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Chapter 2351: Falling Short

The Fire and Ice Lakes energy was not infinite, as the amount of energy inside the lake accumulated gradually over a period of time.

Therefore, only the top three winners of the Holy Heavens disciples competition could cultivate in the Fire and Ice Lake because the energy accumulated inside the lake was merely sufficient to support three disciples cultivating at a time.

Originally, the Heavenly Master and the others had thought that Huang Xiaolong was merely a Fourth Order Venerable, and although he would consume a portion of the Fire and Ice Lakes energy, it would not affect the Holy Heavens disciple competitions top three winners cultivating inside.

But now, how could the effect be considered as negligible

Judging from the situation, there probably wont be energy left for the next Holy Heavens core disciples competitions top three winners to absorb when they cultivated inside the Fire and Ice Lake.

Despite knowing the energy within the Fire and Ice Lake would be absorbed clean by Huang Xiaolong at this rate, none of the Primal Ancestors had any intention of stopping him.

They understood all too well what it meant for Huang Xiaolong to have his soul transform at this stage.

Thus, even if they had to risk the Fire and Ice Lakes energy being depleted by Huang Xiaolong, the price was worth it.

“This brat, wait till he comes out.

I must give his backside a real good beating.” Tyrant Chu declared while rubbing his beardless chin.

Elder Crow chuckled, “If he really absorbs the Fire and Ice Lakes energy clean, his backside should be beaten.”

The Heavenly Master and Lord Long laughed, appreciating each others joke.

Wu Ge stood behind them, joining in the laughter.

“Now I understand what a son of heaven is.” The Heavenly Master sighed as he stared into the Fire and Ice Lake space.

Lord Long laughed and agreed, “Yes ah! If this kids soul could really transform, he would be the first person in the Holy World to have a holy soul before stepping into True Saint Realm!”

“Wu Ge, todays matter cannot be spoken out.” The Heavenly Master gave an order to Wu Ge.

Though he knew that Wu Ge was someone who had good judgement, and he would not talk about this event outside, he still exhorted Wu Ge solemnly.

“Four Lord Primal Ancestors, please rest assured on this matter.” Wu Ge responded respectfully.

Then, he immediately vowed upon the heavenly dao that he would not leak a word of this matter.

The Heavenly Master and the others did not leave after that, but they remained outside the Fire and Ice Lakes barrier, guarding as they waited for Huang Xiaolong to come out.

Two months soon went by.

The Fire and Ice Lakes surface was still bubbling with vigor.

Every corner of the Fire and Ice Lake was dominated by a thunderstorm of fire and ice.

The destructive forces from opposing collisions were getting increasingly stronger and more violent as they hit the restrictive barriers, sending the barrier quivering endlessly.

Three months, four months...

And the fifth month went by.

The Fire and Ice Lakes surface that had been bubbling for the last five months gradually slowed down, and the raging fire and ice thunderstorm weakened considerably.

By the time half a year went by, all movements around the Fire and Ice Lake died down and tranquility returned, revealing Huang Xiaolongs figure.

The Heavenly Master could clearly feel the energy within the Fire and Ice Lake was completely gone.

However, their concern was not the Fire and Ice Lakes energy as their gazes were fixed on Huang Xiaolong above the lake.

The four subconsciously frowned.

“He failed!” Tyrant Chu was clearly disappointed, “Just a little bit more!”

Although Huang Xiaolongs soul was in the process of transforming to a holy soul, it was still a bit short from a complete successful transformation in the end.

It was mainly because the energy inside the Fire and Ice Lake was insufficient to support Huang Xiaolongs soul transformation.

“Pity! Pity ah!” Lord Long sighed repeatedly.

The four of them could tell that if Huang Xiaolong had a chance to continue cultivating inside the Fire and Ice Lake for additional three to four months, Huang Xiaolongs soul could have transformed successfully to a holy soul.

“Masters!” After emerging from the Fire and Ice Lakes restrictive barrier, Huang Xiaolong greeted and flew over when he spotted the four Primal Ancestors.

The four Primal Ancestors nodded their heads in response.

“Its a pity.” The Heavenly Master sighed, “Although we wanted to help you, we could not interfere.”

Even though the four of them were strong, none of them could help him in the matter of his soul transformation.

Success or failure relied on Huang Xiaolongs own effort.

“Its alright.” Huang Xiaolong responded.

Even so, he was also a little disappointed inwardly.

He had originally thought that his soul could successfully transform into a holy soul by borrowing the Fire and Ice Lakes energy, but he did not succeed.

Currently, his soul transformation has reached fifty percent, and he possessed a portion of his holy souls power.

But as long as his soul transformation was not complete, he remained shackled by the laws of death and reincarnation.

Noticing there was something wrong with Huang Xiaolongs expression, Lord Long encouraged him, “Xiaolong, there is no need to lose heart.

We believe it wont take long for your soul to transform successfully.”

Huang Xiaolong suddenly thought of something, and he asked, “Master Long, I heard that you were the one who found this Fire and Ice Lake at the deeper region of Profound River, right”

Lord Long was caught off guard by the abrupt change in topic.

“Xiaolong, you want to go to the Profound River!” The Heavenly Master immediately caught on to the meaning behind Huang Xiaolongs question.

“No, there are dangers at every corner of the Profound River, and youre not allowed to go!”

“Thats right, Xiaolong! You have outstanding talent, and there is no need to risk your safety at the Profound River.

With your talent, you can definitely break through to Primal Ancestor, but before you step into True Saint Realm, you must exercise caution!” Elder Crow advised.

Lord Long and Tyrant Chu also shook their heads at Huang Xiaolong, rejecting Huang Xiaolongs plan to go to the Profound River.

Huang Xiaolong let out a bitter smile, “Masters, dont tell me I have to lock myself within the Heavenly Master Holy Ground before entering True Saint Realm Moreover, I will also face dangers when I enter the Cangqiong Holy Manor, and it would be the same when I have to fight for the Saint Fate.”

“Moreover, Masters,you probably didnt grow up under the protective wings of elders when you were young, right”

“Not to mention, dont I have the Darkness Holy Ring”

The four Primal Ancestors had no words to refute.

Huang Xiaolong began persuading his four Masters earnestly and sincerely until the four relented.

Huang Xiaolong inwardly heaved with relief, seeing that he had successfully persuaded his four Masters.

“When do you plan to head off to the Profound River” The Heavenly Master asked.

“Not so soon.” Huang Xiaolong answered, and added, “I want to cultivate inside the Devil Cave for a period of time.”

He still has a lot of contribution points, so he wanted to take this chance to challenge the Devil Palaces disciples to raise the ranks of his complete dao saint godheads, saint bloodlines, and saint physiques.

It was best if he could raise all of them into the top one hundred.

After all, the ranks of his complete dao saint godheads were still too low.

If all his saint attributes could be improved into the top one hundred ranks, adding his Holy Mandate Imprint, and his supply of level-nine and level-ten origin spiritual pills, his cultivation speed would exceed most of Holy Heavens disciples.

Only this way would he have a chance to break through to Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint in time to enter the Cangqiong Holy Manor.

Not to mention, entering the Devil Cave would improve his complete dao saint godheads as well as his strength.

The stronger he became, the more strength he would have.

It would give him a better ability to protect himself when going to the Profound River.

“That is a good plan.” Tyrant Chu agreed readily, “Ill have people speed up the construction of your place inside the Primal Ancestor space so you can move into the Primal Ancestor space to cultivate any time you want.”

Amongst the Holy Heavens disciples, only Huang Xiaolong and Li Chen were allowed to have their own place inside the Primal Ancestor space.

The four Primal Ancestors gave Huang Xiaolong some advice on some things before going off.

Huang Xiaolong then took his leave from Wu Ge and returned to the Holy Heavens Manor.

After that he headed straight to the Devil Cave after meeting Feng Tianyu and the others.

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