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Chapter 2355: A Coincidental Encounter, Lin Xiaoying

The Profound City was free from the control of the Holy Heavens, the Clear Snow Palace, Holy Lands Alliance, or the Devil Palace.

Therefore, the Profound City was one of the most chaotic and dangerous places in the Holy World.

There were killings and murders happening in the Profound City every day.

Venerable Realm experts losing their lives were a common everyday sight here.

The moment Huang Xiaolong stepped into the Profound City, the first impression it gave him was that it was quiet!

Lingering in the quiet surroundings was a suffocating dead qi.

The streets of Profound City were built wide, and there were many experts on the streets, and even so, the streets gave an empty feeling.

Shops lined the streets.

Some shops were busier than others with many people going in and out, but these people rarely spoke as they moved, seemingly in a hurry.

Many of these shops were operated by Holy Worlds giant trading houses, and even with the backing of these giant trading houses, it did not guarantee a hundred percent safety.

Many people died inexplicably at the lobby before they could leave after purchasing spiritual herbs or others.

Still, generally speaking, these shops backed by giant trading houses were relatively safe.

As Huang Xiaolong walked on the streets, he came across several big and small groups of disciples hurrying past him.

From the looks of these disciples gazes, Huang Xiaolong saw excitement, greed, and malice.

Though these disciples were malicious, none of them made a move on Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head inwardly.

Unknowingly, he was being targeted as a tender fat lamb by these people.

Then again, this came as no surprise.

Most experts who came to gain experience at the Profound River had the minimum strength of a high-level Venerable Realm.

Moreover, most of them came with companions, unlike Huang Xiaolong who had come alone and was only a mid-Seventh Order Venerable.

It would be stranger if no one targeted him.

Huang Xiaolong walked onwards as if he didnt notice anything.

When passing by some of the bigger shops, Huang Xiaolong went inside and took a look at whether there were any origin treasures related to the tasks he had taken.

After buying these origin treasures, Huang Xiaolong left the shop as soon as possible and move onward.

Three hours after Huang Xiaolong entered the Profound City, someone finally could not endure anymore.

Just as Huang Xiaolong stepped out from a shop named Three Miles, he was immediately surrounded by a dozen people on the street itself.

These peoples strengths varied from late-Seventh Order Venerable to Eighth Order Venerable, and there were even two Ninth Order Venerables.

These people all wore the same navy brocade robes, similar to the color of their eyelashes, and there was something like fish barbels growing out from the corners of their mouths.

Blue Whale Race!

Looking at these peoples burly builds and physical features, Huang Xiaolong instantly recognized that these people were from the Blue Whale Race.

The Blue Whale Race was one of the Holy Worlds oldest races.

In the Holy World, although the Blue Whale Races power couldnt be compare to the Holy Heavens, Clear Snow Palace, the Devil Palace, or the Holy Lands Alliance, they were undeniably a first-tier force after the four hegemons.

The Blue Whale Race possessed the ancient bloodline of Giant Blue Whale.

This kind of ancient bloodline greatly enhanced the Blue Whale Races physical strength, and indirectly increased the explosive power of their attacks.

The Blue Whale Races Patriarch had also also attended Huang Xiaolongs apprenticeship ceremony with a group of Blue Whale Races Eminent Elders, and they had even gifted the Blue Whale Races unique Blue Whale Divine Pill.

However, these Blue Whale Race experts encircling him were not qualified to attend Huang Xiaolongs apprenticeship ceremony.

Then again, even if these people had attended the ceremony at that time, they still wouldnt have recognized the current Huang Xiaolong, for Huang Xiaolong had altered his physical features.

“Something the matter” Huang Xiaolong asked calmly as he looked at the dozen Blue Whale Race experts encircling him.

“Something the matter” A Blue Whale Race expert with amber pupils laughed rampantly, “Are you not aware of the situation youre in We dont want to waste time talking nonsense with you.

Hand over the spatial artifacts on you, and everything valuable.

Remember, everything valuable, and dont think of hiding one piece.

If I find out you hid even one item, dont blame me for being rude!”

“Being rude” Huang Xiaolong scoffed, “How are you going to be rude to me”

“Brat, youre playing the fool in front of us” The amber-pupiled Blue young man let out a cold sneer, “You have one last chance.

Hand out all the valuable things on you, or else, Ill shatter all the bones in your body!”

Huang Xiaolongs eyes narrowed dangerously as he repeated, “Shatter all the bones in my body Im afraid you do not have that ability.”

The young man was stunned for a split second before erupting into wanton laughter, “You will know soon if I have the ability!” With that said, his fists suddenly punched towards Huang Xiaolongs chest, and a blazing blue light enshrouded the young mans fists.

Upon seeing that the Blue Whale Races young mans fists were about to fall on Huang Xiaolongs chest, a streak of white light flashed by.

The young man staggered back as if he was hit with a heavy blow, and blood from his hands was dripping onto the pavement.

“Who is it!” The young man bellowed furiously.

The other Blue Whale Races experts also turned to look at the attacker in anger.

But when the Blue Whale Races experts saw the face of the attackers, their faces widened in astonishment.

“Clear Snow Palace!”

The group who had made a move were disciples from the Clear Snow Palace.

Moreover, the person leading the group was no stranger to Huang Xiaolong, and she was one of the Clear Snow Palaces three beauties—Lin Xiaoying!

“Lin Xiaoying!” The Blue Whale Races young man was shocked and outraged at the same time.

Lin Xiaoying looked at the Blue Whale Races young man and spoke curtly, “Lan Meihui, why havent you left yet”

The Blue Whale Races young man Lan Meihuis fury burned, but he forcefully suppressed it, and shot Huang Xiaolong a feral glare as he spat, “Brat, consider yourself lucky today!”

He waved his hand at the rest of the Blue Whale Races experts, and the group left in a huff.

Lin Xiaoying gave Huang Xiaolong a quick glance then threw him a jade token and said, “If youre in danger, take out this jade token.

It can probably save your life.”

She turned and left with the rest of the Clear Snow Palaces female disciples.

Huang Xiaolong watched Lin Xiaoyings back as she walked away.

He opened his mouth wanting to say something, but said nothing in the end.

He looked at the jade token in his palm that still contained a trace of heat from Lin Xiaoyings palm.

A smile rose to his lips as he put away the jade token.

“If Im in danger, this jade token might save my life” Huang Xiaolong repeated in a joking manner.

Seemingly, Lin Xiaoying had a hobby ofrescuing a beauty in distress. She had helped Feng Tianyu, Zhang Wenyue, and Xue Qi from trouble at the Heavenly Fragrance Teahouse the last time, and this time, she had resolved a trouble for him.

On second thought, what is Lin Xiaoying doing in Profound City

Lin Xiaoying surely would not have appeared here for no reason at all.

Huang Xiaolong threw the thoughts to the back of his head and continued purchasing origin treasures listed in his tasks.

Still, it seemed like Lin Xiaoyings promise carried quite some weight.

Afterwards, whenever Huang Xiaolong came across anyone with ill-intent, as long as he took out the jade token Lin Xiaoying had given him, those rascals faces paled before they withdraw without another word.

“Looks like Lin Xiaoying and the Clear Snow Palaces name works wonders.” Huang Xiaolong laughed to himself.

The sky began to darken as dusk emerged on the horizon.

The Profound Citys night seemed to be darker than other places, and there was not a sliver of moonlight in the sky.

Unknown smoke veiled the city in a blurry haze.

Deep into the night, Huang Xiaolong was sitting cross-legged inside an abandoned small courtyard.

“Since youre here, why bother to hide.” Huang Xiaolong said as he looked towards a direction of the courtyard.

“Hehe!” Following the eerie cackle, the figures of several old men in thick black robes, enshrouded in devil qi appeared.

Clearly, they were people from the Devil Palace.

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