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Chapter 2324: Master, Youre Finally Here!

Cheating Facing Xie Yaos question, Zhang Hanwen hesitated before answering, “Lord Xie Yao, I am here on orders of my Hall Master to ensure the order in the examination venue.”

“Your Hall Master!” Li Chen, Xie Yao, and the others were shocked

“Yes, he also mentioned that anyone who dares to interrupt Huang Xiaolongs examination would be punished according to the rules of the Holy Heavens!” Zhang Hanwen replied honestly.

Xie Yao sneered, “Punished Are you going to capture me if I interrupted the examination”

Beads of sweat started to form on Zhang Hanwens forehead, and he hastily explained himself.

“Lord Xie Yao, I...

thats not what I meant!”

Back when Xie Yao had dcomprehended ten holy steles, he had taken Grand Hall Master Wu Ge as his master.

How was a vice hall master going to punish him!

“Good!” Xie Yao turned around and commanded Zhou Ruo, “Stop the assessment right now! Are you not embarrassed by your mistake!”

Zhou Ruo jumped and hurriedly nodded, “Yes, I will stop the examination immediately!”

All of a sudden.

Zhang Hanwen stopped Zhou Ruo.


He was extremely clear that if Huang Xiaolongs test was interrupted, he would be the first to be punished.

It wasnt any sort of punishment.

Even as a Vice Hall Master of the Holy Heavens, he would be executed!

Xie Yaos face sank when he saw that Zhang Hanwen was going against his order.

“Zhang Hanwen, do you really think that I wont be able to do anything to you because of the Law Enforcement Hall Master”

Zhang Hanwen gulped, “Lord Xie Yao, even with all the courage in the world, I wont dare to go against you! However, the Hall Master has ordered for me to prevent any interruption to the examination! If I fail, Ill die! I hope Lord Xie Yao can understand my difficulties.”

Li Chen, Lin Jiayi, and the others stared at each other in shock.

Execution if anyone interrupted that kids examination!

“Did he really say that” Li Chen asked suddenly.

“I wouldnt dare to lie to my lord.” Zhang Hanwen said hurriedly.

Xie Yao frowned.

Something seems strange….

“Since this is the case, I shall wait for the examination to end before seeking your Hall M aster out for an explanation on the matter.” Xie Yao said coldly.

Zhang Hanwen heaved a sigh of relief as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

For a second, he was worried that Xie Yao might forcefully try to stop the examination! If that happened, he would have to move against a Holy Prince of the Holy Heavens and that wasnt the ideal outcome.

Of course, how was poor little Zhang Hanwen going to know that even if the entire Devil Palace came to interrupt the examination, they wouldnt be able to succeed! With the four supreme masters of the Holy Heavens present, not even the heavens could do anything to Huang Xiaolong!

Somewhere in the depths of the void, Lord Long stared at Wu Ge and laughed, “Wu Ge, it looks like that disciple of yours is pretty concerned about the reputation of our Holy Heavens….”

Wu Ges felt his knees going weak, and he forced a bitter smile onto his face.

“Lord Long must be joking! The kid has a temper, and he is a little reckless.

I will make sure to reprimand him when I return!”

The Heavenly Master said indifferently, “Indeed, you should return and teach him well.

However, regarding Huang Xiaolong, I trust that the three of you know what to say and what not to say.”

Wu Ge, Yu Mingjiang, and Du Chengrui got to their knees when they heard what Heavenly Master said.

“Please rest assured, the three of us swear by the holy dao that we will never reveal a word!”

“Rise.” The Heavenly Master grunted.

Rays of resplendent light pierced into the skies and countless phantoms swarmed towards the manor.

Anyone who witnessed the scene would feel their hearts trembling in awe.

He comprehended the eleventh stele!

Even Xie Yao, Chen Kaiping, and the other Holy Princes felt their world spinning.

How many years has it been!

After Li Chen, someone finally managed to comprehend the eleventh sacred stele!

“He took one minute and twenty second Luckily, its not real.” Xie Yao laughed icily, “Haha! If hes actually so talented, he might be able to become a direct disciple of a Primal Ancestor!”

According to the rules set by Holy Heavens, if one was able to comprehend the eleventh heavenly stele, it was possible for a Primal Ancestor to accept him as a direct disciple!

There were four Primal Ancestors in the Holy Heavens, and they were all existences surpassing the True Saint Realm!

Li Chen frowned.

He had circulated some sort of supreme ancient secret art, but he failed to discover Huang Xiaolongs tricks.

As the crowd entered another state of uproar, Huang Xiaolong arrived before the twelfth heavenly stele.

Sucking in a long breath, Huang Xiaolong realized that as long as he comprehended the twelfth stele, he would become a disciple of all four Primal Ancestors!

In other words, he would be a joint disciple of all four Primal Ancestors in the Holy Heavens!

Huang Xiaolong no longer hesitated, and he placed his palm onto the twelfth tablet, searching for the feeling of the Holy Worlds source energy contained inside it.

The entire venue fell silent, and everyone focused their sights on Huang Xiaolong, unwilling to miss a single detail.

Even Fu Yunjie, Feng Yuanyuan, Xie Yao, and those who suspected Huang Xiaolong of cheating were staring closely at him.

One minute and twenty seconds passed.

However, the holy stele didnt show any signs of moving.

Even after two minutes, nothing changed.

Just as Fu Yunjie was about to make another snide remark, the final heavenly stele trembled, and a pillar of light pierced into the skies.

Like the eruption of a supervolcano that had remained dormant for billions of years, the scene before them looked unbelievably magnificent!

The entire sky above the city shone a deep gold, and holy grounds surrounding the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds enjoyed the cleansing of holy spiritual qi.

Staring at the sky filled with phantoms of supreme beings, the Heavenly Master turned to laugh at the handsome young man beside him.

“Kiddo Chu, looks like youre still wrong.

He didnt take twenty minutes! He took two! Hahaha!”

The handsome young man laughed bitterly, “Is the kid a reincarnation of the Holy Worlds origin energy! What the f….”

“Wu Ge.” Heavenly Master continued, “Ill leave the rest to you.

Tomorrow, bring him to meet the four of us.”

Wu Ge replied quickly and respectfully, “I will follow the wishes of the four ancestors!”

With a flash, the four supreme beings disappeared as though they had never been there.

The moment they left, Wu Ge brought the two individuals behind him into the examination venue.

Before they could arrive, Huang Xiaolong had descended from the bridge.

“Xiaolong!” Di Huai surpassed the shock in his heart and smiled from ear to ear as he patted Huang Xiaolongs shoulder, “I knew it! Hahaha! I knew all along that you would be able to comprehend all twelve steles!”

“Comprehend the twelfth heavenly stele” Xie Yao walked over and commanded, “Zhang Hanwen, since his examination is over, you should be able to arrest him now, right”

Zhang Hanwen hesitated, “This!”

“I asked you to arrest him! Are you trying to defy my order” Xie Yao screamed.

“If you have a problem with it, tell your Hall Master to look for me!”

From afar, Fu Yunjie and Feng Yuanyuan grinned when they noticed Xie Yaostimely assistance.

“Yes, Lord Xie Yao!” Zhang Hanwen had no choice but to agree.

Just as he was able to arrest Huang Xiaolong, an imposing voice boomed through the examination venue.

“Impudent! Who dares to touch Huang Xiaolong!”

The sound reverberated like thunder throughout the plaza.

Everyone reeled in shock as they stared at the origin of the voice.

When they saw Wu Ge, everyone widened their eyes in shock.

Even Xie Yao couldnt believe his eyes.

“Greetings Grand Hall Master!” The disciples of the Holy Heavens fell to their knees, and they greeted Wu Ge respectfully.

Even people like Zhang Hanwen and Zhou Ruo got to their knees.

As for Li Chen, and the other Holy Princes, they rushed towards Wu Ge and bowed.

Other than Li Chen, Xie Yao and Lin Jiayi, the other core disciples kneeled on one knee.

Fu Yunjie, Fan Xia, Feng Yuanyuan, Feng Cheng, and the other random experts in the plaza werent exceptions, and they kneeled on the ground.

“Master, youre here!” Xie Yao stepped forward and started his complaint, “Master, its good that youre here.

Earlier, Huang Xiaolong played some tricks and managed to use less than six minutes to comprehend all twelve sacred steles! When this disciple wanted to stop the examination, the Law Enforcement Hall Master sent out an order to punish anyone who dared to interrupt the examination! How…”

Before he could complete his sentence, a loudPa resounded through the skies.

Wu Ge didnt wait for him to finish as he gave him a big slap.

Xie Yao was dumbfounded.

He wasnt the only one in shock.

Li Chen, Lin Jiayi, and the others were stunned as well.

“Master.” Xie Yao covered his face as a complicated feeling welled up in his heart.

He stared at his Master like he was staring at a stranger! Was this the same Master who had loved and taken care of him since he had entered the organization His master actually slapped him in front of everyone!

“Is that very strange” Wu Ge continued indifferently, “I was the one who gave the order!”

Of course, he couldnt tell them that the Primal Ancestors were the ones who had given the order.

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