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Chapter 2356: Might As Well Say Youre Xie Bufan

“From the Devil Palace.” Huang Xiaolong flatly stated the origins of these visitors.

“Hehe, thats right, brat! So, no need to show us that little jade token the Clear Snow Palaces Lin Xiaoying gave you.

That little jade token can deter others but not us.” The thin old man in black brocade robe sniggered.

The four Devil Palaces old men didnt bother to spread out and encircle Huang Xiaolong, They stood casually in the small courtyard as their cold gazes locked on Huang Xiaolong.

They were not afraid of Huang Xiaolong escaping.

Huang Xiaolong remained unperturbed as these four Devil Palaces experts had been following him from afar the entire day.

How could he not have noticed them

Though his soul had yet to truly transform into a holy soul, it was halfway there, and his soul was definitely more powerful than many Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint experts.

At this point, even if it was a Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint expert, who was trailing him, Huang Xiaolong would be able to detect him immediately.

Among these four Devil Palaces experts, two of them were early Ninth Order Venerables, and the remaining two were mid-Ninth Order Venerables.

More importantly, two out of these four old men were on Huang Xiaolongs kill list task in coming to the Profound City.

The Holy Heavens organization did not limit the cultivation realm of a disciple in taking tasks.

Thus the amount of contribution points they would receive also varied.

Based on Huang Xiaolongs mid-Sixth Order Venerable strength, he would gain a lot of contribution points if he could kill these two on the list.

There were fifty contribution points for each of them.

“Brat, hand over all the treasures on you, and all spatial artifacts as well.” Another black-robed old man ordered coldly, “I dont want to repeat Lan Meihuis words to you.”

“Moreover, we are not Lan Meihui.

If you had dared to hide even one item, Lan Meihui would have shattered half the bones in your body, whereas we will shatter every bone in your body!”

“On top of that, we would make you wish you were dead! So, youd better take all the treasures on your body!”

In the minds of these four old men, Huang Xiaolong was nothing but a fat sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

Thus they were in no hurry to resort to physical coercion.

“In other words, I have no other choice” Huang Xiaolong asked meaningfully as he stood up.

“Then, if I hand out all my treasures, would you let me go”

“Let you go” The thin old man let out a loud laughter and asked Huang Xiaolong in return, “Do you think we will let you go”

He then taunted, “How about this Tell me who your Master is.

Maybe the four of us know him, and we will probably let you go looking for his sake!”

“My Master” Huang Xiaolongs mouth curved into a wide grin as he admitted, “You might really know him.”

In the whole Holy World, there werent many that didn\'t know the four Primal Ancestors.

Any holy ground with a little strength would have heard of the Heavenly Master, Tyrant Chu, and the others.

Another Devil Palaces old man snickered with an interested expression, “Oh, tell us his name.

I am very curious who might your Master be.”

“My Masters are the Heavenly Master, Lord Long, Elder Crow, and Tyrant Chu.” Huang Xiaolong spoke each name slowly.

The four old men were momentarily dumbfounded before bursting into laughter.

“Youre saying that youre Huang Xiaolong” The thin old man mocked in laughter, “Why dont you just say that youre Xie Bufan”

Xie Bufan was the leader of the Devil Palaces six Devil Princes.

His status and identity were higher than Dou Rui.

Obviously, the thin old man thought that Huang Xiaolong was joking with them.

“Thats right! If you had said that youre Xie Bufan, we would have been so afraid that we would have been on our knees begging you to spare our lives,” another old man chuckled as he said.

The four old men couldn\'t stop laughing.

Before appearing in front of Huang Xiaolong, they had placed a barrier over the abandoned courtyard.

Hence they were not worried that the noises there would attract attention.

The four were still laughing when Huang Xiaolong suddenly made his move.

In a flicker, he had reached the thin old man, and his fist landed hard on the thin old mans neck.


The thin old mans laughter came to an abrupt stop, and his head tilted to the side from losing support.

Then Huang Xiaolong extended his fingers and grabbed the thin old man by the shoulder as the devouring power of his godhead surged.

The small courtyard was filled with the thin old mans miserable screams as his body deflated like a balloon.

Everything happened too fast, and by the time the other three old men reacted, the thin old man had turned into a dried corpse.

This thin old man was one of Huang Xiaolongs kill targets, possessing a complete dao saint godhead and saint bloodline.

“Brother Bai Ning!”

The other three old men screamed and leaped forward at the same time in anger, attacking Huang Xiaolong.

With a turn of his wrist, Huang Xiaolong\'s palm struck towards them.

The three old men felt an overwhelming power hitting them and all three were knocked back as if a great mountain had rammed into them.

Their feet grappled for balance on the flat ground, violently coughing up blood.

The floor was dyed red.

“You, who are you!” One of the mid-Ninth Order Venerable Devil Palaces experts demanded as he stared at Huang Xiaolong with shock and fury.

By now, the three of them had finally realized that Huang Xiaolong was no lamb waiting to be slaughtered, but a ferocious tiger!

Upon hearing that the Devil Palaces old man was still asking who he was in this kind of situation, Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

He strode towards the same mid-Ninth Order Venerable old man.

This was his other target.

“The three of us should join hands and kill him! Hes merely a mid-Sixth Order Venerable, I dont believe his battle power is strong enough to battle the three of us!” The Devil Palaces mid-Ninth Order Venerable expert roared.

The four exchanged a tacit glance, and attacked simultaneously.

Their bodies turned into three groups of sevilisht green fog, floating erratically in the air, becoming one with the surrounding space.

This was a kind of combination formation from the Devil Palace.

With their combined strengths, this combination formation could raise their strengths by half.

Huang Xiaolong didnt try to dodge the three old mens attacks, and they rejoiced when their palm strikes landed accurately on Huang Xiaolong.

But in the next second, they sensed a robust golden Buddha\'s energy rushing out from Huang Xiaolong\'s body.

The golden Buddha\'s energy was the Devil Palace\'s disciples\' nightmare.

The three old men screamed as their bodies were repelled backward, and they fell tumbling on the floor.

Their palms had been burnt black as charcoal, emitting smoke.

“You—!” The three yelled in horror, “How is this possible!”

Huang Xiaolong was clearly a mere mid-Sixth Order Venerable whereas the three of them were Ninth Order Venerables.

With their strengths amplified by the combination formation,they still failed to resist the blow of Huang Xiaolongs single attack!

Moreover, Huang Xiaolongs defense was so terrifyingly strong!

In their opinions, the majority of Holy Heavens inner disciples did not have this startling degree of battle prowess and defenses.

Huang Xiaolong blurred in a flicker, arriving almost instantaneously in front of the mid-Ninth Order Venerable.

His punch directly pierced a hole through the old mans chest, and then, Huang Xiaolong devoured the old mans saint attributes as he had done with the previous one.

The two remaining Devil Palaces experts watched with horror and spun around to escape.

But they had barely reached the edge of the courtyard when two streaks of blade lights flashed by.

Their bodies fell to the ground from midair, decapitated.

After devouring the mid-Ninth Order Venerables saint attributes, Huang Xiaolong summoned the lightning bead out as he approached the two corpses.

The lightning beads lightning power bombarded the corpses until nothing was left.

After Huang Xiaolong dealt with the four corpses, Huang Xiaolong disappeared from the courtyard with the Rainbow Phoenix.

Huang Xiaolong stayed in the Profound City for a month, purchasing the materials listed on his tasks during the day, and at night, he hunted Devil Palaces experts on his list.

Though the number of Devil Palaces disciples Huang Xiaolong had hunted were on the lower side, his three complete dao saint godheads attributes still improved slightly compared to a month back, and his cultivation speed increased as well.

But after a month in the Profound City, Huang Xiaolong noticed a strange phenomenon.

There seemed to be more and more experts arriving in the Profound City….

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