That young man spent five hundred million holy bills to purchase a Nine Dragon Vine at the Real Treasure Pavilion.

The Jiang Familys disciples chased after him to get the Nine Dragon Vine from him, but who knew they would get killed instead!”

“That is not the end of it, among the dead Jiang Familys disciples, there is one called Jiang Heyu.

Hes the Holy Gate Holy Prince Jiang Tians nephew!”

This matter literally pierced a hole through the sky!

“Who was that young man Nevermind that he killed so many Jiang Familys disciples, but he had the guts to kill His Highness Holy Prince Jiang Tians nephew!”

Before long, the news spread further through the holy ground, shaking the Blue Seas forces, and reaching the Central Holy Dynasty.

As forces from the Blue Sea, Central Holy Dynasty, and Jiang Family investigated the matter, it didnt take long for the truth of the matter to be combed out.

Within Holy Gate headquarters Holy Alliance Palace, Jiang Tian exuded a suffocating murderous aura, and his words came out like the growl of a wounded beast, “Huang Xiaolong, you son of a b*tch! How dare you, how dare you kill my nephew How dare you kill Heyu!”

He and his elder brother had been close growing up, and their sibling bond was deep.

In the Jiang Family, there were not many descendants in their branch, and amongst his brothers sons, Jiang Heyus talent was the highest, though not exceptional.

Most of all, Jiang Heyus temperament was similar to him, and Jiang Tian doted on this nephew of his.

But now, his beloved nephew was killed by the rubbish Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong, in his eyes!


More importantly, Jiang Heyu had already stated his identity to Huang Xiaolong, but that rubbish Huang Xiaolong had actually said it was useless even if Jiang Tian was his second uncle, third uncle, fourth uncle, or even eldest uncle!

That rubbish actually despises me!

“Huang Xiaolong, I want you dead!” Jiang Tian rose from his seat, and his voice seemed to come from the deepest of hell.

Huang Zhouping, Wu Shi, Zheng Yongjia, and other Holy Princes were quivering like quails.

Some time passed before Zheng Yongjia dared to speak, “Senior Brother Jiang Tian, Huang Xiaolong, that rubbish, is on his way back.

Should we arrange for people to block him on the way and…!” He made a neck-slitting gesture with his thumb.

Jiang Tians eyes were as icy as it could be when he spoke, “Letting him die so easily is a big boon, and Eminent Elder Li Wen would surely suspect us.” Then he turned to Huang Zhouping.

“Once he returns, you go into the arena with him.

Use every method youve got to torture that punk, and make him wish that he was dead!”

Then again, Jiang Tian gave this order more than once.

Huang Zhouping dared not show any dissatisfaction with Jiang Tians order.

He quickly stood up and acknowledged, “Rest assured.

It will be done, Senior Brother Jiang Tian!”

As Jiang Tian, Huang Zhouping, and the others waited for Huang Xiaolongs return in anticipation, Huang Xiaolong finally made it back to the Holy Gate headquarters two months later.

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