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Chapter 2274: This Kid Talk Big

“Greetings, Senior Mei.” The young man from the Chen Family, Chen Zhaorui, greeted in return with a nod of his head when he saw the female subordinate expert.

“Good, good!” The sword-carrying female expert, Senior Mei, hurriedly responded with a smile, and there was faint smugness and pride in her smile.

She looked as if being calledSenior by Chen Zhaorui was the ultimate glory.

Then again, based on Chen Zhaoruis identity, being called senior by him was something to be proud of for some people.

After all, many Venerable forces in the Central Holy Dynasty wanted to be associated with Chen Zhaorui, but did not have the chance.

In the meantime, Chen Zhaoruis gaze fell on Huang Xiaolong, who was standing right next to the young woman, and the closeness between them made him frown.

“This one is” He asked Huang Xiaolong.

“This elder brother is someone I just got to know.” Hearing that question, the young womans big eyes blinked with mirth as she took over the question.

Although she had not conversed much with Huang Xiaolong, she felt that Huang Xiaolong was an interesting person.

After listening to the young man calling Huang Xiaolongelder brother, the frown on Chen Zhaoruis forehead deepened.

The sword-carrying woman expert, Senior Mei Siyu, seemed to sense Chen Zhaoruis displeasure and quickly pacified him, “Young Master Chen Zhaorui, dont listen to our Miss nonsense.

She merely spoke two sentences with this kid, so there is no relationship whatsoever between them.”

Chen Zhaoruis nerves relaxed hearing her explanation.

He nodded and smiled softly, “I see.”

The young woman was the Central Holy Dynastys Rising Sage Sect Chiefs daughter.

In a banquet held by the sect several years ago, Chen Zhaorui had first seen the young woman Ma Hui, and it was almost love at first sight.

Since then, Chen Zhaorui had begun to woo Ma Hui publicly.

Despite the Rising Sage Sect Chief making every effort to matchmake the two together, Ma Huis attitude towards Chen Zhaorui had always been lukewarm.

“Young Master Chen Zhaorui, you might be unaware, but this kid here is really ignorant of how immense the heavens is.

Just moments ago, he was saying that hes going to dismantle the Cheng Familys main entrance.”

Mei Siyu reported the matter to Chen Zhaorui in an ingratiating intention.

“What! Dismantle my Chen Familys main entrance!” Chen Zhaoruis gaze turned fierce in an instant, and it immediately locked on Huang Xiaolong.

The Chen Family disciples and guards standing behind him were also glaring icily at Huang Xiaolong.

Mei Siyu went on in a gloating tone, “Yes ah, I was just thinking whether to catch this kid and take him to Young Master Chen for punishment.

Who knew Young Master Chen would appear at the right time” She went on to repeat Huang Xiaolongs earlier words enthusiastically.

Chen Zhaorui listened to Mei Siyu repeat Huang Xiaolongs words.

She told him that Hunag Xiaolongs good friend was currently imprisoned by the Che Family as a slave.

If the Chen Family refused to release him, Huang Xiaolong claimed to send the Chen Familys main entrance door flying and dismantle the rest.

As he heard this, a fierce glint flickered across Chen Zhaouris eyes.

“Punk, is what Senior Mei said true” Chen Zhaorui questioned coldly, with undisguised contempt.

“Young Master Chen Zhaorui, dont listen to Aunt Meis nonsense,” Ma Hui quickly made an excuse for Huang Xiaolong, “This elder brother did not say….”

But Mei Siyu cut off her words, “Miss, there is no need to make excuses for this kid.

I am not the only person who heard what he said, but the others heard it too.”

The rest of the Rising Sage Sects female disciples silently exchanged a glance and nodded heavily.

After seeing that Ma Hui had actually tried to make an excuse for Huang Xiaolong, the look in Chen Zhaorui eyes grew icier.

He signaled two guards behind him with a wave of his hand and ordered, “You two go and capture this punk.

Throw him into the family dungeon first.

No matter who he is, wait until his familys elders come before punishing him!”

The two guards complied respectfully, then strode towards Huang Xiaolong.

“Punk, you better come with us obediently!” The two guards fingers bent into claws and reached out to grab Huang Xiaolong as they planned to suppress him with their cultivation.

Their claws clasped onto Huang Xiaolongs shoulders tightly.

However, just as their hands came in contact with Huang Xiaolongs shoulders, a shocking force rushed out from Huang Xiaolongs shoulders with a miniscule shrug, and the two guards were thrown into the air.

They crashed into a shop some distance away.

The surrounding people exclaimed in alarm.

Chen Zhaorui, Mei Siyu, and the others were shocked.

The two Chen Familys guards were half-step Venerables, yet both were easily sent flying by the young man.

After a brief shock, Chen Zhaorui sneered, “No wonder you dared to talk big.

So, youve got a bit of strength.”

Then, he took large strides towards Huang Xiaolong as he spoke, “If you had obediently followed them, that would have ended the matter.

But since you dared to resist, dont blame me for punishing you.”

A sword appeared in Chen Zhaoruis hand, and he slashed towards Huang Xiaolong with a pause in his action.

An enormous phantom dragon flew out from the sword, spitting sharp sword qi that shone like the brilliant morning sun rays.

“Rays of Dawn Sword!”

The Rays of Dawn Sword was one of Chen Familys high-grade sword arts, created by one of the Chen Familys ancestors.

But, when Chen Zhaoruis sword qi were inches from Huang Xiaolong, they were hindered by an invisible barrier.

Consecutive dang and ding noises rang as flaming sparks flew in every direction.

While Chen Zhaorui was still in shock that his attack failed, Huang Xiaolong raised his hand and flexed his index finger.

In the next second, the sword in Chen Zhaoruis hand drew an arch in the sky, and shattered into several sections.

At the same time, Chen Zhaorui grunted in pain as his body was knocked backward.

“Young Master Zhaorui!” The Chen Familys disciples and guards cried out, and their faces were several shades paler as they scrambled to catch Chen Zhaorui.

But the force coming from Chen Zhaorui was so great that it knocked everyone away.

Undulating screams cut the air.

Mei Siyu, as well as the other Rising Sage Sects female disciples and Ma Hui were dazed in astonishment.

None of them had expected Chen Zhaorui, who was already an early First Order Venerable, to be sent flying by a flick.

Chen Zhaorui was helped to his feet by Chen Familys disciples.

He wiped off the bloodstain from his mouth as he glared aggressively at Huang Xiaolong, concealing his shock.

From the day he was born, This was the first time he was injured by someone from the day he was born.

Moreover, no one had dared to injure him within the Central Holy Dynasty.

His face was distorted by a grim, malicious smile.

“Punk, youre good, very good.

Just wait!” He then barked at the Chen Familys disciples and guards, “Lets go!”

Huang Xiaolong watched Chen Zhaoruis group leave in a hurry, without any intention of stopping them.

“Elder Brother, you better leave quickly, leave the Central Holy Dynasty.” Ma Hui turned and urged Huang Xiaolong anxiously, “You hurt Chen Zhaorui.

He wont stop at this.”

“Leave” Mei Siyu sneered, “After hurting Chen Zhaorui, he wants to make a run for it Kid, the Chen Familys power is not something you can imagine.

You cant escape even if you have eight legs.

The Chen Familys experts will arrive very soon.

Just wait to die!”

“Impudent!” The four Holy Gates guardians rebuked Mei Siyu, watching her being rude to Huang Xiaolong again and again.

Hearing that, Mei Siyu raised an eyebrow as her gaze swept over the four Holy Gates guardians.

She snickered audaciously and taunted, “You want to fight Will you believe me if I tell you that Ill send the four of you and your master on your way with a slap!”

Mei Siyu was very confident of her strength as she was a Seventh Order Venerable.

“Enough, Aunt Mei!” Ma Huis face ashened at Mei Siyus reckless words, and she chided her, “You are not allowed to be rude to this Elder Brother and these four Seniors!”

She then apologized to Huang Xiaolong, “Elder Brother, Aunt Mei has a bad temper.

If her words offended you, please do not take it to heart! I apologize to you on her behalf!”

Huang Xiaolong gazed coldly at Mei Siyu.

If it wasnt for Ma Hui, Mei Siyu would have died several times by now.

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